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Hi i am Monu Alagh blogger from INDIA. I have a blog named TechLife-Solutions that was founded in 2019 and aims to personalize technology. TechLife-Solutions publishes in-depth buying guides, reviews, tutorials, and opinions.

Salk Street | Canada's Vape Shop | Free Shipping Over $50. Top 4 Security Keys With Multi-Factor Authentication To Buy This Year! Unfortunately, technology is not great sometimes. Anything can, and will, go wrong and this truth has never been more evident than with today’s new generation of cyber threats. One way to protect yourself from those threats is Two-Factor Authentication Keys. They have the potential to make your life so much easier and safer when it comes to protecting your data and privacy from hackers!

In fact, many of the top security experts recommend using security keys as your first line of defense against cyber threats. And if you want to protect yourself from hackers and cybercriminals, you must start using one USB key to protect your data. Now, if you also want to add security to your account, then have a look at these top 4 keys in this list: Top 4 Security Keys With Multi-Factor Authentication To Buy This Year! 1. Yubico – YubiKey 5 NFC USB smart card key has an integrated internal verification system. Yubico – Yubikey 5 NFC Specifications: Pros Cons Only USB-ABluetooth not available 2. YubiKey Bio. Step By Step Cooking Guide For Air Fryer Chicken Recipe At Home. If you have an air fryer, this is the recipe for you!

This simple and delicious chicken breast will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and ready for a nap. Chicken breast makes for a great anytime snack to fulfill your appetite. There are so many health benefits associated with this protein-rich food. The best part is now you can air fry these chicken breasts to get the perfect texture and avoid using oil.

From cooking tender and juicy chicken breasts to heating any frozen food, air frying is the modern way of cooking. You can easily find tones of air fry chicken breast recipes on the internet. Complete Recipe To Make Tender And Juicy Air Fryer Chicken Breast At Home Ingredients For Air Fryer Breast Chicken The ingredients used in this recipe are quite simple, and you can easily find them at the nearby grocery store. For all those lovers of spicy taste, they can try adding chili powder, basil, thyme, chives, and onion powder. How to Cook Air Fry Chicken Breast? Preparation for Air Frying. Swim-Proof Smart Watches: The Ultimate Buying Guide. Smartwatches have become the new requirement in our ever-connected world. These wearable devices give us the power to stay connected to our friends and family.

They also help us stay organized and keep track of our daily activities. For example, if you’re planning to go swimming soon, you should also get a smartwatch. Swim tracking is one of the smartwatch’s most important features for swimming. Smartwatches come with motion sensors to track your movements and calculate your laps. Let’s check out the top 3 smartwatches for swimming and how they can help you stay safe and efficient in the pool: 1. There is no significant difference between the Garmin Venu 2 plus and Garmin Venu 2. There are also many amazing facilities to attend to and make calls on your wrist only. Garmin Venu 2 Plus Specifications: Pros Quality Design And BuildFast Charging Battery To Overcome Rapid ChargingHigh Quality Calls On WristVoice Assistant Is Slow But Useful Response TimeKeep Track Of Health And Fitness Cons 2. 3. What To Expect From Next Apple Watch Series 8. While the Apple Watch Series 7 is still having that impact on people’s minds, the Next Apple Watch Series 8 is on the line.

Apple lovers are expecting this upcoming model of the Apple watch series. They are hoping to experience something new. This new edition of the Apple Watch is expected to have some the notch features like its previous editions. However, there’s a good chance to be an entirely different model with many new features. However, rumors have already started spoiling the show and ruined the hopes of Apple fans. Detailing The Upcoming Edition Of the Next Apple Watch Series 8: Apple Watch Series 8 Design When the Apple Watch Series 7 was launched, it broke all the rumors and offered a design that was pretty identical Apple Watch 6.

This is why we expect that with the Series 8 watch, Apple will bring in lots of changes in its conventional smartwatch design. It is expected that the Next Apple Watch Series 8 will have a rectangular screen with a flat side like the iPhones. F21 Pro Smartphone By Oppo Launching Today: Here’s What It Looks Like. Oppo has launched the F21 Pro today, which is predicted to be a huge hit in the android market. This smartphone is launched with multiple-choice options of colors and both 4G and 5G connectivity. This amazing smartphone will be available on almost every major e-commerce platform. You can buy one for yourself from Amazon India. The two key takeaways from this smartphone are an extraordinary front camera and glossy orange color back with a textured design.

This phone has a 6.43-inch display powered by the new Snapdragon 695 5G processor. As for android, you will see Android 12 and ColorOS 12 on this smartphone. For all those smartphone lovers looking for the best mid-range device with high grade and top-notch specs, here’s Oppo F21 Pro for you. Price for Oppo F21 Pro & Oppo F21 Pro 5G: With a snapdragon 695 5G processor and huge memory space, it’s not going to be a mid-range smartphone. Oppo F21 Pro Verdict: Should You Buy This? OPPO F21 Pro 4G Price and Specifications: OPPO F21 Pro 4G Display. All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy M53 Smartphone - Techlife-Solutions.

Samsung has been launching their new and improved smartphones after every week. Before launching, they already announced about six new phones to different regions. The Samsung Galaxy M53 comes with a fantastic price and exciting features like the 5G phone and has all the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G phones. You can get features like a 108-megapixel primary camera, a massive AMOLED display with fast charging technology, and many more. Since Samsung announced Samsung Galaxy M53, people have been waiting for its launch. There are already many smartphones that have been trending with different price ranges. Details, Specification, And Price: Newly Samsung Galaxy M53 Smartphone Samsung Galaxy M53 5G The Smartphone Samsung Galaxy M53 5G has been launched as a successor of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. A few posters indicate that the phone will be featured with a 120Hz display, and you will also see the quad rear camera on the back.

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G: Specifications, Features & Many More FAQs 1. 2. 3. 2022's Best Touchscreen Laptops You Can Buy Right Now. Touch screen laptops are the future of upcoming latest technologies. They are popular because they offer a more organized, efficient interface and faster computing performance. They also have several different benefits that make them the go-to computing device for many people. One of the main benefits touch screen laptops offer is that they can be easily shared between multiple users.

Traditional laptops might require multiple accounts to be set up or have their data cleared out upon switching users. Furthermore, touch screens can make it easier to remember what you touched. When you touched it, and how long it took for your fingers to hit the screen. There are many options when you visit the market to purchase touchscreen laptops. Looking For Best Touchscreen Laptops In 2022? 1. The Dell XPS is the most popular touchscreen laptop with a strong performance. Additionally, Dell introduced a 3.5K OLED touchscreen for the XPS 13 in 2021, which is twice as accurate and looks better. Pros Cons. Finding Best External Hard Drives In 2022? Try These Options. Nothing can beat you when you have the best external drives.

In contrast to the fast internet speed and affordable cloud storage, external hard drives are still a prominent choice to store your data. These brilliant storage devices will surely meet your needs. Whether you want to backup your data or carry your music everywhere you go. The external drives come in different shapes, as they are mostly designed to keep their user’s needs.

Another factor of the hard drive is that they are durable, portable, and shock-resistant and protect your data from dust and water. 2022’s Best External Hard Drives: 1. Choosing the best external drive is very tricky, but the western digital my book duo desktop RAID is specially designed for those who want the best. There are two WD Red NAS (Network-Attached Storage) drives built into the My Book Duo. Specification Pros RAID 0 for significantly faster external drivesDrives suitable for 24/7 useUSB Type-C CompatibleDouble port 3.0 hub3 years warranty Cons 2. 3. Best Home Theater Projectors To Buy In 2022. Many home theater projectors are available for under $1000 or less with great picture quality and excellent color and contrast. Home theater projectors are the best solution to take your entertainment room to the next level. Having a big screen at a very reasonable price is what makes it the best source of entertainment in today’s market. Another benefit that comes with home theater projectors is that they are portable.

So when you want a movie night out with your friends or family, you can take them anywhere. In this list, we have selected HD-quality 4k projectors worth buying. If you pick any of these projectors, you will definitely love them. So let’s get started with these amazing projectors: 2022’s Must-Have Home Theater Projectors 1. 5050UB Home Theater by Epson – Overall Best Quality According to a user review, they suggested using them for their best quality. These projectors are a little expensive but come with the amazing image quality than any other mentioned in this list. Pros. Stay Healthy With These Amazing Gluten-Free Recipes For Lunch.

For people concerned about taking healthy diets, it is important to avoid taking complex proteins like Gluten. Most commonly, these complex proteins like Gluten are found in whole grains like rye, barley, and wheat. Such complex protein is often hard to digest and irritates guts causing allergic reactions.

However, there are other gluten-free food options that you can try to include in your diet. We all know how hard it can be to find gluten-free options on campus, so making lunch at home should be a breeze. However, we’ve got you covered if you’re new to the gluten-free lifestyle and don’t quite know what you’re doing as far as recipes go. Also Try: List Of 13 Best Protein-Rich Indian Veg Food Prescribed By Dietitian Finding Best Gluten-Free Recipes For Lunch?

1. For preparing gluten-free diets, Amaranth is a great option. Ingredients How To Make Amaranth Tikkis? Boil Amaranth seeds in 2 cups of water. Now fry them in a pan and serve hot with any sauce or dip. 2. Ingredients 3. 4. 5. List Of Five Best Wireless Earbuds With Best Sound Quality. These amazing dot-sized wireless earbuds now hijack the market for wireless headphones. No longer have you had to travel around with heavy-size headphones to get the best quality sound experience. Because of technical advancements, wireless earbuds are quickly becoming music enthusiasts’ new favorite. However, with so many companies and thousands of products in the market, searching for the best wireless earbuds is not going to be easy. You need to be selective with your preferences and check for the best quality feature. However, few companies in the market like OnePlus, Sony, and JBL offer the best quality sound experience. Also Try: Best Wireless Earbuds For Android In 2022 We have compiled a list of some of the best products in the wireless earbuds segment for every music fan.

Looking For Best Wireless Earbuds: Try These Five Options 1. Sony is known for offering the best quality sound in its wireless earbuds. Specifications Pros Cons 2. Works great only for OnePlus devices 3. 4. 5. List Of 13 Best Protein-Rich Indian Veg Food Prescribed By Dietitian. Dietitians say that eating protein-rich food veg can help you lose weight and maintain muscle strength. Protein is essential to ensure complete physical growth and a better energy level. The structural unit of protein, an amino acid, forms the base for facilitating growth and ensuring higher energy levels. However, with people turning to fast foods, the overall nutrition level is seriously dropping. The situation is even worst in India. There are different veg Indian foods that are known to have a higher protein level. Finding Best Veg Protein-Rich Indian Foods? 1. Lentils are a legume rich in protein and have only around ten calories per 100 gm.

You can even mix this protein-rich food veg with your curries for extra flavor and nutrition benefits! 2. Beans are one of the most versatile ingredients that you can find in a vegetarian diet, especially when combined with rice and vegetables. Beans are an excellent source of protein and help to build muscle mass. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Call Recording On iPhone Without Any App: What Are Your Options? With technology moving up and everyone staying ahead of there, no one like to lag in this race of advancements. One such feature is the call recording option.

Many iPhone users have doubts about the availability of call recording options on Apple devices. There are so many cases where you might need to record your calls. According to Apple’s privacy policy, any Apple device does not support any feature that compromises any customer’s privacy. This means you will not get any direct call recording feature in your iPhones. However, there is another way around, by using either free or paid third-party applications. Also Check: List of Best Screen Recorders for Windows & Mac Complete Guide to Record Calls on iPhone without Using Any Application Is It Legal To Record Calls On Your Device?

The call recording feature is removed from iPhones to maintain a better level of privacy for their customers. Check Tim Cook YouTube Video On Privacy: How does Call Recording On iPhone Works? 1. 2. 3. Finding Best Food Ideas For Your Six-Month-Old Baby? Try These Recipes. Six months is a very important milestone for your little one. It’s the time that all the hard work of breastfeeding or formula-feeding finally pays off. Your baby now has a long list of solid foods that can be mixed and matched. However, before feeding your baby anything, you need to make sure it’s safe for him/her. For all those parents looking for the best food recipes for their babies, we have compiled a list of the six best baby food recipes. All these recipes are carefully prepared as a healthy and safe option for nutrition in six months old babies. Also Try: 10 Homemade Baby Food Ideas – Easy To Apply!

Try These Amazing Baby Food Recipes For Six-Month-Old Babies To Ensure Better Nutrition 1. This delicious recipe will quickly become your baby’s favorite by combining the goodness of apple and oats in smooth porridge. Ingredients Oats (Steel cut oats preferred)One Apple (chopped in fine pieces)WaterCinnamon (optional) How To Prepare? 2. How to Prepare? Cut the sweet potatoes into cubes. Best Wireless Earbuds For Android In 2022. Wireless earbuds have risen to popularity due to the advanced features they have to offer. From cancelation of noise to have a built-in microphone, wireless earbuds have now become the trending topic of discussion owing to these features. Other than the two features, these can be used to connect with Bluetooth and are based on audio driver technology. Also You Can Try: Looking For Noise-Cancelling Best Headphones? Try These Six Options According to the estimation, there are over 2 billion android users globally.

Looking For The Best Wireless Earbuds? 1. While considering the audio industry, Jabra has proven itself with quality products that make all the people satisfied. VPU sensors utilize bone conduction tech to transmit your voice in the form of vibrations in the jawbone. Additionally, there is also a feature of mono mode that allows the user to use even a single earbud at a time. Specification Price: $199.99 Dimensions of packaging: 6.18 x 4.53 x 1.54 inches Weight: 5.6ounces Pros Durable. List Of Five Best Fitness Trackers With Heart Rate Monitor. Looking For An Offline Mode Of Digital Transaction? – Here’s UPI Lite.

8 Affordable Wireless Speakers For You In 2022. List Of Ten Best Websites To Watch Free Anime Content in 2022. List Of Seven Best Driver Updaters For Window (7/8/10/11) In 2022. Complete Guide To Record Your Screen On Windows 11. How To Locate Your Lost Android Phone, Even If No Tracking App Installed. 6 Best Headphones With Active Noise-Cancellation Feature. 15 Best And Free Websites To Legally Download Music In 2022. List Of Five Best Screen Protectors For Pixel 5A - Techlife-Solutions. Best Options For Free Brain Training Apps (Android and IOS) In 2022. Learn To Create Window 10 USB Recovery Drive In Four Simple Steps. How To Access The Background Blur While Using FaceTime Calls? - Techlife-Solutions. List Of Best Horror Movies To Stream On Netflix In 2022. Log into Facebook. Twitter. Home - Techlife-Solutions.