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3DVIS research. Kuntz » Head-Mounted Projective Display. I was reading 3D User Interfaces and I stumbled across the definition of a HMPD.

Kuntz » Head-Mounted Projective Display

I didn’t know this kind of VR display, and it looks quite promising ! Here’s what I understand of it, based on those papers, by its designer, Hong Hua, of University of Hawaii; OPTICAL DESIGN: Free-form optics enable lightweight, high-performance head-mounted displays. <a href="/content/lfw/en/index.html">Home</a><a href="/content/lfw/en/software/more-articles.html">More Software Articles</a> OPTICAL DESIGN: Free-form optics enable lightweight, high-performance head-mounted displays Free-form optics tiling can potentially overcome the invariant on the field of view and the resolution in a head-mounted display, and enable the design and development of lightweight and high-performance head-mounted displays.

OPTICAL DESIGN: Free-form optics enable lightweight, high-performance head-mounted displays

DEWEN CHENG, YONGTIAN WANG, HONG HUA, and JOSÉ SASIÁN. Thoughts about the Field of View (on HMDs) In most VR applications such as 3D games, the field of view (FoV) is done wrong.

Thoughts about the Field of View (on HMDs)

It isn’t easy to do it right when sitting in front of a PC monitor but it will get simpler when/if head mounted displays (HMDs) become common for gamers – but maybe, it’s not right to do it right… Let’s recap what the FoV is: A camera (real camera, virtual camera, the human eye etc.) sees only a part of the world. When we draw a line from the center of projection of the camera to the left-most object visible and another line from the center to the right-most object, the angle between those two lines is the horizontal field of view. Similar, there is a vertical field of view. When a user sits in front of the PC at the recommended distance of 50 cm and looks at a 30″ 16:10 monitor he sees the screen at a horizontal FoV of about 66 degrees. Older FPS games like Quake used a horizontal FoV of 90 degree and also let you set higher values, sometimes up to 179 (e.g.

Immersive Training. Immersive Training Military field exercises, virtual instructors, and role-playing games are just some of the possibilities that the Motion Analysis systems can contribute to the immersive training of personnel.

Immersive Training

Environments can be updated and changed immediately to reflect current design of machine prototypes or physical surroundings, resulting in substantial cost savings. Designers and engineers, armed with this powerful tool, can conduct multiple concurrent scenarios encompassing an array of applications from vehicular occupant packaging to factory planning and layout. These studies can be conducted in the virtual, digital realm where errors, omissions and other germane factors may be considered and corrected well in advance of the building and assembly process. FAQ: Spherical mirror projection for hemispherical dome projection. Dome projection technique conceived by the author Written by Paul Bourke The following is an attempt to answer common questions people have when planning to implement wide field of view projection using a spherical mirror, generally for hemispherical domes.

FAQ: Spherical mirror projection for hemispherical dome projection

This technique is variously known as "mirrordome' or "Sphemir". If you have anything to add to this FAQ, or if you have a question not covered please email them to me. More information on the general approach can be found here. Please note that I am available to assist you with your fulldome projection projects. Table of contents Can I use any data projector? No. Interactive see-through hmd. Using an optical see-through display - ARToolworks support library. From ARToolworks support library Main Page > ARToolKit Professional > Using an optical see-through display About optical see-through AR ARToolKit uses computer vision techniques for image-based recognition and tracking.

Using an optical see-through display - ARToolworks support library

Since it uses only a single camera, a self-contained head tracking system can be developed if this camera is fixed to a head mounted display (HMD). Echo360. Screen-Tech-Shop. Immersive Display Lite 2.

LCD / Pico Projector parts

VRplaying - Color LED Video. Sun's Color LED Fully Custom modified High Definition compact projector is transparent (No haze) screen and is readily applicable to existing window or panel .It is a front projection display and can be scalable to unlimited viewing angle.

Color LED Video

It features high quality video projection compatible with any existing video formats. The projector comes with HDMI/VGA interface with life source of 30,000 hours in normal mode. It is aavailable in dual color red and green color emissive screen. The film is made with our patented emissive nanoparticle. Please note that our film doesn’t work by itself .

Specifications Highlights Projection System DLP Display Technology 0.45'' Physics of Light and Color - Convex Spherical Mirrors: Interactive Java Tutorial. Interactive Java Tutorials Convex Spherical Mirrors Regardless of the position of the object reflected by a convex mirror, the image formed is always virtual, upright, and reduced in size.

Physics of Light and Color - Convex Spherical Mirrors: Interactive Java Tutorial

This interactive tutorial explores how moving the object farther away from the mirror's surface affects the size of the virtual image formed behind the mirror. The tutorial initializes with the object (an upright arrow) positioned with its tail touching the center of the mirror's optical axis on the front side of the mirror, far away from the center of curvature and the focal point (located behind the mirror).

Completed Project HMD