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How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy. Since this is a first-year class, most of you are new to the university this fall.

How to Be a Better Teacher-Person Through Apathy

It’s very exciting. You have profound personal and intellectual growth ahead of you. I’ve wasted my adult years teaching and writing, activities certified by schools like this one, paid for with government-sponsored debt, and I’m here to guide you. Jane Goodall on how to get people to hear your message. #IMAGEinspires: How To Land A Promotion - Image Magazine. Feel like it’s high time you got an impressive new title in work?

#IMAGEinspires: How To Land A Promotion - Image Magazine

Because you work so hard and welcome both challenges and increased wages? We asked the nominees in the Management Professional category of this year’s IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards for some advice on landing a promotion. What sort of skills should one hone if they want to be taken seriously? What attributes hold people back? Buy tickets to next Monday’s ceremony here. Put in the hard work. Loving People the Way They Need to Be Loved. Author: Joy Smith (Todd’s wife) One of the biggest “little things” we can do to make a difference in every relationship in our lives is to identify the way the people around us need to be loved.

Loving People the Way They Need to Be Loved

When we love people the way they need to be loved, it draws them closer to us and us to them. The premise of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages is that we all have a “love tank” that needs to be filled every day. We all have primary love languages, ways in which we prefer to be loved, or ways that communicate love and affection most effectively. 25 Tips to Staying Married 25 Years. Authors: Todd and Joy Smith, Founders of Little Things Matter Yesterday, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

25 Tips to Staying Married 25 Years

We can’t believe we are old enough to have been married for 25 years. Recognizing the importance of building a successful marriage, we want to share with you our top 25 marriage tips. The following points are not listed in any specific order. How Jayson Gaddis Lives All of Him: On Relationship As a Vehicle for Self-Knowledge. EmailShare 41EmailShare This is part of the Live All of You Interview Series!

How Jayson Gaddis Lives All of Him: On Relationship As a Vehicle for Self-Knowledge

For more on what this is all about, head over to the intro post and make sure to sign up to find out who I’ll be interviewing next. As I mentioned in my last interview with Sara Avant Stover, October is Boulder, Colorado month. The Live All of You interviews featured during this month are all with people who call Boulder home—just like I do. Jayson Gaddis is a breakthrough marriage and relationship teacher for smart, successful people. The 7 Things That Change in Your 30's. I never understood what my older sisters meant when they told me that life changes in your thirties.

The 7 Things That Change in Your 30's

Now, a few years past the three decade mark, I can look back and with a relieved satisfaction, that yes, life does change and for the better for that matter. Here are some of the significant shifts and changes that I’ve experienced in my thirties: I stop feeling the need to prove yourself. In my twenties, I felt a pressure to be liked by everyone.

I wanted to prove to the world that I was smart, successful and popular. 10 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Badass Women You Can't Afford to Ignore  Have you ever listened to someone speak, and the truth in their message shook you to your core?

10 Mind-Blowing Lessons from Badass Women You Can't Afford to Ignore 

It's a rare moment, but you can probably recall someone you watched live, listened to on the radio or on a podcast, or saw on television that challenged your way of thinking. 55 Covers of Vintage Philosophy, Psychology & Science Books Come to Life in a Short Animation. We all know that toys come alive at night, but what about mid-century vintage paperback covers, such as you might find in the psychology or philosophy sections of a dimly-lit used bookstore?

55 Covers of Vintage Philosophy, Psychology & Science Books Come to Life in a Short Animation

Watching 55 minimalist covers from graphic and motion designer Henning M. Lederer’s 2200 title-strong collection begin to spin, drift, and seethe in the short animation above, I got the impression that they were the ones dictating the terms. Or perhaps Lederer is the vessel through which the intentions of the original designers—Rudolph de Harak and John + Mary Condon to name a few—flow. LaChance Adams: Philosophy should make the world better - Oct 27, 2015 - Social Inquiry Department - UW-Superior News and Events. Some philosophers seem happy to sit in an ivory tower and muse about abstract concepts.

LaChance Adams: Philosophy should make the world better - Oct 27, 2015 - Social Inquiry Department - UW-Superior News and Events

Sarah LaChance Adams, an assistant professor at UW-Superior, thinks philosophy should wrestle with real-world problems for real people. "I think philosophy is for everybody," says LaChance Adams. "It has to be, otherwise we're just talking to ourselves, and that's not acceptable to me, not when we have a world that needs our help. " Her new book, "Mad Mothers, Bad Mothers, and What a 'Good' Mother Would Do," was published by Columbia University Press this spring. It explores the reality that exists between the cultural stereotypes of the mentally ill ("mad") and evil ("bad") mothers who commit heinous crimes on the one hand, and the romanticized image of the virtuous supermom on the other. Five Reasons not to Teach English abroad. As a recruiter, teacher, trainer and traveler, I come across heaps of individuals interested in teaching English abroad.

Five Reasons not to Teach English abroad

These fresh out of college kids to working professionals in their 30’s and 40’s yearning for a change of pace in their lives. In any case, anybody who decides to teach English abroad probably has a hankering for adventure, enlightenment and travel. It is quite an appealing concept to venture off to some foreign land while getting paid to do so. Of course, nobody is getting rich teaching English, but there are a few countries where a sound individual can save a modest amount of money and still have a great time. Some people only teach abroad for one year, while others stay for three, four or maybe twenty. Cultural Mining.

Views: 635 Cultural mining describes the process by which the most valuable parts of culture – by which we mean the arts, humanities and philosophy – are recovered and made useful for our own times. In cultural mining, the refined and practical essence of culture is carefully extracted, cleaned, blasted and remoulded – and then used to manufacture the utensils and mental resources that will help us navigate contemporary life; work, relationships, family, self-knowledge and so on. It’s been a historic problem of major proportions that hugely valuable Cultural Insights have often been lodged within highly unappealing material far below ‘ground’. It has been dark and cramped in the corridors of culture and hardly anyone other than certain accredited experts have been tempted or allowed to visit. Stuart Russell on Why Moral Philosophy Will Be Big Business in Tech. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, California leads the world with big ideas.

On Monday we launched “Big Think,” a new series focusing on a few of them. Our first Big Think comes from Stuart Russell. He’s a computer science professor at UC Berkeley and a world-renowned expert in artificial intelligence. His Big Think? “In the future, moral philosophy will be a key industry sector,” says Russell. Zašto ti ne vjerujem. Utopias, past and present: why Thomas More remains astonishingly radical. Thomas More’s Utopia, a book that will be 500 years old next year, is astonishingly radical stuff. Not many lord chancellors of England have denounced private property, advocated a form of communism and described the current social order as a “conspiracy of the rich”.

Such men, the book announces, are “greedy, unscrupulous and useless”. There are a great number of noblemen, More complains, who live like drones on the labour of others. Tenants are evicted so that “one insatiable glutton and accursed plague of his native land” may consolidate his fields. Business Psychology. To compete today, a business has to be psychologically healthy, which means: free of in-fightingcommunicating optimallyequipped with an energising sense of purposeled by a management team with an acute grasp of themselves, their own motivations and the deeper functioning of their employees.

None of this is easy. Understanding (and Refuting) the Arguments for God. Ljubav se mora živeti. It's OK To Spend All Your Money On Traveling, Says Science  Stvari koje se o braku - ne govore. Stop Trying Too Hard to Be Cool. This Is How You Develop an Unstifled Personality – Brad Branson Interview. How well do you know Karl Marx? [quiz] This October, the OUP Philosophy team has chosen Karl Marx as their Philosopher of the Month. Žene u Egiptu neće moći glasovati ako nose nikab. SC 21 - 3 Types Of Fights — Uk.businessinsider. YouTube/Toastmasters. 8 Morning Rituals of the Most Successful People.

How Do We Know What We Want: Milan Kundera on the Central Ambivalences of Life and Love. Keep losing arguments? A psychologist explains why emotions are more persuasive than logic. The natural world can bring such solace: Sir David Attenborough reveals why he feels so lucky and how nature has brought him comfort after the loss of his beloved brother. People are violent because their morality demands it – Tage Rai. On Using Sex to Sell. 22 Timeless Life Lessons from Aristotle. How to invest in babies. The logic of Buddhist philosophy – Graham Priest. Vrijednosti nasuprot osobinama. Why It’s Imperative to Teach Empathy to Boys. Forbes Welcome. Big Think - Why emotional intelligence is more important... Bertrand Russell Interview Face to Face BBC, 1959. Bertrand Russell Interview Face to Face BBC, 1959. 5 Things That Surfing in Nicaragua Has Taught Me About Life.

A Call for Change - We Day. The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders. 157. AMY POEHLER: Great people do things before they’re ready. Učitelji savjetuju: Kako djecu naučiti da uče u sedam koraka. Larry Ferlazzo: Why I became a teacher. Conscious Unsingle-ing. Some Emotions Are Better for Creativity than Others. Podsvjesno funkcioniranje u ljubavnim odnosima - Tomislav Kuljiš u emisiji Na rubu znanosti. 7 Taylor Swift Quotes That Will Make You Work Your Ass Off. 7 Taylor Swift Quotes That Will Make You Work Your Ass Off. Don't Call Kids 'Smart' Consumer Education: On Learning How to Spend. How TV makes us think about our jobs – Bruce Robbins.

Vedska astrologija-jyotish. 10 Psychological Studies That Will Boost Your Social Life. MILAN KUNDERA: Plaši me svijet koji je izgubio smisao za humor - Impuls. Alain de Botton: Education is what makes us fully human. Trčanjem do sretnijeg društva - H-Alter - Udruga za medijsku kulturu. TEDxBlue - Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. - 10/18/09. Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history.

Huffingtonpost. How to Master Your Habits in 6 Powerful Steps. Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now. Teaching Is a Spiritual Endeavor. The Nature of Change. Why People Have Affairs: Distance and Closeness. Friendship and Vulnerability. How To Make Money - The Startup Way [Infographic]

The Couple Courtroom Game. What they Don't Tell You about Finding Yourself. 10 Things Authentic People Do Differently. Why work? A psychologist explains the deeper meaning of your daily grind. 6 Lessons Learned at Burning Man. How to Be a Good Teacher. People Decide These 8 Things About You in Just Seconds. Uk.businessinsider. How to Break Hearts and Risk Losing Everything. Romance Is Like Alcohol. The Secret of Good Humanities Teaching - Advice. 6 Lessons Learned at Burning Man. John Cage on Human Nature, Constructive Anarchy, and How Silence Helps Us Enlarge Each Other’s Goodness. How It Feels To Be An Atheist In A Highly Religious Society. How David Hume Helped Me Solve My Midlife Crisis. Navigating the Road Map we are Born With. Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Something New. Zašto Srbija nije kao Austrija, a mogla bi? - Can you match the quote to the philosopher? Part II [quiz] Cows Eat Grass. The Ricky Gervais Guide To... Philosophy.

Znate li se nositi s VERBALNIM UBOJICAMA? ZEN PENCILS » 118. ROGER EBERT: On kindness. Koliko poznajte svoje dijete? I have one of the best jobs in academia. Here's why I'm walking away. Uk.businessinsider. Don't Overestimate the World and Underestimate Yourself. You Are Better than You Think. And You Are Not Alone. Businessinsider. Komunizam smo nadživjeli, ali ne i preživjeli. 3 Things School Taught You Without You Even Realizing It. 17 Comics That Capture The Struggle Between Your Heart And Head.