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Guidelines To Follow While Creating Business Mobile Apps

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HTMLGoodies Slideshows. Seven Tips to Improve your Cross-Platform Mobile Development. If your team does mobile app development, don’t think that they’re slacking off when they miss their deadlines.

Seven Tips to Improve your Cross-Platform Mobile Development

They’re in very good company. More than 85% of US and UK enterprises have a backlog of 10-15 apps on average, with apps taking between 3 and 12 months to release, according to the independent research company Opinion Matters. This relatively slow development cycle translates into a loss of revenue for enterprises. But speed isn’t the only concern – performance, experience, and functionality matter just as much as whipping up an app to get it onto the market quickly. Here are the best practices around optimizing the entire cross-platform mobile development process. 1. Developing native code for each app, assuming a strong and skilled development team, will almost always result in an app that fully meets users’ expectations. What are the best practices for developing apps on multiple platforms? - Quora. 7 Mobile App Development Best Practices. Posted May 12, 2015 By Staff Feedback Following mobile app best practices is a requirement for a successful app.

7 Mobile App Development Best Practices

By Max Katz, The enterprise mobile app developer is under constant pressure. There is a growing backlog of mobile apps to build and expectations to deliver faster than ever. Technology and tools are evolving rapidly and making it difficult to even get started, let alone deliver fast. The only way to rise above is to rely on a set of best practices for methodology, technology, design, performance, security, analytics and more. Develop Your Mobile App with Your Audience in Mind Before you begin developing or even planning your mobile app, consider your audience.

Learn from Competitors Beyond understanding the profile of your users, mobile app creators must educate themselves about the competitive landscape they are entering. Consider Using a Cloud Development Platform Invest in User Experience. Best Practices for Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. Michael Thomas is the Principal Development Lead for SkyDrive, Microsoft’s personal cloud storage service.

Best Practices for Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

In his role, Michael is responsible for many facets of product development, including planning, technical investigations, quality assurance and execution. A promise of cloud storage is the customer’s ability to access data from everywhere, anytime, on any device. As such, mobile device support is a critical component of a successful cloud storage service. All Killer, No Filler This one’s different, trust us. Given the current mobile device market, customers need high-quality apps on the top three platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Outlined below are some key lessons learned from working on mobile clients for SkyDrive, Microsoft’s personal cloud storage service, and best practices for anyone looking to build high-performing mobile apps across platforms. Step 1: Select the development technologies Step 2: Define the user experience Step 3: Develop rapidly and use the application.

7 Best Practices to Develop Cross Platform Mobile Apps. Smartphone users are growing day by day – according to a study there are more than 2.04 Billion smartphone users in the whole world.

7 Best Practices to Develop Cross Platform Mobile Apps

This growth will be reaching a new heights in the near future as people are more interested using smartphones than desktop PCs. This huge rise of smartphones has also boosted the app development process globally. Many mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, windows phone, blackberry OS are producing a strong competition in the smartphone market. Among these Android is a dominating mobile OS that is currently running on 84% of smartphones, compared to Apple’s iOS running on 12.3% of smartphones in the world.

Things to Keep in Mind While Working with Cross Platform Mobile Apps. Enterprises are increasingly adopting cross-platform development technologies to build mobile applications.

Things to Keep in Mind While Working with Cross Platform Mobile Apps

An infographic by Rishabh Software on cross platform mobile apps development exhibits that, "68% of enterprises developed the mobile apps using cross-platform development tools in past two years". Cross platform development leverages single code base and multiple platform implementations to developers which reduces their code-writing workload across various operating systems. It has a quick turnaround and is cost-effective. This simplifies the development efforts used by developers using cross platform tools.