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Harvard Studied People For 75 Years & Found That Happiness Comes From One Thing... Fitnes kao mentalni izazov (Dalibor Petrinić)- Za izlazak iz zone komfora potrebna je hrabrost | BG online. Transdisciplinarity: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box. Several years ago when I was teaching eighth-grade Latin American history, we were engaged in a unit on the Mayan civilization. During a discussion one day, a student asked, "Is this the same Mayan civilization that we are learning about in Spanish class?

" Her comment made me stop in my tracks. I replied, "Yes, it is the same civilization. " After class, I made a beeline to her Spanish teacher to learn about how she was teaching her unit on the Mayans. We both chuckled when we realized that we were teaching the same topic at the same time. From that point on, we made a concerted effort to coordinate and integrate our teaching.

Transdisciplinarity Integrated learning is the most rudimentary level of collaboration across disciplines. However, one of the key competencies for the 21st century is to position students with the skills and habits of mind to be transdisciplinary thinkers. They go on to describe "the ideal worker" of the next decade as being "T-shaped": 1. 2. 3. 4.

Europe shouldn’t worry about migrants. It should worry about creeping fascism. There is an urban legend about boiling frogs, and it goes like this. If you put a frog in a pan of cold water and slowly, slowly turn up the heat, the frog will sit there quite calmly until it boils to death. Creeping cultural change is like that. It’s hard to spot when you’re living inside it. You can stay very still while the mood of a society becomes harder and meaner and uglier by stages, telling yourself that everything is going to be fine as all around you, the water begins to bubble. This week I had coffee with a friend who has also just come back from a year away – teaching in Spain for her, studying in America for me. “Is it me,” said my friend, “Or is it just...okay to say things that are violently racist now? No, it hasn’t always been okay, and in fact it’s still not okay – but it is a normal part of the public conversation, in a way it wasn’t, even a year ago.

By the time we touched down I realised how badly all of us were fooled in May. The 200-year-old painting that puts Europe's fear of migrants to shame | Art and design. Nearly 200 years ago, Théodore Géricault painted a masterpiece of pity that puts modern Europe to shame. And now I have to ask: why can’t we modern Europeans show the same compassion and humanity that made our forebears flock to see this protest against callous indifference to people abandoned at sea? The Medusa was a French navy ship that got into trouble off west Africa in 1816. About 147 people were put off the ship on an open raft, in a heartless decision that contemporaries blamed on the recently restored French monarchy. They were cast helplessly adrift at sea, just as so many migrants making the perilous attempt to cross to Europe have in our time been cruelly left to drift in unseaworthy craft by unscrupulous people traffickers.

Only 15 people survived the raft of the Medusa. Géricault’s painting depicts a tragedy in the Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean – otherwise, the parallels with today’s migrants are terrifying. Why is America so different? How to Help Kids Find Their Aspirations. Aspiration is often associated with a whimsical sense of dreaming about the future. The Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations, an independent non-profit organization, defines aspiration as the ability to set goals for the future while maintaining the inspiration in the present to reach those goals. When a student has dreams for the future and is actively working towards them, she’s in the “aspirational zone.” And in that state, student achievement increases. A lot of kids have big dreams about what they want to do as adults — whether that’s become a professional athlete or a teacher — but no idea of what it takes to get there. Dreaming about the future is important, but without a plan, it often ends with just that — a dream.

“There is such a disconnect between the kids dreaming and the kids doing,” said Russ Quaglia, president and founder of the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations in an edWeb webinar. [RELATED READING: Six Ways to Motivate Students to Learn] The Festival of Curiosity » Dublin's International Festival of Science, Art & Curious Technology. July 23 -26, 2015The Festival of Curiosity » Dublin's International Festival of Science, Art & Curious Technology. July 23 -26, 2015.

Mir samome sebi možeš stvoriti samo ti – Alternativa Informacije. Emerson je spoznao da unutarnji mir ne ovisi o tome gdje živite, pa čak ni o tome s kime ste. Istinski je mir nešto što nosite sa sobom bez obzira na vanjske okolnosti. Premda možda putuje na vrlo udaljena mjesta, čovjek zapravo uvijek putuje u društvu vlastite savjesti i sa sobom se vraća kući. Nikako ne možemo pobjeći svojem unutarnjem biću.

Ako smo opterećeni nekim problemom, nosimo ga sa sobom kamo god idemo. Ako ste sami u miru, tada na svijetu ima barem nešto mira.tada taj svoj mir podijelite sa svima i svi će imati mir.Thomsa Mereton Jedan od načina ostvarivanja uspješnosti na ovome svijetu jest posvetiti se onome što nam je činiti uza spokojnu svijest. Ne postoji put ka miru, mir je put.A. “Mir nam dolazi posredstvom ljubavi, razumijevanja drugih ljudi, prihvacanjem i otpuštanjem, dodirom sa samim sobom i stvarnošću. Kad i sami otkrijete taj unutarnji svijet, s vremenom ćete uvidjeti da je to jedini stvarni mir koji je uopće moguće postići.

Izvor: 12 Iconic Jack Kerouac Quotes. “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” Jack Kerouac is, in my opinion, the most iconic and inspirational writer of all time. His ideology aligns almost perfectly with mine, with his leaning towards the traditions of Buddhism, his outside the box thinking, his wanderlust, his rebellion, his free thinking, his fascination with observing people and society, and his often idealistic views on how he perceived the world around him. Kerouac continues to influence and greatly inspire generations today, despite his death being over 45 years ago. The following are a few of his quotes that have affected me deeply and also the ones that I most strongly resonate with.

I can almost touch the passion he felt for life through reading his words: “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” “I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop. “Happy. Relephant: Author: Alex Myles. Elephant Radio. Save Money & Avoid Toxins: 72 Uses For Common Natural Products. Ditch store bought products and make your own with this handy infographic. You might be surprised at just how versatile everyday natural products can be… Lemon Juice: Great for detox, digestion, sore throats, immunity, whitens clothes, cleans glass, highlights hair, can reduce wrinkles, skinks pores and can disinfect!

Coconut Oil: Can polish wood, used as wd-40, lip gloss, deodorant, prevents wrinkles, improves thyroid function and can reduce migraines, just to mention a few. Apple Cider Vinegar: Repels fleas, deodorizes laundry, can soothe a sunburn, washes hair, treats acne, great for detox, can help control blood pressure, can cure yeast infections, prevent colds and much much more! White Vinegar: Can polish silver, clean windows, unclog drains, cure an upset stomach, soothe a bee sting, used as a natural conditioner etc… Baking Soda: Puts out fires, helpful for cleaning toilets or ovens, can be used in deodorants and toothpaste, heals diaper rash, treats heartburn just to name a few.

Why This PETA Employee Loved Working at McDonald's | Vegan Food | Living | PETA. My first job was at McDonald’s, flipping burgers, assembling fish sandwiches, and deep-frying Chicken McNuggets. I work for PETA now, and I’ve told my friends and family about our McCruelty campaign. I now hate McDonald’s, but back then, I loved working at the “Golden Arches”—here’s why: I loved the food. However, at age 16, I only thought about WHAT I was eating, not WHO. Although I considered myself an animal lover, I prepared chicken nuggets without ever thinking about chickens as individuals with thoughts and feelings.

I didn’t know that cows have long-term memories and complex problem-solving skills or that these gentle animals lick one another as a sign of affection and mourn when they lose a loved one. I loved cooking and preparing sandwiches. But back then, I had never heard of factory farming. I looked forward to getting free food every time I went to work. I just never thought about hens on egg farms or the other animals who suffered for my meals. I loved the beat-the-clock work. Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance. Photo MOSCOW — TWO years ago today, three journalists and I worked nervously in a Hong Kong hotel room, waiting to see how the world would react to the revelation that the National Security Agency had been making records of nearly every phone call in the United States.

In the days that followed, those journalists and others published documents revealing that democratic governments had been monitoring the private activities of ordinary citizens who had done nothing wrong. Within days, the United States government responded by bringing charges against me under World War I-era espionage laws. The journalists were advised by lawyers that they risked arrest or subpoena if they returned to the United States. Politicians raced to condemn our efforts as un-American, even treasonous. Privately, there were moments when I worried that we might have put our privileged lives at risk for nothing — that the public would react with indifference, or practiced cynicism, to the revelations. MaestroConference Registration.

Register For: Have stress or anxiety related to your animal rights, environmental, racial justice, or other activism resulted in such severe impacts on your emotional or physical health that you have wondered whether you needed to walk away from your activist work, at least temporarily? If so, you might be like the 50 to 60% of activists who have experienced activist burnout—a condition some people have argued is the most formidable barrier to the success of social justice movements.

This Sustainable Activism Teleseminar will address the most common causes, symptoms, and consequences of burnout, both to individual activists and to the movements in which they participate. Participants will receive strategies for self-care and community-care—strategies that can bolster our effectiveness as activists and help sustain our movements for social justice. This teleseminar is part of IDA’s Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual support for animal activists.

Instructors: Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” I once had a disturbed young man come to a meditation class I was teaching in Edinburgh. As we’d gathered and during the meditation instruction I’d noticed that he was unusually intense and that he had noticeably poor personal hygiene, but in most ways he seemed like a fairly typical young man. In the discussion following, however, his conversation started to veer off into more bizarre areas.

He’d had “cosmic” experiences during the meditation session — experiences whose details I no longer recall but which sounded very off-balance. His girlfriend was apparently an Iranian princess. He was being shadowed by various security forces. He was obviously ill and suffering, and I experienced that pang of knowing that there was little or nothing I could do to help. “Worldling” is a translation of “putthujana,” which is simply anyone who isn’t enlightened. What’s more, we largely share the same delusions, which means that we don’t even realize that our minds are disturbed.

Paul C. Gorski : Home. Filozofski Teatar. Robert Marinković. What kind of teacher are you? - Life Skills Quiz. Jeste li stara duša? Evo po čemu možete prepoznati – Alternativa Informacije. Među nama su posebni ljudi, neki su otvoreni, a neki povučeni. Oni jednim pogledom govore više nego riječima. Za njih kažemo, da imaju staru dušu. Jeste li možda i vi jedni od njih? Ako se vaš pogled na život razlikuje od pogleda većine ljudi, ne brinu vas uspjesi, postignuća i materijalne dobrine, vi ste zrelija osoba.

Mudriji nego drugi, sigurno ste uvijek spremni podijeliti savjet, mnogo ste samostalniji, slijedite sebe a ne druge, u tom primjeru spadate u ljude koji imaju stariju dušu. Da bi bili potpuno sigurni u to, pročitajte devet osobina i karakteristika koje imaju ljudi sa starom dušom. Ako se prepoznate u ovim karakteristikama, ili uočite da ih posjeduje neko iz vašeg kruga ljudi, budite sigurni da ste nositelj stare iskusne duše. 1. Stare duše, koje su u svojim predhodnim životima doživjele ili iskusile puno toga, nisu zainteresirane za interese i podvige svojih vršnjaka, zato nemaju prisnih prijateljskih kontakata. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Stare duše puno razmišljaju, o svemu i svačemu. Bilingual children are likely to be more empathetic, better communicators. Children who are exposed to other languages are more likely to interpret what other people really mean when they speak to them, a new study suggests. Psychologists from the University of Chicago found that not only those who were fluent in another language but those that were merely “exposed” to one in early life showed better understanding of others. The researchers, publishing their findings in Psychological Science, tested the theory by asking different sets of children - bilingual, exposed and monolingual - to move an object from an adult’s eyeline. In the test, there were three toy cars - a large, medium and small one - with the smallest being clearly hidden from the adult. When the adult said to the child “I see a small car” and asked them to move it, 75 per cent of the bilingual or exposed groups moved the medium car - the smallest the adult could see - compared to just half of the monolingual group.

University of Chicago researchers. RWL. Educational Leadership:Giving Students Ownership of Learning:It's All About Relationships. Twentieth-century education policy was all about getting more students into better schools for longer periods of their lives—and ensuring high-quality teaching. Many people suggest that 21st-century education policy should be about pupils accessing learning through the Internet and other technologies rather than in school settings. I think the future should be about neither, at least not primarily. The key issue for this century is whether schools can provide more children with relationships that support learning.

What tools, policies, and institutions we use to achieve that goal is secondary. If we want to design schools that promote student ownership of learning, one underlying principle must come to the fore: Relationships are essential for learning. Learning is best done with people, not for them. Learning also happens between teacher and pupil as they share ideas and knowledge.

Innovative Approaches to Relationship Building Build Participation Offer Recognition Instill Motivation Endnote. Cultivating the Habits of Self-Knowledge and Reflection. Once it’s begun, you can’t fully separate the person from the task. When the artist is painting, the painter and the act of painting become a single "thing. " The emerging artwork becomes a part of it all, too. As a teacher, your "self" is embedded within your teaching -- which is how it goes from a job to a craft. The learning results are yours. The same goes for students as well. The Insecurity of Student Performance But this also presents some problems. Did you do your best on your homework? In other words, it's all very personal. The Habits of Insecure Students So it makes sense that students' self-defense mechanisms kick in when they're challenged. Lack of apparent curiosity Apathy Refusal to take risks Decreased creativity Defeated tones Scrambles for shortcuts It just might be that these are all symptoms rather than causes -- that is, symptoms of not wanting to make mistakes, to fail, to be corrected, or to be thought less of by peers. 4 Questions for Self-Knowledge and Reflection.

13 qualities Google looks for in job candidates. Learning: It’s All About the Connections. 8 Strategies To Help Students Ask Great Questions. Mindful Advice for First Dates. 30 stvari koje niste znali, a popravit će Vam dan. Ozbiljno. – Alternativa Informacije. The Learning Revolution. How to Love a Narcissistic Smartphone-addled Trustafarian Immature Childwoman. Out Of The Classroom And Into The Woods : NPR Ed.

The Question Game: A Playful Way To Teach Critical Thinking. Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand - Are You A Whole Teacher? A Self-Assessment To Understand - Next Time Someone Mocks Teachers For Making Less Money, Show Them This. The Right Question Resources. Kada sam zaista počeo voljeti sebe. This Will Revolutionize Education. TeachThought. Changing What We Teach. How To Kill Learner Curiosity In 12 Easy Steps. Grant Wiggins, Champion Of Understanding.

`7 Tips For Getting Started With Mindfulness In The Classroom. How Mindfulness Changes Your Life - Left Brain Buddha. Schools Rethink Health Class, Incorporate Mindfulness Training.