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Generational Marketing: Target the Family, Not the Individual [Infographic] - Return On Now. We Love Shares! Spread the love: The days when marketers can design one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns for brands and products are gone. Consumers now want information tailored according to the preferences and needs of their age group. You can’t target Baby Boomers using Snapchat videos, can you? This is exactly why you need to change your approach from one-size-fits-all to generational marketing to be more productive. Generational Marketing Allows You to Influence Entire Family If you are using the old marketing tactics, chances are you will fail to impress some members of the family.

But for this, you first need to identify and segment generations that an average family usually consists of. According to HandMadeWritings, you can divide the living generations in the United States into six segments: I. Use Generational Marketing for Competitive Advantage Generational marketing is still evolving. For example, the social media savvy younger generation follows influencers on social media. La famille en 2019 | Com' des Enfants. What TV Content Genres Do Viewers Prefer? It’s safe to say that TV viewers are not wanting for choice when it comes to options on how or where to view their favorite shows. TiVo’s Q2 2019 Video Trends Report [download page] reveals that, on average, viewers use 7.2 video services such as Netflix, Hulu, pay-TV and YouTube to watch their shows.

But what TV content genres are viewers watching on these services? Among the more than 5,300 North American adults (ages 18 years and older) surveyed, the clear favorite is comedy, as cited by by 61.1% of respondents. Drama (51.5%) is the next-most preferred genre, followed by action/adventure (41.6%), crime drama (40.1%) and suspense/thriller (39.5%). A report from Nielsen found while certain TV genres such as comedy and reality are still viewed primarily on live TV, other genres including crime drama (broadcast) and drama (cable) are viewed more by digital means. Access to movies is also a draw for many services and, like TV genres, viewers prefer comedy (56.9%). Social media influencers: Brands make money from kids on Instagram & YouTube with little regulation – Clements twins, McClure twins, Taytum and Oakley – CBSN Originals.

Watch the new CBSN Originals documentary, "Kid Influencers: Few Rules, Big Money," in the video player above. Lots of parents share pictures and videos of their children on social media, but now a growing number are actually making a living at it. The companies that showcase the content of these kid influencers are making millions in the process, while the rules and regulations aimed at protecting children haven't kept up.

Jaqi Clements, mother of 9-year-old social media influencers Ava and Leah, was recently notified that the footwear brand Crocs is looking to collaborate with the twins. "Do you guys know what Crocs are? " she asked the girls, to which Ava replied, "No. " Eventually Ava remembered the iconic foam clogs. What she may not have realized was that posing for a picture with them on her feet could potentially command thousands of dollars from the brand. These collaborations are also lucrative for the brands that participate. "Who gets to decide who does the work? 4 Influencer Marketing Best Practices That All Family and Baby Brands Need To Know. Image by @mommyinmpls Today, modern parents will turn to the internet for baby products and parenting advice before reaching for books or other offline resources.

In fact, 74% of millennial moms trust sources such as mom blogs and online communities more than brand advertisements when it comes to gathering product information. Because of this, an increasing number of family and baby brands are now working with influencers to market their products. They’re the trusted experts in this industry for many parents. In this four-part series, we’ll explore influencer marketing strategies specifically for family and baby brands.

For more general information on influencer marketing, check out The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing. Ready to learn? 1. It’s no secret that parents scour the internet when it comes to products for their children or their families. The platforms that mommy influencers most commonly use are YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs. 2. 3. Good news! 4. Why? How Brands Can Reach Whole-Family Demographics - Trending Family Blog. Tablets and other portable gadgets have undeniably reshaped the media landscape. Mobile devices have become equally as prevalent as TVs in most U.S. households, according to a report from Common Sense Media. “Second-screen” viewing enables people to consume two kinds of content simultaneously, like watching a movie while playing a game or scrolling through social media. For brands, the current multimedia explosion presents both opportunities and challenges.

On one hand, consumers have more ways than ever to access the content you create, but on the other, it can be tough to find ways to stand out when there’s that much competition for people’s attention. What are some strategies brands should take to create high-quality content that attracts viewers and keeps them coming back? Let’s explore three ways your brand can build reach and influence. 1. Parents have enormous influence over what technology their child has permission to access, as well as what content their child gets exposed to. 3 Ways to Engage Millennial Parents with Branded Content - Trending Family. 1. Create family-friendly YouTube videos. YouTube is quickly becoming America’s most watched media platform. Today’s parents use it as a source of family entertainment. They’re looking for clean, wholesome videos that are entertaining for both themselves and their children. 2. “As a mom, I can tell you, we don’t get much downtime. 3. When it comes to needing advice on anything really, parenting, cooking, style, travel, and just all the other parts of family life, millennial parents are always gonna turn to the internet first for answers and advice.

“On our own videos, the majority of the comments come from other parents who are looking for advice from someone that they can relate to. What methods of engaging millennial parents have you had success with? Les parents influenceurs, sphère de valeur | Com' des Enfants. D’égal à égal : des parents qui parlent aux parents L’arrivée d’un enfant est toujours synonyme de bouleversements au sein d’un foyer. Après la famille et les amis, les jeunes parents se tournent vers les influenceurs parentaux pour trouver des réponses. Pour une mère, quoi de plus rassurant que l’avis d’une autre maman ? Les blogueurs parentaux partagent leur quotidien sur les réseaux sociaux d’une manière authentique qui plaît de plus en plus. Qu’ils soient pères ou mères au foyer, parent célibataire ou familles recomposées, leurs profils sont variés et parlent à tous. Du contenu varié et qualitatif générateur d’influence… et d’affluence !

Les influenceurs parentaux abordent des thématiques variées et se spécialisent même sur certains sujets comme le portage, l’allaitement ou encore la cuisine avec les enfants. Et les marques dans tout ça ? Les influenceurs parentaux les plus connus passent par des agences spécialisées dans la gestion d’influenceurs. Contactez-nous ! Contactez-nous ! Les différents degrés d'influence | Com' des Enfants. Les influenceurs sont aujourd’hui un levier d’activation incontournable pour les marques !

Et chacun est un peu influenceur… à sa manière ! Il existe plusieurs degrés d’influence, et à chaque degré son potentiel marketing, c’est ce qu’ont compris 90% des marques du Top 100 Interbrand (1). Com’ des Enfants décrypte quatre de ces niveaux pour vous. Aujourd’hui, plus de 45% de la population française est active sur les réseaux sociaux (2). Même les brèves consultations ont leur importance ! Par exemple, si un utilisateur aime la publication portant sur votre produit en lancement, celle-ci sera suggérée à son réseau.

Les micro-influenceurs mettent en scène leurs produits coups de cœur et mentionnent les marques pour attirer leur attention et nouer des partenariats, le plus souvent sans contrepartie financière. Résumé paragraphe pour corps newsletter : Le macro-influenceur a une communauté bien installée, et touche des centaines de milliers de personnes. Contactez-nous ! Sources : Sources : YouTube Kids a officiellement son propre site web : Siècle Digital. C’est officiel : le service YouTube Kids dédié aux enfants a son propre site web. En effet, la plateforme de vidéos pour les enfants est désormais totalement indépendante de YouTube. C’est une stratégie qui vient confirmer les différentes actions mises en place par Youtube depuis quelques mois, dans le but d’améliorer l’expérience des enfants et de rassurer les parents.

Un nouveau site web inspiré de l’app YouTube Kids Le site web YouTube Kids n’existe que depuis quelques jours. En plus de cette annonce, YouTube Kids a précisé que son site web propose de nouvelles catégories. Le sécurité est au cœur du projet Depuis plusieurs années, YouTube Kids est un service qui pose de nombreuses questions à Google.

L’application dédiée aux enfants, lancée en France en novembre 2016, propose des fonctionnalités qui permettent aux parents de filtrer les contenus, pour éviter à leurs enfants de regarder n’importe quoi. Les YouTubeurs, plus forts que YouTube Kids | Com' des Enfants. Lancée en 2016, la plateforme YouTube Kids destinée aux enfants propose du contenu adapté à chaque âge, ainsi que de nombreuses fonctionnalités pour les parents inquiets… Mais la concurrence des autres plateformes et la montée en force des Youtubeurs commencée il y a dix ans ont changé le cours de ce succès attendu. Youtube Kids, une application pensée pour les familles L’interface est facile à utiliser, permettant à l’enfant de choisir ce qu’il veut visionner via un simple système d’onglets.

Les programmes sont suggérés selon le profil complété par l’enfant : son âge, ses intérêts, ses activités préférées, etc. Le jeune public y retrouve donc ses programmes favoris comme « Peppa Pig », «The Voice Kids » ou encore « C’est Pas Sorcier ». Ecouter de la musique, apprendre en s’amusant et découvrir le monde loin des nuisances de l’internet « adulte », un beau projet pour développer l’autonomie et l’empowerment de l’enfant ! Concurrence et failles : raisons d’un flop à moyen terme. Vaping industry targets kids, CPO prevention specialist warns.

Juul dominated the e-cigarette industry, prompting the FDA to call teen vaping an “epidemic.” What does vaping do to your body? We explain. Just the FAQs, USA TODAY When Scott Allen sees the marketing strategies used by the e-cigarette industry — the fruity flavors, slick ads and college scholarships — he thinks of the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel. "Everything old is new again," Allen said. "These vape manufacturers are marketing to young people. " Allen, a prevention specialist for Community Partnership of the Ozarks, spoke about e-cigarettes and the dangers for young people at the Addiction and Recovery Summit on Friday at Missouri State University. Allen used the same PowerPoint presentation that he uses when he visits schools. "Our goal in prevention is to get to young people to the age of 25 so their brain is fully matured before they start using substances," he said. Allen said the "sweet spot" to start teaching children about the dangers is when they are in fourth and fifth grade.

More: Digital Parenting Tips for Healthy Technology Habits. How do I keep kids safe on social media? 9 tips that help a lot. We couldn’t create an Ultimate Guide to Digital Parenting without including tips about how to keep your kids safe on social media. After all, for our tweens and teens, the Internet is social media, and they could sooner give up the games, the videos, and even their browsers if only they can keep what keeps them in touch with their friends. Of course it’s not easy considering social media changes by the day, with new apps, new privacy rules (and uh, breeches), new technology that allows our kids to access some some wonderful — and not so wonderful — experiences.

We can’t keep up with all of it. But we can help you set some basic ground rules and alert you to some good general precautions so that whatever technology comes along, our kids will be equipped to make good choices that we can be proud of. 1. Parents tend to think of social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. 2. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to know every app that goes onto your child’s device. The Ultimate Guide to Digital Parenting 2019 From the editors of Cool Mom Tech. Welcome to Cool Mom Tech’s 2019 Ultimate Guide to Digital Parenting! For nearly 9 years, we’ve been answering questions for millions of parents to help us navigate the digital world, and we’re so happy to put lots of them together into one, handy guide.

Our aim is to answer some of the most common questions we get from parents every day, to help you make your own best choices when it comes to your kids, the Internet, social media, digital privacy, and all the other concerns that aren’t going to go away if only we close our eyes and wish real hard. (Been there, tried it, didn’t work.) Whichever stage of tech immersion you and your kids may be experiencing, we truly hope this guide is helpful for you. While Cool Mom Tech is filled with helpful advice about raising kids in a digital world, the articles in our guide are a great place to start.

–What are the best screen time management strategies that work for parents? –How do I know when my child is ready for a smartphone? The Video Marketing Bandwagon: Trends for 2020 - Envision Creative. 4 Trends In Video Creation And Marketing To Watch Out For. People often say that video content is taking over, but the truth is that it already has. Users want to see videos more than any other type of content, and video is projected to take up more than 80% of internet traffic this year alone. Content marketers need to be on top of video trends if they hope to stay competitive.

The industry has begun to take notice of the full power of video, but the platform of video continues to change and evolve. It’s not enough any longer just to use video to market your product; you need to be using video the right way to speak to the right people. If you’re a marketer, you’re probably already using video to some extent — but are you on the cutting edge of the medium? 1. While it may be your first instinct to produce your video content using expensive, professional-grade tools, that kind of financial commitment just isn’t as necessary as it used to be. 2. 3. 4.

Marketers need to always be at the forefront of effective trends. 1. 2. 3. 4. 2020 Video Marketing and Statistics: What Brands Need to Know. By 2022, the number of videos crossing the internet per second will approach 1 million translating into 82 percent of all online traffic. Capitalizing on this trend, Hearst Magazines recently announced it is shopping around more than 80 experiences to advertisers in an effort to tap into additional revenue streams including video series, events, and new award franchises.

In particular, the company gave initial leaks into upcoming projects including a “Future of Beauty” award series from Elle Magazine and experiential events across Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare. Aside from video and experiential, data will be an influential guide as the company looks to better target to its audience. As your brand continues its own preparation around a 2020 video strategy and the ways you can create your own unique experiences, here are a few important statistics to bear in mind: Video usage and consumption There has been a noticeable uptick in video usage over the past three years. Future of Video Marketing | 10 Prediections | Matrix Marketing Group.

Digital Marketing Trends and the Power of Video in 2020. How Video is Transforming Social Media Marketing! Video Marketing Strategy: The Power of Video During the Customer Journey. Adobe lance Aero, son application de création de contenus en réalité augmentée. Get Started with Video Marketing | The Disruptor. Drone Videography: Benefits of Drone Videos for Business in 2018 - My Drone Services. 7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2019. Tencent teste la possibilité d'intégrer des publicités directement dans les films et séries : Siècle Digital.

"Video is the future of marketing." But what video do people actually want to watch? Top 10 Examples of B2B Viral Video Marketing Campaigns [2019 Edition] The Importance of Having an Explainer Video for Your Business. The Beginner’s Guide for Video Marketing on YouTube. How to Leverage YouTube Influencers for Your Brand.

The Beginner's Guide to YouTube Marketing. 17 Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns You'll Actually Enjoy Watching. What Video Marketers Can Learn From 7 Emmy Nominated Commercials. - Connection timed out. Video Marketing Strategy: The Video Content Marketing Formula for Maximum Results. Get Started with Video Marketing | The Disruptor. How to Create a Successful School Video Marketing Strategy for 2019-2020 | SchneiderB Media. 10 Powerful Reasons why You Need to Use Video Marketing.

Why video is the future of content marketing in 2020 - Irish Tech News. How to Increase the ROI of Your Video Content. Why Video Marketing is So Powerful. Top 7 most important tips for video marketing success. 10 Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business. Building customer relationships with strategic video marketing: Expert tips from our latest webinar. 5 Research-Backed Tips for Effective Video Marketing. How Brands are Winning with Video Marketing in 2019. 100+ Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Creating Great Marketing Videos. Top Secrets to Make Your Video Marketing Super Successful | Cktechconnect Blog. Viral Nation | Video Content Marketing Guide: How to Implement Your Strategy - Viral Nation. The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing. Social Shopping: What Is Social Commerce and 3 Retail Examples. Operator says… The 3 Types of Marketing Videos: Where to Host, Post and Get The Most. Sales, Marketing, And Video: Two Departments, One Trump Card. 8 Ways to Develop an Effective Video Marketing Strategy.

10 Branded Cinemagraphs Used in Digital Marketing in 2017 | Flixel Photos. Why Should We Use Cinemagraphs For Digital Marketing? Winning with Stock Cinemagraphs | Flixel Photos. Animation vs. Live Action Videos: Which Is Best for Your Business? Why Every Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy. Top 7 Video Advertising Trends of 2019. Top 7 Video Advertising Trends of 2019. 7 Ways 5G Will Help Advertising Evolve in 2019. What does 5G mean for video advertising? How Brands Can Make the Most of LinkedIn Video in 2019. Video Ads for Facebook: Art and Science to Create Amazing Ads That Sell.

10 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know. Facebook Stories reach 500 million daily users: What it means for your brand. 10 Brands That Are Rocking Instagram video. The best social stories & campaigns from March 2019 – Econsultancy. 2019 Video Marketing Statistics [+Infographic] 16 Video Marketing Statistics to Inform Your 2019 Strategy [Infographic] Criteo Ad Tech Predictions 2020 eBook FR. IAB Video Advertising Spend Report Final 2019. Video marketing statistics to know for 2019. 7 Video Trends and Statistics for Content that Stands Out in 2019.

L'Asie occupe plus de la moitié du marché mondial de la vidéo mobile : Siècle Digital. Video Marketing Statistics: How Brands Use Video Content for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service [Infographic] Video Marketing Statistics for 2020.