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BlogHer10 Day Two Agenda

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Closing Keynote: How to Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm Empowerment is a constant theme at and on BlogHer.

Closing Keynote: How to Use Your Voice, Your Platform and Your Power

All signs point to others recognizing our power – as a group and as a demographic. How are we leveraging that power as individuals? How should we be? Now that we know marketers and advertisers seek the opinions of women (who make over 80% of consumer purchases) and their blogs, how can we control what we are being sold? Need to Know PBS anchor Alison Stewart moderates a powerhouse panel: Marie Wilson, Founder and President of The White House Project (and creator of Take Our Daughters to Work Day!) Progressive Parties. Job Lab: Get Hired: Networking With a Purpose Via Social Media.

Job Lab: Get and Stay Hired: Social Media and Technical Skills in Today’s Job Market. Job Lab: ROYO - Pitch Me. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm Maybe you want to work with big brands.

Job Lab: ROYO - Pitch Me

Maybe you want to work with top PR agencies. Maybe you just want to talk with others about your blog without drawing a blank and searching the floor for the right response. You need to develop your elevator pitch, both written and oral. Bring your notebook, your laptop, your voice and your willingness to practice your pitch with Lucretia Pruitt and Jenn Fowler, who started out practicing pitching on each other, and realized they could help others get better at it too. Passions: ROYO - Women and Sports: We like to play. We like to watch. And we want to read and talk about it. Passions: Fitness Blogging: Motivate Yourself and Your Readers. Passions: Transforming Online Places into Art Spaces.

Writing Lab: How to Use Your Blogging to Make You a Better Writer. Writing Lab: ROYO - The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:45pm We all know bloggers want to become authors.

Writing Lab: ROYO - The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem

But with traditional publishers spending less and less on marketing, authors must now become marketers, and that means they must become bloggers too...sometimes they take to it eagerly, sometimes dragged kicking and screaming. Add to the mix how much easier than ever it is to self-publish and the book bloggers who are now being wooed by publishers and even authors directly, and you've got a new publishing eco-system. Writing Lab: Humor Writing. Geek Lab: ROYO - How to Edit Your Pictures and Make Them 10x Better.

Geek Lab: Your Online Legacy: How to Control Your Digital Footprint (All) Geek Lab: Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress Theme (Int. to Adv.) Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm More and more of our community are using Wordpress.

Geek Lab: Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress Theme (Int. to Adv.)

Ed Donahue and Shazia Mistry will focus on taking your blog design and layout to new heights, getting into the nuts and bolts of everything beyond basic HTML and CSS. Creating a WordPress Theme, led by Shazia Mistry Learn to create a magazine-style website with WordPress and Thematic. Thematic is a WordPress framework theme, with 13 widget-ready sidebars. Modifying a WordPress theme, led by Ed Donahue Take a look under the hood of your WordPress theme to take your blog to new heights. These are workshop-type sessions; if you're coming with a laptop, feel free to have a sandbox WordPress installation ready, and thematic downloaded and activated as your active theme. Professional: Professional Blogging: Your Stats Are A Business Asset. Professional: ROYO - The Mega "Mindful Monetization" Session! Professional: How to Run a Group Blog for Fun, Advocacy and/or Profit.

Personal: Where’s the Line or the Lie: Storytelling, Memoir and Poetic License. Personal: Grief, Loss, Tragedy and Community on the Internet. Personal: ROYO - Little Fish in a Big Pond: Understanding, Accepting, and Loving Your Small Blog. Change Agents: Radical Blogging Moms: Don’t Even Think About Not Taking These Moms Seriously. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 10:45am - 12:00pm We’ve explored how “mommyblogging is a radical act,” but what happens when truly radical moms blog? For these bloggers motherhood isn’t the topic, it’s a catalyst for a new level of activism. Does naming motherhood as a fundamental part of these women’s identities impact how seriously they are taken? At the intersection of motherhood and activism, you’ll find these bloggers raising their voices, raising the roof, raising a stink and raising the visibility of their target issues, all while raising their kids.

Political activist Joanne Bamberger moderates this conversation with Annie Urban (author of PhD in Parenting), who uses her blog to explore the social and corporate barriers to parenting; and Stephanie Roberts, whose projects, including Picture Hope, are an amazing example of using her blogging force for good. Change Agents: ROYO - Screw Work/Life Balance, We Need Work/Life POLICY! Change Agents: How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Political Debate. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm What are the online “rules of the road” that can keep even heated debates civil?

Change Agents: How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Political Debate

Where is the line between dissenter and troll? How do you take personal responsibility for your role in the debate, and how do you encourage the behavior you want to see on your site and at the online communities you frequent? Four women will share their secrets to stirring their readers and engaging in friendly debate: Denise Tanton, community manager at, hashes it out with Pam Spaulding author of Pam's House Blend and Suzanne Fortin, the writer behind Big Blue Wave. Day Two Breakfast. Morning Keynote: The International Activist Blogger Scholarship Recipients. Event Date: August 7, 2010 - 9:30am - 10:30am Our second annual International Activist Blogger scholarship program highlights the work of women who are galvanizing social change and social justice across their communities -- and by the very public and distributed nature of the Internet -- across the world.

Morning Keynote: The International Activist Blogger Scholarship Recipients

For some of them, this work is not without risk, yet still they continue. Because raising their voices is not a luxury or a whim or an option. It is a necessity. This year BlogHer presents its International Activist Blogger panel as a keynote, so that every attendee can be inspired, right along with us, by the work of our four impressive recipients.