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Get the latest Event management services for companies from different industries. We are Leading Events Management Company in India Operated by Chandigarh Head Office. Contact Us!

BTL Promotion for Brand Activation & Product Launches. BTL stands for below the line, and in terms of marketing, BTL events or activities become immediate force to connect with the audiences.

BTL Promotion for Brand Activation & Product Launches

Yes, BTL marketing or events activities are a talented and cost-effective means that focus on a target audience and particular gathering. Businesses or organizations or individuals can avail the BTL activities services for branding or marketing perspective. BTL marketing utilizes less routine strategies than the ATL channels of publicizing. It normally concentrates on direct ways for correspondence like ordinarily direct mail and e-mails. Resources Events & Promotions is one of the best marketing companies that take great care for the finest and effective BTL activities ideas to provide great benefits for its clients. We understand that BTL activities are a typical method that is generally utilized for “touch and feel” products, where users or buyer can have a direct engagement with the organization.

Successful Event Planners from Resources Groups. Whether you are a corporate event planner or an administrative person, the basics of event planning require you to have strong organizational, communication, and documentation skills.

Successful Event Planners from Resources Groups

Regardless of your level of experience, even a hospitality enthusiast can put on an amazing business event with a little bit of creativity and a lot of organization along the way. But when it comes to event planning, particularly for busy event planners with more than one event on their books, staying organized can be a bigger obstacle than most realize. How Event Planners Stay Organized Organization is one of the many keys to success for most event planners. Not only can mastering organizational skills lead to less stress, but it can also enhance your creativity as an event planner allowing you to see the bigger picture and think outside of the box knowing that you have a firm handle on the details.

Ideally, each event and/or program should have its own binder. The Organizational Bottom Line. Event Planning and Conceptualization, Dubai: Resources Groups. Top Venue Management company in Dubai. Resources and Groups has emerged to become a force to reckon within the event industry thus understanding the importance of each and every area that needs to be addressed in-order to organize a successful event Venue Management being one of the most important aspects of any event.

Top Venue Management company in Dubai

Here are a few essential pointers that are a prerequisite for Resources and Groups while we scout for venues: • Venue Accessibility: Easy accessibility from airports, metro stations, and other conveyance options which makes it easy for attendees to reach the venue with ease. • Attendee Comfort: Providing attendees with new experiences. Proper seating arrangements for the attendees to set themselves and at the venue and make them comfortable thus making the attendees experience more satisfying and pleasing. • Venue Budgeting: Factors we keep in mind while choosing the venue as per the budget are the discounts offered on the venues, payment terms, etc. Academic Events with The Resources and Groups Event Company. Combining strategy, design, creativity, and robust logistics is a winning recipe to enable The Resources and Groups Event Company to help deliver effective messaging for institutions across the globe.

Academic Events with The Resources and Groups Event Company

We develop compelling campaigns to engage your donors, students, alumni, parents, prospects, trustees and university leadership to support your delivery of programs and bring an effective return on investment. Our proven track record in delivering award-winning academic programs, both nationally and internationally, make us one of the leading experiential educational event designers. We have been designated a Top 10 Local Event Company by Special Events magazine for the past three years and have won multiple awards for our academic programs in Northern India. Rural Marketing Strategies and Services. Rural markets have acquired significance in India as the overall growth of the economy has resulted in substantial increase in the purchasing power of rural communities.

Rural Marketing Strategies and Services

As urban markets are getting saturated and competitive, companies focus themselves in capturing the vast rural market. “Go Rural” is the slogan of marketing gurus after analyzing the socio-economic changes in villages. Rural markets accounts for 54% of FMCG and 60% of durable goods. Rural consumption is getting high as the technology is advancing everywhere and also buying pattern and demand of the rural consumers have changed from basic low-priced product to luxurious ones due to their increased income. Let us now understand the different promotion strategies involved in rural marketing. Product Strategies: This article describes some of the common product strategies that companies have used to penetrate rural markets. Designs need to be modified to suit rural habits and lifestyles. Pricing Strategies: Cost Strategies: Merchandising Services Company chandigarh. When it comes to organizing your wedding things might get a little out of hand.

Merchandising Services Company chandigarh

Whether you have a year left for your wedding or just a few months, a wedding organizer will help you clear your perspective of what you require. A few advantages of keeping a wedding organizer in the loop are as under: – They will help you keep your plan on track. – Your wedding budget will remain under supervision. Top Wedding Planners in Chandigarh. Weddings are a memorable and enchanting experience for everyone.

Top Wedding Planners in Chandigarh

The Vintage outdoor weddings’ view and landscapes may leave a person awestruck but it comes with a catch. Follow these tips by top wedding planners in Chandigarh for a comfortable and hassle free outdoor wedding. Weather The foremost factor that effects your decision of an vintage outdoor wedding is the weather at the time of your marriage. Along with weather, the time of the day for your wedding ceremony also plays a very pivotal role. How To Have A Fantastic Wedding Planning in Pune With Low Cost. Most Trusted Wedding Organizers In Pune Resources Groups is a specialist wedding planners in Pune dedicated toward creating breathtaking events throughout India.

How To Have A Fantastic Wedding Planning in Pune With Low Cost

A wedding is a fantastic time of affection, feeling furthermore, especially , a celebration for you, your partner plus for all of your guests through enjoy. Your marriage celebration may be a joyous occasion. Resources Groups: Why Colours are Important in an Event? Colours are known to have a psychological effect on people.

Resources Groups: Why Colours are Important in an Event?

People relate to colours as it often taps into old memories as well as creates newer ones. While crafting events colours too play a crucial role since it helps create an atmosphere and when combined with the event-perfect decor, lighting, sound and overall ambience – it creates a stellar event setup on the whole. Usage of colours is an extremely powerful tool in event design and it can make or break your event experience. Every colour you choose says a lot about the message you’re giving out and the vibe, the story that you want your audience to pick up. 4 Tech-Savvy Ways To Modernize Your Events & Exhibition. Sending out bulk emails and asking your social media followers to share your ‘Event Invitation’ post is yesterday’s thing.

4 Tech-Savvy Ways To Modernize Your Events & Exhibition

If your company is planning international conferences or elite exhibitions, you’ll need to continue with the technological advances that cater to smartly gathering more sophisticated invitees. The more tech-savvy your marketing tricks are, the more impact it creates within the minds of today’s media-savvy crowd. Tips for a Classy Birthday Party Event. Hosting a birthday party, whether for a child, teen or adult requires more than just showing up and smiling, though both are certainly required. It involves laying the foundation for a successful party by determining the type of party you’re going to throw and planning the details, such as the food, drinks, entertainment, and decorations. It also involves knowing the proper party-hosting etiquette, which starts with the invitations and ends with the “thank you” cards, so your guests leave happy and excited to attend your next party.

How to Hire an Corporate Event Planner. Whether you’re planning a product launch, a team-building event, or a holiday party, it’s crucial to make sure that your event is the absolute best it can be. Sure, you can plan it yourself, but it may be a more challenging process than you might realize. Why not save yourself the time, energy, and stress, all the while ensuring that your event is a success that stays within budget? For these reasons, many will choose to hand the task off to a professional and hire an event planner. If you’re in that camp, it’s important to select the right person for the job. Luckily, our guide is here to walk you through hiring an event planner from start to finish. Consider Resources Groups Concierge team.

Important Steps For Organizing The Ultimate Business Conference. When it comes to managing events, executing a business conference is the most tedious and challenging process. It involves a series of pesky tasks that take months to almost a year for proper planning and managing. The conference ruckus often makes your team overlook some vital details and waste valuable time on trivial tasks.

And to help you organize the millions of questions pacing through your mind day and night, here are eight essential steps you must follow to plan a successful and profitable business conference: Setting Your Vision Straight: Every conference is born out of a vision that drives the theme and the purpose of the meet. The theme must reflect the core message of the event while revolving around the business you and your attendees have in common.

How To Host A Successful Virtual Event : Tips and Practices. What is a Virtual Event? In spite of the fact that the world is just beginning to get acquainted with virtual events, there is as yet a cloud encompassing what they are and how best to have one. To put it plainly, virtual events replicate a physical event, however online. It permits you to have a worldwide conference, public exhibition, product launch etc from the solace of your home or office, utilizing just a PC and a stable internet connection. What are the main highlights of a virtual event? The possibilities seem to be limitless! There are no limits to what you can do. Top Corporate Events Management Company in Dubai. Brand awareness and brand building does not happen overnight. In fact, it takes thoughtful strategy and careful execution of the plans to achieve both the business and communication objectives of the company.

Building a brand takes a multi-pronged approach that may include strategic programs, advertising, communication, marketing campaigns, public relations, and client relations, among others. Types of Meeting Room Layouts for Your Event. Working in an event management company in Dubai is not just about interacting with customers and business partners over the telephone or the internet. Top Corporate Event Management Companies in Delhi, NCR & Noida. Delhi is the capital of India, is a hi-fi city busy with various businesses and activities. And, you can find a large number of events, such as corporate events, weddings, auto shows, exhibitions, trade shows, and many more, being organized every other day in this capital city. Top Event Ideas To Make Your Event Attendees Happy & Interested.