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Free Tutorials - Let's Design n Develop | Learn HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3 and Many More.. Easy Tips and Tricks to Help You Xcode Better. Generate Revenue with iOS App 2017 – Update Development Technology. With the digitization of human lives in modern times, it is not only the face of communication that has changed vastly, but the entire business and employment structure of the world economy has evolved significantly.

The internet has created 3.5 Million jobs alone in the USA, its net worth being around hundreds of dollars just for the advertising supported aspect of the online world (according to a study by John Quelch). Mobile phones being the most ready medium of accessing internet, it is no surprise that a significant part of this revenue is generated through mobile applications. In 2016 Apple’s iPhone was named as the most popular Smartphone across the globe and with this abundance of customers, Apple’s operating system iOS provides a distinct and very fertile platform for app developers to earn money through their apps.

The producers of these apps can generate revenue through a couple of different methods. Read More: Like this: Like Loading... New Features to Look Out for in Xcode 9. Niume | Posts. To make your iOS user experience better every day, Apple develops new and interesting features. Apart from keeping its users interested and excited, these features can also help iOS apps attract and maintain its customers, in addition to maintaining workplace efficiency. Therefore, Apple will display apps using their new technologies, which will result in more attention and more downloads. Therefore, you can compress your success into a handheld device such as a Smartphone or a tablet and can experiment with the new technology. Therefore, not only do you get free advertising and but you also get the opportunity to improve your user experience and retain the interest of your customers.

Some of these newly-developed features by Apple have already been incorporated by the iOS 11, and need to develop into the later versions as well for a better user experience. 1. Users can use the TouchID authentication feature to unlock their phone by using their fingerprint. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3-D Touch 6. 7. Upgrade, Relate and Fall in Love with iOS 11 - thetechstuff’s diary. iOS is an operating system solely developed for mobile series of Apple Inc. It stands second in the global market of mobile operating systems used in widely famous devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad Air etc. iOS User Interface (UI) is highly attractive and rich in features associated with it.

One can use gestures, buttons or voice to interact with iOS. Siri is intelligent assistant, part of iOS App Development Company, uses voice commands to work on. Other features of iOS include multi-touch gestures, internal accelerometers and three-dimensional responses. Recently iOS10 was released in September 2017. Brief About iOS 11 iOS 11, upcoming version of iOS is the successor of iOS 10 and got announced on June 5, 2017. Siri is also updated to its next level of interaction. Major Updates in iOS 11: Apple is planning to replace iOS 10 and release iOS 11 in 2017 fall along with the rumors of that being a launch of iPhone 8.

Conclusion: Read More: Infographics : The new era of iOS 11 after iOS 10. Quick Guide: Develop Custom App in Dynamics 365 - Apps Development Solution. New Key Features in the Dynamics 365 - Technology News & Updates. In November 2016, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365, a product line consisting of applications related to ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer research management). Sold in two editions, one being the business edition (small and medium businesses) and the other being the enterprise edition (medium and large businesses), Dynamics 365 is already quite the hot cake in the business and with its July 2017repackaging, looks like it's set to conquer the market. With the new update, the Microsoft dynamics crm applications in India are renamed as the Customer Engagement Plan, whereas, the ERP applications have been termed as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

The key parts of this July 2017 update mainly consists of CRM application related enhancements, such as: 1. Integrated Client Interface 2. Activity Timeline 3. 4. 5. You can either create an option set as multi-select or alter an already existing set and it will be displayed as an intuitive multi select control on forms. 6. Secret of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation | BusinessZone. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based service project that was recently introduced by Microsoft in an endeavor to rebrand and repackage the various kinds of Microsoft Dynamics programs in one complete service. Now Microsoft Dynamics 365 might simply seem like any other kind of product implementation that is carried out on the premises. However, it is far more complicated than that. The best part about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it doesn’t have to be updated at regular intervals. What had started out as just any other solution provided by Microsoft, has become one of the most integral aspects of the Dynamics group of programs.

Customer relationship management or CRM has truly become a possibility now and users are able to maximize the outcome with its help. Now the question may arise, what is the best way to manage a Microsoft Dynamics 365 project? Planning is crucial – Now common sense will tell you that planning is crucial in almost every project that you plan. Machine Learning And Dynamics 365 - Welcome To A New Age Of Business Revolution! Imagine a time when you could look into the future of your business and predict the behavior of your activities – gain insights on how bad or great your market and audience would do.

While many useful tools and automated business processes developed in the past have given us the ability to get efficient business outcomes, scenarios have changed and so is intelligent business processing. Today, integrating the best of Dynamics 365 for business operations and Machine Learning can immensely help in building uniformity in your venture practices and also, enhance the efficiency in the long run. Matching the ever-dynamic business scenario The pace at which business activities are conducted and the amount of data that’s churned is humongous. Making use of the right set of technological tools which help generate resilient, business-oriented results is a challenge almost every enterprise in the world is facing today.

Machine Learning and CRM The Future that Awaits. Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4 – A New Set of interesting Rollouts! - DotNetCrunch. Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Over the years, it has become a ritual for us, techies to eagerly wait for an update from Microsoft and unveil what new the technology giant has brought to plate this time.

In the years of 2016 alone, Microsoft had rolled out approximately twelve major updates to its Social Engagement Platform, presenting new enhanced features, better functionality and touching other primary areas of concern. It continues to so do in 2017 as well. Post three rolls already, here we are, all excited to see what’s new about Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4. This blog details upon the features, fixes, and many other changes that you’ll notice in this latest update. Engagement Analytics with Power Business Intelligence Enhanced usability in Social Selling Assistant This is something new we noticed this year. While these are two major updates Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.4 speaks of, the tech giant also addresses a few issues and improvements. 1shares.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online—The Future Looks Bright - Programming Update. Top 5 things you need to know about Protocol Buffers on iOS - Lets Design n Develop. Protocol buffers are a way of encoding data in an efficient yet extensible way, according to the official documentation from Google. They are language-agnostic methods developed by Google for serializing structured data.With a .proto file defined, just passing the file into the protocol buffer compiler will generate data access classes in the supported languages of your choice.This is achieved through the compiler interpreting the message, mapping the value types to the chosen language and generating the appropriate model object files. Once a data structure is defined in protocol buffers, the compiler can generate code in any language.

This allows them certain benefits of use over the conventional data exchange formats of JSON and XML, which require extensive serialization and deserialization coding. The following points explain how protocol buffers are revolutionizing the way data is exchanged by modern apps: They help retain schema Default backward compatibility Automatic deserialization. iOS 10.3 Update: 5 Beta Features that will Possibly Make the Final Cut. Our Experience with App Store Search Ads. Search Ads are defined by the three things – simplicity, relevance, and results. Search ads feature simple setup. These are designed to be effortless, smart, and flexible for small and independent developers. It depends on you how much time you want to invest. You will anyway get results even if you invest minimum time. There are certain steps involved in setting up the search ads in iOS.

You need to tell about your app Search ads create your ads with the help of metadata and imagery from your listing of the app store. Setting the budget There is no limit set for advertising with search ads. Add payment information You can bid and pay in US $, Canadian $, or Australian $, Euro, and British Pound. App store Search Ads offer advanced features Search Ads provide optional advanced features that allow you great control over the campaigns and let you set the audience for your ads. Select iPad or iPhone Add keywords You can add your keywords or choose related keywords from Search Ads. Ad scheduling. How To Design Better User Interface Icons? When your designer uses a pixel-perfect icon in an app or on your business website, it can help guide users via the product.

It will add a pleasing aesthetic to the design and create visual consistency. However, if the icons are poorly crafted and implemented, they can bring negative comments about user experience. In this post, experts will explain how o create beautiful and useful icons for websites and best iPhone mobile applications development. Distinct silhouette A distinct silhouette is the critical feature of an icon, which is above color and other properties. Contrast game Adding contrast is a significant part of designing tab bar icons, which usually sit in a row at the top or bottom of a mobile app’s UI. You can apply solid icon for outline tab bar icons to differentiate it from the inactive state icons.

Call for uniformity You may not find it fuzzy to design any particular icon, but when it comes to bigger project, you will lose your focus easily. No over usage Size matters. How to design better user interface icons? | Techno Bites. When your designer uses a pixel-perfect icon in an app or on your business website, it can help or guide users via the product. It will add a pleasing aesthetic to the design and create visual consistency. However, if the icons are poorly crafted and implemented, they can bring negative comments about user experience. In this post, experts will explain how to create beautiful and useful icons for websites and best iPhone mobile applications development. 1. Distinct silhouette A distinct silhouette is the critical feature of an icon, which is above color and other properties. 2.

Adding contrast is a significant part of designing tab bar icons, which usually sit in a row at the top or bottom of a mobile app’s UI. 3. You may not find it fuzzy to design any particular icon, but when it comes to bigger project, you will lose your focus easily. 4. Make sure the design of your icons should be subtle. 5. It’s best to design icons at target resolutions for target sizes. . • Visibility of system status. Our Experience with App Store Search Ads. Ui design trends 2017 - Top Website Design Trends To Be Followed In 2017. There is a need of designing interactions of today to build the experiences of future. You have to be farsighted and look ahead what future will bring to you. Here are some great website design trends that you can apply while designing your business website. These are top trends to be followed by website designers in 2017. The web is a unique environment and it is continuously changing. To cope up with the changing and evolving environment, developers and designers need to follow some significant trends to monitor 2017.

Mobile-first approach is must for brands Mobile-first design is the process in which experts design for mobile first, then work for the bigger ones. Content is designed to fit on mobile screen and smaller sized screens first, later they work for large screens. Smartphones come with smaller screens as compared to tablets and personal computers. However, mobile-first is not a new concept, but many iPhone App Development company are using it today. 2. Immersive full screen video. How to prevent your CRM from failing - Open Source For You. A successful organisation needs to have a plan for almost all business contingencies. Even the best plans fail because of lack of the ability to identify the signs of failure. You thought that you have done your homework and selected the best CRM solution, but suddenly you do not see the response that was anticipated to receive after implementing the CRM solution.

You start thinking: Did I choose the wrong CRM? Did I undermine something that should have been thought of? The fact is that an organisation’s response to a CRM solution can never be forecasted perfectly. Too focused signals beginning of a failure A big organisation often has specialised teams that are required to cross function and are interconnected. The CRM solution lies in simply having a standard interface that can be personalised by users according to their preferences but without making a significant difference so that the entire organisation gets the same view. Reluctance signifies a bigger problem. How To Open Popup Using Client Side JavaScript In CRM. While working on CRM HTML/JS Web resources, we often need to open a popup with our own custom controls. In this blog, I will explain how to open a popup dialog form easily through JavaScript. Though we can do it with our custom code as well, I found a tool, which will make things much quicker and provides a wide range of functions to deal with many CRM methods, which we need often.

AlertJS is JS based tool, which we will use to open popup in CRM with our own HTML UI. First, you can download the unmanaged or managed solution of AlertJS from this link, The AlertJS is not just helping with opening our HTML Web resources as popup dialog but it is much more than that. The method which we will use in our example is Alert.showWebResource with the required parameters passed in the method. For this example, I will open Event list in popup while "Edit Event Order" checkbox is checked (shown in Image 1 given below). Following is the image in the Event custom grid. e.g. 5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Swift. Swift, as many of you would know, is the programming language for iOS developed by Apple after Objective-C.

Swift was launched approximately two years back and it was an instant hit among the iPhone app development services. With a few new releases and version updates, Swift has been able to swiftly and effortlessly replace its predecessor—the Objective-C. Due to the ease of use, it is the first choice made by professionals who offer iPhone app development services. When I personally started using Swift, it took some time before I got accustomed to it.

In this blog, I will focus on the top 5 reasons why I fell in love with Swift: 1Multiple-Features Swift has a lot of features that provide ease, flexibility, and liberty to be creative. 2Easy to Learn Another feature why I fell in love with Swift is its adaptability and easy-to-learn feature. These posted videos provide some specific ideas on how to go about Swift. 3Futuristic The best part of Swift is that it is futuristic. 5Debugging. How to Set Lookup Field on Quick Create with Lookup Field of Parent Form | CRM 'n' Updates. The Mantra to Transitioning from iPhone to Android - Blog. 8 Xcode 8 extensions that will enhance your Swift experience - Open Source For You. The 4 Amazing Benefits of Mobile CRM for Sales - Blog. 15 Things You Must Know Before Switching from Android to iOS · TechMagz. Swift 3: Changes in Protocols.

Custom-Made CRM Software—Is it Worth It? | Code Innovations Blog. Why You Need to Switch Over to iOS App Development. iPhone App Development Ideas That’s Worth a Try - StuffaBlog | StuffaBlog. 5 Steps to Success: From Swift Beginner to Swift Professional. Understanding Events & Validations in Editable grids of CRM 2016/Dynamics 365 | Techno FAQ. Emoji apps—the new medium of communication. Things to Know About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Task Flow - DZone Integration. ​Things to Consider Before Integrating Payment Gateway in a Mobile App | Techno FAQ. How ​Microsoft CRM Solutions Helps to Improve Sales? - Blog. How to convert Managed Solution into Unmanaged for On-Premise CRM organisation? - SysTutorials. How ​Microsoft CRM Solutions Helps to Improve Sales? - Blog.

How to convert Managed Solution into Unmanaged for On-Premise CRM organisation? - SysTutorials. Unique Tips on How to Make Your Apps Attractive - Technology News & Updates. Microsoft Dynamics CRM India Building Trust | Code Innovations Blog. Go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Improve iOS Mobile Security. How to Backup and Restore your CRM Online Instance? - Soft Devgeeks. Top Things You Need to Know About iOS 10, Xcode 8 and Swift 3 | Techniblogic. How To Start Mobile App Development Business With Little Investment? How LinkedIn Acquisition Will Improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM? – Update Development Technology. Five Important Benefits Of iOS App Development for Your Business - Blog. Five Important Benefits Of iOS App Development for Your Business - Blog. Things To Must Do For Making Your iOS App Successful | Code Innovations Blog. Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 – Which is the Best Smartphone?

Application Ribbon XML Overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Update Development Technology. Integrating Text File Records in Dynamics CRM with SSIS Integration Cycle Process - DZone Database. Considering iOS App Development as a Freelance Activity - Soft Devgeeks. Why Banking Application Development has Proved To Be So Fruitful in 2016? – Technology Development & Solutions. Banking Software Solutions More Effectively | Code Innovations Blog. CRM Solutions –Why It Necessity For Every Company? « CRM 'n' Updates.

CRM Integration - a Guaranteed Increase in ROI. iPhone app development : Opportunities in the Market. Benefits of CRM customization and an overview on it. iOS App Development: The Best Tools For Designing and Developing. Advent Of iPhone App Creation and Success - iPhone NEWS. An overview on Guided selling and CRM integration. Scenario Of iPhone App Development | iPhone Updates. Objectives of CRM Customization | Code Innovations Blog. iOS App Development-Changing The Way Business Operates - Programming Update. iOS App Development : The Best Tool For Designing and Development - thetechstuff’s diary. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customization - Learning the Best Practices - Programming Update.

How to code an iOS app? Most Effective Features of CRM Integration – Update Development Technology. The iOS App Advantage | QSoft. Why True iPad Capacity Is Different From Advertised Capacity? | Win Tech. It Assets & Service Management Together With Microsoft CRM Dynamics | Wsi Web Efectivo. Why iPhone cannot be Decrypted by Authorities? – Update Development Technology.

CRM Integration With Vertafore To Give Better Technology Solutions For Insurance Providers « CRM 'n' Updates. Data Is Always More Safe On iPhone Instead Of Android | Wsi Web Efectivo. Go Paperless With Amazing Microsoft CRM Solutions – Update Development Technology. How Businesses Can Determine The Success For B2B Sales With iPad Application Development? Top iPhone Apps Loved By It Professionals. iOS App Development Privacy Is Far Better Than Android - iPhone NEWS. Can You See Your Android Mobile Apps In Google Search Indexing? | Update Development Technology. Do You Know The Cost Of iOS/Android Mobile Development? The Infectious Xcodeghost Makes iOS App Development Risky For Developers. Latest : Apple’s Swift Now Available For Both iOS And Android App Development. How Hubspot And Dynamics CRM Integration Benefit Sales And Marketing? Tips by Experts to Unlock New Features with iOS 9. Latest iOS 9 – Wi-Fi Assist Feature May Be A Costly Deal | Update Development Technology.

Apple Is Planning To Move High Resolution Displays With iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus - iPhone NEWS. The Big Gains for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - Programming Update. Azure File Storage Is Now Available With Microsoft Dynamics Crm. What’s Making Android App Development Marshmallow Version Into Headlines? Microsoft Social Engagement Features Of Crm Offer New Look And Feel To Its Users | Update Development Technology. Update Development Technology. Android Updates — Third developer preview-Android 6.0 Marshmallow to... What Key Skills You Are Missing Being An iPhone App Developer? - iPhone NEWS. How Does iPhone Applications Outshine Other Operating Systems? - iPhone NEWS. Increase Profit Through iOS Development India Dealings - iPhone NEWS.