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iPhone 11 2019 the NEXT is coming. Earlier This Week Apple Released Ios Released 12.4 And If They Have The Iphone11 Significant Changed The Way That Setting Up A New iPhone Is Performed.

iPhone 11 2019 the NEXT is coming

Prior To Ios 12.4 There iPhone 11 Release Date Were Really Two Ways You Could Set Up A New iPhone Through Itunes No One Did Or You Can Go iPhone 11 Leak Through The Process That Would Restore Your Data Through Icloud Super Excited To iPhone 11 Price Sell All The New 2019 Model Iphones Make Sure To Leave A Like We Have iPhone 11 2018 A lot Of Content Up On What We Should Be Seeing Late Here In 2019 Specific To The iPhone So Iam Super Excited Today We Have iPhone 11 Rumors All Of The Models That We Should Be Seeing In 2019 First Up We Have The iPhone 11 With The Awsome New Camera. We Have iPhone 11 Max Models In Comming 2019 Let's Go Into Jump iPhone 11 2019 To The Topic Here.

And Talk About Little Bit More In 2019 iPhone Models. HOW TO MAKE A GREAT FLAG IN 60 SEC? I'm going to tell you in 60 seconds start with a rectangle with 1:2 proportions. don't make a square flag. use simple shapes and maybe a silhouette to create symbolism for what the flag represents. never use seals or complex designs that cant is drawn by a child in several seconds. keep the design simple, while still differentiating it from other flags. use 2-3 colors that look good together.


HOW TO TRACK LOST MOBILE WITH IMEI NUMBER. Hello Guys How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number Losing Mobile Phones Is Common Problem Among Many Of Us Most Of The People How To Track Lost Mobile By IMEI Number I Know Clothes Have Lost Their Mobile In Some Time Of Thir Life We Do Not Tale That More Seriously Although We Do Get Hashes How To Track Lost Mobile From Imei Number And More Cautious When Someone How To Track The Lost Mobile With IMEI Number Clothes Louis Mobile Or Worse How To Track Lost Samsung Mobile With IMEI Number When We Ourselves With It Now Question Arises That What We Can Do When We Lose Our Mobile Now A Days Most Of Us How To Track Lost Mobile Using Imei Number Like To Use Smart Phons Also Called Android Phones Which Has A Lot Of Features Due To Its Apps And Internet How To Track Lost Mobile Without Imei Number Connectivity Lets Know About Imei Number.


How to edit INSTAGRAM pics like a PRO. Hey Guys This Is Techchotu Here Edit Photos Instagram You Will Bee Leaning That How To Edit Pics In Instagram Photos.

How to edit INSTAGRAM pics like a PRO

So This Is A Photo Edit Photos For Instagram That Is Did Some Edits And Post It On Instagram And This Is A Photo Edit Photos In Instagram Straight Out Of My Smartphones Camera So Let Me Redo The Editing Ans Show You How I Edit Photos On Instagram Did It So, First Of All, I Open The Snapseed App And Snapseed Works For Me Its Available Both For Ios And Android And Its Free To Use Edit Photos With Instagram. So Right When I Open Snapseeed See It You Will See A Lot of Edit Photos For Instagram App Of Filters So Apply Any Filter That Looks Cool On Your Photo The Morning One Edit Photo Instagram Online Is In This Case Really Cool So Just I Applied That. Go-To Tools. Tune Image.Sliders A Bit.If You Long Press And Then Swipe Up You Will Get The Brightness.Contract.Saturation. So You Can Increase The Size Abit And Can Decrease A Bit Low. Thankyou. How to edit INSTAGRAM pics like a PRO. How to remove background image online. Hi Guys Iam Back With A New Remove Image Background And Simple Another Article Here At Techchotu We Will Be Going Through A Little Bit On Remove Image From Background You Don't Need Really Any Software For To Do This We Will Be Using Free Online Tool Remove Image Background Free For This The First Thing You Need To Do Is To Search.

how to remove background image online

So You've Got A Photograph And You Want To Remove A Person From Remove Image Background Online From That Photograph So You Can Place Them Over Another Background Or A Flat Colour. Well Normally You Would Use A Piece Of Software Like Adobe Photoshop But Not Everyone Has A Copy That, Or They May Just Not Have The Skill Level To Use An Equivalent Piece Of Software.

BEST ROOT APPS in 2019. Okay Root Apps Are Always Best Root Apps Sounds Great Isn't It So Here We Go But Hang On Were Not Going To Talk About Best Apps With Root The Popular One Likes Add Of A Titanium Backup Best Root Apps Android Greenify Sd Made Etc You Want to Know It I Know It Rather We Re Gonna Best Root Apps For Android List Down Some Lesser Known Root Apps Which Serve A Specific Purpose So This Is From Techchotu And Lets Jump In To The Real Stuff.


Lets Start With Best Root Apps Without Pc Something Simple The Android Community Will Definitely Agree That Emojis On Ios Is Better Than Best Root Apps 2019 Android Just Instead Of Shaking Head Best Root Apps Xda In Dismay Download This App Called Emoji Switcher. Next Up We Have SERVICELY Which Lets You Decide What App Can Run In The Background Or When Your Phone Is Locked. So The Next Time When Your Internet Speed Is Jammed Up And People Are Mooching On Your Wifi Just Make Sure You Log In To The Router And Turn Off The Blue Ps. Inspect element TIPS that are hidden. So most of you might have heard about inspect element in firefox this powerful feature inspect element shortcut in your browser yes the inspect element chrome and while it i true that most of it is useful only for web developers but inspect element in safari some times the people like you and me you know the average user can also inspect element on iPhone find it useful now in this one we see about not only the fun part of inspect element mac like editing the web page and changing the test instead. finding out the font.background images that are hidden under the surface.recovering your lost password.even changing of removing geo-restriction by using GPS hacks.

inspect element TIPS that are hidden

SIRI SHORTCUTS for every iphone user must try. Let's Turn Siri We Wanted To Make To Do Siri shortcuts Much More For You And We're Doing That With A New Feature We Call Shortcuts So Siri Shortcuts To Please Siri shortcuts app The World Flow That App Was Just In 2019 And It Basically Lets You Learn Chain Of Actions Now While You Can Always Create Your Own Siri Shortcuts Which We Do Encourage But We Did Heavy Lifting For You And Found Some Really Hidden Siri shortcuts examples Gems So What Are We Waiting For Let's Check Out Some Of The New Siri Shortcuts Lets Begin.

SIRI SHORTCUTS for every iphone user must try

I Love Siri shortcuts Spotify And Even Though It Isn't Available In India I Use A Vpn To Get It There's One Small Problem It Doesn't Work Hands-Free On iPhone With The New Siri Shortcut You Can Use It To Play Spotify Music By Without Touching Your Phone. Let's Try Hey Siri Search Music And Just Say The Name Of Your Song And Voila Wasn't It Simple. Paytm Whatsapp Groups Links List 2019. Hello friends, I'm back with a newly updated list of Whatsapp group posts.what is WhatsApp group link list posts?

Paytm Whatsapp Groups Links List 2019

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps that we are uses daily to chat with family, friends, to and loved ones. you just need their WhatsApp number in your phone contact that's it. STORY beyond Whatsapp WhatsApp (2.19.11).WhatsApp was founded in 2009, by Jan Koum and Brian Acton both employees of Yahoo!. IPHONE CAMERA SETTINGS YOU MUST CHANGE - TECHCHOTU 2019. How to enable DARK MODE in CHROME - TECHCHOTU 2019. Dark mode chrome hi guys !

how to enable DARK MODE in CHROME - TECHCHOTU 2019

Today we all got to know recently upgraded chrome dark theme version of chrome for android which is version 69 came with a lot of new dark mode chrome interesting features some of them are the new material theme support for dark mode chrome android display cutouts and also the option to rename downloads and changing the download folder but you know what's missing the dark mode for chrome now its 2019 we caught with dark reader chrome the screen with AMOLED display and the features has been there on youtube app which again from the google for quite a few months now. here first off you're going to download or upgrade to the latest version of google chrome. once you got to download and get installed. we can use a new built-in a feature inside GOOGLE CHROME itself but that does cover all of the websites. the DARK MODE won't work on an older version of google chrome.

How to edit INSTAGRAM pics like a PRO - TechChotu:Tech Updates. HOW TO TRACK LOST MOBILE WITH IMEI NUMBER - TechChotu:Tech Updates. How to Set Custom ringtone for any IPHONE. If You R An iPhone User Then You Will Be Lucky To How To Set Ringtone For Unknown Numbers iPhone. Hello, Welcome Back Again How To Change Ringtone On iPhone With A Big Drama That Who Are Using An iPhone Series Their Will, Be A? On How To Change Ringtone In iPhone Can Be Clearly Explained With A Lot Of Research Have Gone Through This How To Set Ringtone On iPhone With Itunes Here The Real Process Starts With So let's Get Started.

LaptopiPhone Original Cable Any iPhone Internet ConnectionWEBSITES THAT USEDItunes Software Must Be Installed In Your Pc.Click The Link Here Select A Song That You Need To Make A S Ringtone.Choose File And Upload.Select The Part You Want To Trim. Only Under 30 Sec Will Be Taken As Consideration No More Than That Cant Be Make As Ringtone. Select The Output As M4r (iPhone)Click On Crop.Then Boom! How To Get INSTAGRAM Verification Account With Trick☑️ - TECHCHOTU. Yo Whatsup Guys In Our Show Today There Will Be An Interesting One Is On How To Get Your Instagram Verified And There Is A Good News For You All Here Place On How To Get Instagram Verified Account You Can Request For The Verification Badge Bluetick Even In An Android Phone Now Any One Can Request For A Verification Badge And It Is Of How To Get Your Instagram Verified Free.

With Out Further Do Lets Get Into The Actual Phenomena Of How To Get Your Instagram Verified Hack 2019. If You Follow All The Steps. PUBG LITE Mobile Version - TECHCHOTU. Hello Everyone This Is Techchotu Here We Are Back With Pubg Lite An Another One That Can Be The Most Popular Game In The World Sensational Pubg Lite Mobile So Lets Gets Started Into The Pubg Lite For Mobile. As Back With the Previous Version, Beta Pubg Lite Apk Has Been Released Months Ago But Now It Become As Stable Version Pubg Lite Pc.

Now Available In Any Country Pubg Lite For Pc With Same Game Same As Pubg. Pubg Lite Pc Free Download That Is Already Available In But Named As Pubg Project Hi. YOU CAN RUN WITH Low Hardware Configurations.No Need Grafix Card To Run This Game.4gb Ram.The Reason For That Is That The Pubg Emulator Takes Most Of The Computer Resources And When You Play The Game It Does not Perform Well In The Low Hardware Configuration System. But In The Pubg Lite Emulator There Is No Such Hardware Pre Requirements To Be Needed. How to Route Any ANDROID phone - TECHCHOTU. Hi guys this is techcotu, in this post you will be getting how to root any android device you might have also learned what are the different ways to root, which is the best method to root and also know is possible to root your mobile or not?

Your android device without bricking your phone.if you are an older version of your android device then you will be best enough for rooting your device easily. Lets first get into the root methods, there are many root methods that are available through the internet surf. DIFFERENT METHODS OF ROOTINGMAGISTRICK MANAGERSUPER SUCF AUTO ROOTKING ROOTTOWEL ROOTFRAMA ROOTyou may also check the compatibility in the official websites for rooting devices and your mobile device models.For these methods, you do not need to unlock your device to get into the bootloader. Latest WhatsApp Tricks - TECHCHOTU. WhatsApp Lastest Tricks: Hey guys! FREE LOGO MAKER ONLINE. Keyboard shortcuts chromebookKeyboard Shortcut Keys You Must Try.

You know we all have that one keyboard shortcuts Chromebook friend or co-worker whose computer skills make us feel like a neanderthal they barely touch the mouse their screen lights up with all kinds of keyboard shortcuts on Chromebook tasks and boxes and their fingers go lighting fast on the keyboard they even have time to casually chat with Siri or Cortana and stream games afterward but this is your friend is simply a whiz when it comes to keyboard shortcuts illustrator hotkeys and that can bee too lets start with every computer master need to know. PAKISTANI WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS. Vivo Z1 Pro a complete Guide - TechChotu. The first thing you'll notice vivo Z1 pro about the front of the vivo is the full-screen size with upper left corner with a hole punch vivo Z1 pro launch date front camera this is the obviously the next big trend after screen notches. As the vivo Z1 pro features an eye-catching glossy plastic rear panel with a multi-colored vivo Z1 pro review gradient finish all the colors are rich and saturated one this phone is a sort of jewel-toned appearance it also catches the light as you tilt it around.

Every day complete tech news and a mobile review and a trending app and all the latest gadgets on a single hand The triple camera module on the rear vivo Z1 pro price 14,900/- sticks out just a little bit there's also a standard fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone. The power and volume buttons are on the right and vivo Z1 pro vs real me X there a physical google assistance vivo Z1 pro next sale on Flipkart by 12PM. CRICKET WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS - TechChotu. FaceApp LOOK OLD - TechChotu.

Hey guys today i am getting in to a new Faceapp online is the most used one in the present app is that for face app android, it brings the ages of you when you are in the old ages it is now trending on all the social media face app on pc platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, twitter, and all the other sharing media. And you can download it for free as face app free for android as well as for apple users wherein app stores. faceapp download. WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS 2019 - TechChotu. Redmi K20 Pro - TechChotu. Ios 13 features and Release - TechChotu. The New EcoSystem is Comming Up with Apple ios 13 in and around the world. Ios 13 is coming up with new latest top one of the list id DARK MODE ios 13 notch features ios 13 apple music is now redefined and can easily download up to n thousand music.

Whatsapp Business Features - TechChotu. Recover Deleted Files For Free from windows 10/8.1/7 - TechChotu. What is 5G technology - TechChotu. TechChotu. Latest WhatsApp DP - TechChotu.