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iPhone Applications for Grocery Shopping

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Retail Mobile Application. Posted in - Mobile App Date - 28 Oct. 2015 It is a well-known fact that smartphone adoption is rising globally. What is not so obvious is how the smartphone revolution is transforming the way consumers use their phones outside their homes and more importantly, inside stores. Heard about ‘show-rooming’? In the recent past, the term meant checking out a store or stores for an item and buying it online for a lower price. Fast forward to 2015, and ‘show-rooming’ now means checking prices in the store via our phones. According to recent research by IDC, around 70% of people check product prices on their phone and about 53% use their phones to look for deals in the store.

All these insights indicate that the divide between ‘bricks and clicks’ is blurring rapidly. Implement a Retail Mobile ApplicationThis is definitely a prerequisite for the retail industry. Do you want to develop an app for your retail store? Top 11 Grocery List Apps for the iPhone. Our favorite grocery shopping app. AnyList is our favorite app for shared grocery lists. It’s well-designed and easy to use, it makes shopping for groceries simpler, and it’s available as a universal iOS app as well as a web app. We spent several weeks trying out many well-known (and not so well-known) grocery apps to determine which one is the most helpful in preparing and checking off your grocery lists. Like most list apps, grocery shopping methods and mentalities can vary quite a bit, so we came up with a few criteria that we think are essential for a great grocery shopping app: Ability to share with other people: The app needs to make sharing easy with other people (who have different accounts).

Simply logging in to the same account on multiple devices does not count as true sharing. Those are the essential items, but we also have a few things that are seen as “nice to have” features. Picture attachments: Ability to attach an image to an item in the list for easy identification. Basic features of AnyList Notifications. Grocery list helpers: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide. Going to the grocery store and maintaining a list of what you need can be a headache. Don't stress, though, there are apps to make it easier and more efficient with barcode scanning and cross-platform syncing. This AppGuide will help you cut through the aisles and provide you with the best grocery list helpers. Essential Apps Grocery Gadget Shopping List - shop groceries, scan, sync share with family, track prices, save or use as checklist. by Pingwell Inc Grocery Gadget is the ultimate app for sharing grocery duty.

Buy Me a Pie! By Skript, LLC Buy Me a Pie! Notable Apps AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager by Purple Cover, Inc. There are a ton of recipe apps that also have shopping list functionality. Smart Shopping List A LA CARTE by Decimal Software, LLC This well-featured app has everything needed to manage a shared shopping list with two extra awesome features. Decent Apps Groceries Grocery List by Ontomni LLC Pushpins Grocery Coupons & Lists by Pushpins, Inc. by Itzik Adler. 5 Free iPhone Apps That Make Grocery Shopping a Little Easier. The biggest hurdle for me in cooking is grocery shopping. I often have to go to multiple stores to get what I want for dinner, and invariably I forget something. Of course, once I'm at the grocery store or farmers market I enjoy myself, but there are still questions that arise, like is this cereal better or worse for me than another cereal brand?

And do I have cinnamon in the pantry, or do I need to buy it? These five grocery apps alleviate some of these shopping annoyances. These apps are a few of my favorites that I've tried out, and are also rated highly on other sites. I have an iPhone, and all of these apps are compatible with iOS. 1. This app is my favorite all-around grocery shopping app. You can share this app with whomever you live with, so they know what is needed in the house, and what has already been taken care of. 2. This app allows you to scan a food item, say, cream cheese and it will give it a grade (A to D) and explain why it is or isn't the healthiest option. 3. 4. 5.