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TechnoLigent is one of the prominent firm in IT industry. They offer services on Java, .net, Android, iOs, Hadoop, Pentaho BI, Oracle and many more platform -

Bigdata all about it. Take your Business One Step Ahead - Data Analytics Services. 3 Big Data Strategies for Small Businesses. Challenges in Working with Big Data. Big Data has been the biggest news in the world of information technology for some time now.

Challenges in Working with Big Data

The data dump that technology generated and made accessible is a goldmine that no business can ignore. As we move into the coming year, it has firmly taken hold of businesses, part of our overall IT infrastructure is dealing with Big Data. Microsoft tools choices for devops by TechnoLigent. Microsoft tools choices for DevOps. Technology Information & Solution: Application Modernization with .NET Made Easy. You have decided to revamp your app and this decision can be based on a variety of reasons.

Technology Information & Solution: Application Modernization with .NET Made Easy

The whole point of going modern with your app is not just about a decision but a careful consideration of a variety of factors that are extremely important. If you are using .NET, first, you would often have to first figure out the .NET framework features that make it easy for you to go for app mod. And, next, you would have to decide the .NET design in which the implementation of your chosen services is easy.

These might seem like easy choices but the level of complexities involved in each decision makes it a difficult decision. Considerations When it comes to evaluating your business needs that have triggered the need for app mod, For example, if your reason for opting for app mod is to enhance the back-end working by rehosting, then, you have to select the right tool from a list of five potential tools. How big data plays a crucial role in effective cyber security? Things to Check for successful outsourcing app development business.

A professional website is essential to a successful business, especially if you want it to stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Things to Check for successful outsourcing app development business

Your place on the competition ladder and in the consumer’s mind depends upon the satisfaction of their needs and consumer awareness. However, how to create that niche among others? Technology has shifted from the desktop to people’s fingers, aka, the Smartphone. What you need is a custom application, and for that, you need to do Java outsourcing to a trusted service. Top 9 Enterprise Mobility Benefits for Success Business. Career in ASP.NET: the Opportunities for Freshers. What does a person in the IT industry want at the end of the day?

Career in ASP.NET: the Opportunities for Freshers

A well-paying job A well understanding partner who will put up with their ungodly office hours and work pressure. Well, your search ends here, as taking up the Divine duty of match making, this article will guide you through your search for the former. Tips to Build Your Blog Using ASP.NET and Types of blogs by ASP.NET D… Why Big Data Plays a Crucial Role in the Future of Content Marketing - Big Data Week Blog. Any Guest post by Jessica Cyrus.

Why Big Data Plays a Crucial Role in the Future of Content Marketing - Big Data Week Blog

NLP For Big Data: How Natural Language Processing Is Poised To Revolutionize Big Data Analytics? By big data solution provides. Get Over the Big Data Predictions and Welcome Reality -Big Data Analytics News. Journey of Hybrid Cloud from Past-Present to Future. Hybrid Cloud-The Past, Present, and Future. Over the years, big data has emerged as the technology for managing data efficiently.

Hybrid Cloud-The Past, Present, and Future

While the term “big data” was coined a while ago, clarity on what comprises big data or classifies as big data came in slowly. Ever since the velocity, volume, and variety (3Vs) came into the picture, the big data within organizations can be easily classified and managed. The big data services have been continuously evolving offering the technologies that can do things faster and more efficiently. Use ASP.NET as one of the features of your business makeover! Businesses houses that wish to tap the potential online market are busy in establishing a presence on social media, getting a website made, and also a building a dedicated application.

Use ASP.NET as one of the features of your business makeover!

This is a true makeover where your entire business strategy took a 360º turn. You went from being local to global, invisible to visible with a strong foot forward. But, wait a minute! Have you thought about the technology that you will be using? DDoS attacks are evolving exponentially and Big Data can come to rescue. How can Jarvis be helpful in the Future of Big Data Analytics? Every week, hundreds of articles are published across the internet about 2017’s technology trends.

How can Jarvis be helpful in the Future of Big Data Analytics?

One of the top trends is 'Intelligent applications.' Hand-in-hand with artificial intelligence, intelligent applications are on the rise. As several modern consumer products include a microprocessor today, it is expected that in the next 10 years, almost every digital application will have some sort of artificial intelligence. VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants), which prioritize mail and feature critical information, are already widely-used. A lot of smart assistants are already in development by tech giants like Siri by Apple, Google Now by Google, and Cortana by Microsoft. Oracle and Salesforce also are using Artificial Intelligence widely in distinct marketing and sales products. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg built his own AI voice-controlled assistant for his home. How to use ASP.NET Async OutputCache Module in .NET Framework 4.6.2? Coding Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by Guest.

How to use ASP.NET Async OutputCache Module in .NET Framework 4.6.2?

Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Stories, News, Resources, Research, Business Ideas, Product and App Reviews, Small Business. 1.

Indian Startups, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Stories, News, Resources, Research, Business Ideas, Product and App Reviews, Small Business

Immune to Failure This point applies to two sides of machine learning and the one that I am talking about is the development phase. Different situations demand different machine learning solutions. Therefore, if a situation is not well thought about, the solution that is being proposed or applied can result in absolute failure. It is a well-known fact that machine learning works on algorithms. How can we say Big Data is Behind All the Smart Cities? The population is among on the biggest challenges that the world is facing.

But, the government's world over are incumbent on finding a solution to deal with the population outburst. This self-proclaimed initiative is not led by the government of populous countries alone, but by all countries where people are migrating to cities in search of better opportunities. Untitled. Lunching Core Patch Release in September 2016. A new patch release for Asp.Net Core 1.0.1 was made by Microsoft in September 2016. This release is claimed to be a long term support release. For programmers, this patch will bring better opportunities because it has updates for many applications of Microsoft including Routing, AntiForgery, and Entity Framework etc. The security patches are published by Microsoft each month on second Tuesday. These patches helps fixing security issues in various Microsoft products such as Microsoft Windows.

How to fetch HBase table data in Apache Phoenix? This exclusive post is shared by big data services providers to help developers in development. They tell the best way to fetch HBase table data in Apache Phoenix. Read this article and discover what they have to say about Big Data related services. The term ‘Big Data’ has been continuously in the limelight from quite some time now. It would not be exaggerating the term by saying it contains all the data which can define one behavior with respect to everything in the world and that’s the reason it increasing exponentially and centre of attraction of many articles, meetings, and conferences.

How to Integrate Sqoop in a Data Ingestion Layer with Hive, Oozie in a Big Data Application? Sqoop Incremental Load Failed Without Job. How to solve the issues in the Oozie-Sqoop-Hive job? Is There Anyone Have Idea That How To Filter Latest Data From Big Data Application? How to Process Daily Data to Detect the Latest Data by Map Reduce - Blog. Top 9 uses of big data solution in government and private field by TechnoLigent. The role of designers & developers in IT services and solutions for financial firms. Unbeatable factors which make much famous in developers. Banking application solutions and web services. New and advance features in financial application development. Experts give solutions for banking services. An organization’s efficiency doubles with unique technological interventions. Implementation of technology based frameworks make wonders especially in sectors that are more digitalized like the banking and finance.

With advanced, flawless and success-guaranteed frameworks, we have providing exclusive banking services solutions that have reaped exciting benefits to all our clients so far. We at Technoligent, have identified that the banking and finance firms can enhance their business growth by implementing unique, exclusive and modern Banking software solutions. Benefits of using technology. Innovative solutions for financial software and application. mvc development expertise services. There is a great need of the building dynamism for the solutions and services like development services for the healthy growth of business opportunities and also for the generation of relevant customers. On Technoligent equipped business dynamism through the development activities and these got help from the developers of the industry.

Banking areas, commercial areas, industrial areas and many others areas passes through the disparate ends. Key factors to consider while hiring banking application development company. Banking application development is the new objective approved by the developers of the field who pursued with the trajectory and enhanced performance. It's time now to look for development services provider. Many website owners are facing serious security issues and they don’t know how to secure their website and prevent unauthentic logins in their websites.