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Washer Pitching

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WPATOUR. How to build a washers pitching game and play the game of washers. Glow in the Dark Paint - Solvent Based. - Glow Sticks, Glow Necklaces, Night Golf and Light Up LED Products. ExtremeGlow - We are glow. Extreme Glow Battery-operated Electroluminescent Wire, EL Wires Kits, and Accessories. Glow Washers — How to Play Washers at Night. How to Play Washers at Night Playing washers any time of the day is fun, but playing at night is typically difficult since it's so easy to lose the washers. Anyone who has ever tried would agree that it's tough to see where they bounce and spending 50% of your time looking for errant washers in tall grass is.... just not fun. Our glow-in-the-dark washers remove this pain from your nighttime game. One person playing keeps our compact UV LED flashlight in their pocket and gives the washers a quick charge every once in a while when they start to dim, and that's it! We solve your problem with losing the washers in the dark, but you will still need to make sure you can see the box (or cup) that you are throwing at.

Play anywhere near a light If you are playing anywhere near a house/building there is often a light bright enough to show you where to throw. Have some other ideas or suggestions for playing at night? Backyard Game | Tailgating Game | Lawn Game | Camping Game | Yard Game | Cornhole Game - Krazy Washer Board / Washer Toss Backyard Game - Krazy Washer Board - Washer Toss Backyard Game. Many of you have probably played or own the original Washer Board game. Well forget what you know about washers. With a staircase design, there are many new strategies to sinking your washers. The other benefit to that design is how stackable & portable it becomes. The two sides stack on top of each other like tetris blocks and secure with velcro. Then the handle makes it easy to carry. SCORING: The bottom two holes are worth 1 point, the top hole is worth 2 points and the middle slot is worth 3. Each Krazy Washer game includes: - 2 durable, highly portable game pieces - 8 official Washers (each washer is Powder Coated and scratch resistant .

NO Assembly Required! Each Game Piece Dimension: Height - 18in Width - 18in Base Depth - 16in For more backyard game fun, check out our Krazy Coasters and Official Cornhole games. Coltack Washer Boards - Contact Us. Lets Pitch Washers. Pitching Washers | RiverCity Washers RiverCity Washers. Pitching Washer Game. Washer pitching. Examples of commercial washers used in washer pitching A player tosses a washer during a tournament in Indiana. The object of the game is to earn points by tossing metal washers, usually around two inches in diameter, toward a hole, usually denoted by a can or pvc pipe, in a box. Washer boxes vary in size and shape, but a standard for one-hole washers is 16 X 16 X 4 inches, with a cylindrically-shaped cup (4½ inches in diameter and 5 inches in height) located in its upper surface.

Boxes are placed approximately 20 feet away from each other, a distance often determined by a string attached to the front of each box. However, if a string is not attached to the box, one may take 10 paces from box-to-box, this will usually denote 20 feet. The throwing player stands next to or behind one box and tosses washers toward the other, normally underhand. Variants[edit] In Alberta, Canada, the game is simply called Washers and boxes are not used. Equipment[edit] Boxes (2): Washers (4): Set Up[edit] Lets Pitch Washers. Washer Games By Great American Washer Boards - Washer Pitching Game.