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Take Open Courses From Top Universities. The 9 British universities that produce the most CEOs. C0mun1c4t10ns, Wikipedia It takes grit and determination to run a business, not a degree from Oxford University or the London School of Economics.

The 9 British universities that produce the most CEOs, the crowdsourced pay-data website, analysed data from 26,000 former students to find the universities with the highest ratio of graduates to chief executives, chief technology officers, or partners. The company found that the bigger and older UK universities don't produce as many business leaders as most people would think. Emolument found that "alumni from Sheffield, Brunel or Leicester University are less likely to be wooed by big banks or consultancies than their Oxbridge counterparts," the company said. "And therefore more eager launch their own business or joining budding start-ups, thereby climbing through the ranks more quickly and reaching leadership positions in smaller, more nimble structures," Emolument said.

Susi : SUSI. 'University-based teacher training is a damn sight better than it is being credited for' When I was a trainee teacher, I couldn’t wait to leave.

'University-based teacher training is a damn sight better than it is being credited for'

I counted down the terms, months, assignments, hoops until I could finally take the stabilisers off and be in my own classroom. I doubt that you will find many trainees who feel differently. Is this because their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is so excruciatingly poor? If you believe recent criticisms, then that must be the case. But in reality? As a senior lecturer in ITE, I often recall to my students my third-year fantasies of building post-graduation bonfires of my endless files, assignments, readings. Foundation training. Educentar - edukacija - tečajevi, seminari i ostali edukativni programi Studiranje u inozemstvu: Najpovoljnije destinacije. Planirate odlazak u inozemstvo na razmjenu ili nastavak studija, ali još uvijek niste sasvim sigurni kako odlučiti o destinaciji?

Educentar - edukacija - tečajevi, seminari i ostali edukativni programi Studiranje u inozemstvu: Najpovoljnije destinacije

Savršena destinacija trebala bi nuditi odlične studijske programe, kao i zanimljiv i užurban studentski život, a da je istovremeno sve to pristupačno skromnom studentskom budžetu. QS: The world's leading network for top careers and education. Free Courses for Jobseekers. Text Size: A A A Courses.

Free Courses for Jobseekers

January Courses. QS Best Student Cities 2016. How to write a personal statement for a UK university. Kathryn Abell of Edukonexion shares some tips ahead of her talk at the British Education Fair in Madrid taking place on 19-20 October 2015.

How to write a personal statement for a UK university

When applying to a UK university, the discovery that school grades alone are not enough to gain entry onto the programme of your choice can come as an unwelcome surprise. This is especially true for international students, many of whom see the words 'personal statement' for the first time when starting their university application. But far from being a barrier, the personal statement is, in fact, one of the stepping stones to achieving your goal of studying at a UK university.

A personal statement can help you stand out If you have selected your study programme well – that is to say, you have chosen something that you are truly excited about that matches your academic profile – then the personal statement is simply a way to communicate to admissions tutors why you are interested in the programme and what you can bring to it. Find A Masters Degree Worldwide - Postgraduate MSc MA MBA MPhil MRes MBA & LLM Courses. English Language and Applied Linguistics.

What to ask on a university open day. Quiz staff about your course The course should be top of your list of things to explore on university open days and a little preparation can make a big difference.

What to ask on a university open day

But according to Kevin Betts, acting head of undergraduate recruitment at the University of Sussex, most applicants ask questions about things that are already covered in the provided information available. So don’t waste time – get in there with a killer question. It’s your chance to interrogate staff and students, and find out exactly what you will be doing for the next three or four years. Check which modules are compulsory and the options offered for each year of the course because they can change after prospectuses are published. Betts says he has noticed a general lack of preparation by students, which means they do not get the best out of the day. “So try something more searching, such as: ‘All universities offer psychology – so why should I choose Sussex?’

And don’t be afraid to ask to see more. MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching – Distance Learning. Why study Digital Technologies for Language Teaching?

MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching – Distance Learning

Educational technology is an ever growing academic field which recognises the centrality of technology in education and in modern life in general. Digital technologies have revolutionised the ways in which we teach and learn languages by opening a wealth of opportunities to interact with people and resources in the target language. The MA in Digital Technologies for Language Learning brings together theories and practice of language acquisition, educational technology and foreign language teaching. What will you learn? Following an Introduction to Digital Technologies for Language Teaching (core module, code LK4IDT), which will provide you with the necessary background to gain sound insights into the topics of the programme, you will be able to choose four specialist modules from: Join the Psychology Department.

Institute of Education, London Road Campus, University of Reading - Reading (Berkshire) - Enseignement supérieur. Discover the University of Reading - study, live and socialise at one of the top 1% universities in the world – University of Reading. Undergraduate open days. June Open Days: booking now available 98% of visitors last year rated their Open Day experience as "good" or "excellent".

Undergraduate open days

To help you create an experience to suit your needs, we have built a programme with sessions repeating throughout the day giving you the flexibility to get all the information you need whether you arrive first thing or join us a little later. Select from one of the options below to book your place. 100 Under 50 Rankings 2015 results. View the full 100 Under 50 Rankings 2015 results Claim your free copy of the full rankings supplement Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has topped the list of the world’s 100 best universities under 50 years old for the first time, while Australia has overtaken the UK as the nation with the deepest reservoir of young talent.

100 Under 50 Rankings 2015 results

Founded in 1969, EPFL has moved to pole position from second place, where it has been sitting since the first Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 rankings in 2012. Ma in applied linguistics with tesol. CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield - Thessalonique - Enseignement supérieur. University of Nottingham - MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching - Nottingham - Organisme pédagogique, Enseignement supérieur.

MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching: University of Nottingham - League tables.