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Ozone applications in aquaculture improves water quality and productivity. Ozone generators are used for treating fish water in aquaculture industries.

Paint Odor Removal - Techgreensolution. Ozone application is widely used as a disinfection over many years because of its tremendous work by destroying indoor odors, mold, paint fumes and manages to give healthier and relaxed atmosphere.

Paint Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Paint smell odor removal can be consuming and its sharp nasty smell that can cause several health complications like headaches, skin irritations, and asthma and eye infections. Ozone technology can effectively eliminate such strong scents in a way that is natural and free from harmful chemical by products. Indoor air pollution is known as one of the major health concerns especially old buildings or apartment has volatile organic compounds which produces organic chemical compounds which is deprived with poor ventilation which leads to chronic diseases, be it to the commercial establishment or residence. Office Odor Control - Techgreensolution. Ever walked into an office and felt an overpowering urge to walk away because of the bad odor?

Office Odor Control - Techgreensolution

There could be a multitude of causes why bad odor develops in an office environment. Coffee Odor - Techgreensolution. Best Ozone Generator Dealers/Suppliers in Bangalore - Techgreensolution. Kitchen Odor Eliminator - Techgreensolution. Industrial and residential kitchens are often messy places.

Kitchen Odor Eliminator - Techgreensolution

Smoking oil, spices, strong curries, burnt pans contribute to strong odors, whilst bacteria, molds, rust, spores, viruses, deteriorating food particles can add to kitchen odor removal woes long after they have been cleaned. Damp and warm environments encourage growth of microorganisms which then seep into not only cracks and crevices but also on other surfaces, including walls and ceilings, making it difficult to completely eliminate offensive kitchen odors. Ozone applications have an exceptionally advanced system specifically designed to eliminate these microorganisms from their source and assure a clean and fresh environment. Ozone is a very compelling disinfectant and oxidizer that has the power to oxidize all pathogen, contaminant, metal, plastic disinfecting them without any chemical reaction. Even areas which are beyond the reach of trained housekeeping staff, Ozone has its own cleaning method. Hotel Odor Removal - Techgreensolution. Nothing can put an instant dampener on a vacation or a business trip as a hotel room heavy with odors from past residents.

Hotel Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Food and cigarette smoke smells and sometimes even stale perfumes can completely put one off despite all precautions to deodorize the rooms, have been taken. Modern hotels are designed to ensure a healthy air flow and air colling ducts which can be cleaned with ease. However some of the heritage hotels which were either palaces or royal residences, built before the era of air conditioners, make it impossible to include these elements simply because of their fragility or lack of access.

Ozone Applications in Hospitals - Techgreensolution. Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a significant measure in hospitals.

Ozone Applications in Hospitals - Techgreensolution

With active play of all kinds of infections and germs, it becomes a humongous task for housekeeping staff to ensure a clean ambiance. The strong smell of medicines and disinfectants can be very overpowering.Ozone disinfects and sanitizes the air all around with minimal intrusion to the senses. Home Odor Purifier - Techgreensolution. Ozone in Hatchery- Techgreensolution. Poultry farms often house a large number of birds in closed environment.

Ozone in Hatchery- Techgreensolution

Bird flus are very common and it is often very challenging to control bird plagues as it spreads rapidly causing devastation to poultry. They are also very susceptible to strong chemicals inhibiting productivity. Chemicals the chemical also run the risk of making their way to the food chain if accidentally absorbed or consumed by the birds making it very hazardous. Gym Odor Free -Techgreensolution. A fitness center can be an odor factory due to many reasons.

Gym Odor Free -Techgreensolution

Also, Locker room are the first and last place that puts the impression on members/labors. If the facility is full of excess humidity, stand water or any offensive odor that would put even the clients off and devastate the business too. Agitating odors emanating from perspiration, uniforms, gym bags, sweaty clothes, footwear, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, gym instruments and locker rooms can spread gems. Regular clean-up by staff will not be adequate to remove the musty smell, is it better to use technology when they assure you 99% of bacteria protection. Fire Damage Smoke Odor Removal - Techgreensolution. Ever walked into a portion of the office or home ravaged by fire.

Fire Damage Smoke Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

A heavy smoke smell lingers even after repairs like most cloths after fire the odor still exists and renovation has been carried out. Ozone (O3) generators permanently remove smoke odors by resulting from fire of smoke by homes or commercial establishments. Ozone is shaped for the molecule commercially by the use of ultraviolet light. As (O3) circulates and comes in contact with organic compounds or bacteria, the extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminants, reacts chemically and odors restore a fresh ambiance to the property. The generator can be used appropriately based on the strength of the fire Damage Smoke odor removal and change the structure of the molecules in the smoke that render bad odor. Ozone Applications in Drinking Water - Techgreensolution. Why Ozone application is widely recommended for drinking water?

Ozone Applications in Drinking Water - Techgreensolution

It is essential to use ozone application throughout drinking water treatment process during pre-oxidation and in-between oxidation. During pre-oxidation, an active carbon filter (GAC) purify the water that remove rest of the remaining organic matter. The other key highlights of the oxidation process involve. Dorm Odor - Techgreensolution. Need to stay away from home for the first time?

Dorm Odor - Techgreensolution

The first thing anyone notes is cleanliness, it is very necessary to keep the dormitories clean, so as not be prone to attacks of colds, flu, staph (such as MRSA), meningitis, and mononucleosis, that are infinitely prevalent in dorm life.Only a broad-based sanitization strategy, such as shock treatments using high output ozone generator mechanism efficaciously destroy the microorganisms hidden in these ‘close quarters.

How challenging? Student residence/dormitories are commonly ‘the stays away homes’ for the first time and the environment is often unsanitary, leaving one to prone diseases. The microorganisms are usually hidden and thus it is difficult to destroy by convention cleaning technique. In addition to the increased risk of infection, it is difficult to mitigate them without an Ozone generator. Explanation Deal easily! Ozone Applications in Cooling Towers - Techgreensolution. There are three main factors to be controlled during extensive cooling tower water treatment -Corrosion pipeline and heat exchanger element -Scaling in the pipeline and (primarily) in heat exchangers -Microbial expansion (bacteria, algae) For instance, lower pH ethics prevent scaling as they boost metal corrosion.

Coffee Shop Odor Removal - Techgreensolution. Coffee shops are a great place to meet, work and brainstorm ideas. Nothing can put off clients more than stale food odor, sweat and stagnant air. They should be always inspiring new ideas with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. School Odor Free - Techgreensolution. Schools are centers for learning, providing a nurturing environment for children to explore, learn, and grow. Given the responsibility schools have in shaping the minds and destinies of children, it becomes important to ensure the ambiance is conducive to create a vibrant, fresh and invigorating experience.

Each classroom comprises of 25-60 children, who spend large parts of the day in a closed environment. Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal -Techgreensolution. Text-align: right;”>Ozone application enduringly switches from smoke odor emanated from fire damage, cigarette and tobacco smoke. Cigarette smoke odor removal is accessible with ozoniser and prevents damaged buildings affected by the fire and/or smoke damage. When a person smokes, they are exhaling the tar and other tobacco substances inward of the cigarette. Thus this foul vapor sticks to almost everything in the room and so into the closets and cabinets. At a workplace, The Ozone generating machine will jam up every cubic corner of space or facility, oxidizing the odor-causing molecules at their source. It is highly recommended at commercial centres to detergents to prevent health risks to the non-smokers too.

Ozone intensely effective to eliminate smoke odor as the O3 is circulated entirely through the living space or facility. Note: The unit must be switched off for a couple of hours before the facility function (recommended at night, during the non-office hours). SPA Ozonators-Techgreensolution. Banquet Hall Odor Removal - Techgreensolution. Ozone Applications in Aquaculture - Techgreensolution. Popular investigation shows that aquaculture water treatment with ozone increases productivity at RAS aquaculture systems. Ozone in aquaculture not only improves water quality but also increases production in aquaculture. Most aquaculture systems (RAS) operate by recycling the water present in the aquariums and aqua pools.

At RAS, the organic rate is usually high and the homogeneous fish stock drives a high risk of infections, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.