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Teaching Tips: A combination of theory and practice. Catch up with Penny Ur, author of Penny Ur’s 100 Teaching Tips, in this week’s webinar recording, where she discussed the relationship between tips (practice) and theory.

Teaching Tips: A combination of theory and practice

What is the relationship between practice and theory in language teaching? Hugh Dellar Discusses The Lexical Approach. As part of our series on The Lexical Approach to English language teaching, Ger Counihan is in conversation with Hugh Dellar from Lexical Lab on the background and practical applications of this approach.

Hugh Dellar Discusses The Lexical Approach

The Daily Ptefldactyl: No, I'm not a 'proficient English language speaker' How we work now (How we teach now) I’ve just read a piece on the Guardian website styling itself as ‘secret office diaries’.

How we work now (How we teach now)

A few of the comments, as you’d expect maybe, were taking pops at these alleged office diarists and how much actual work they seemed (not) to do. Obviously the whole thing is anonymous, and there are others in the comment section identifying with the trials and travails of these project managers, editors, charity workers and others – but it made me think back to what used to happen when I was teaching ESOL in an FE college. Here’s what my diary might have looked like – stop me if any of this sounds familiar… 7.30am I catch the bus to work. Although I don’t actually start teaching until 9.30, it’s always a good idea to be in the staffroom nice and early to deal with any last-minute changes. 8.30am At work now, I’m in front of the computer.

Unit 7: Responding to writing. Teaching EAP: A Professional Challenge. Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) can bring a lot of challenges for both teacher and students.

Teaching EAP: A Professional Challenge

Here Fatih Yücel discusses some of the issues. Have you ever taught an EAP course? Academic English: How Is It Different? - An interview with Martin Hewings. 70 Practical Things Every Teacher Should Know. Dear David: Here Are 70 Practical Things Every Teacher Should Know by Terry Heick Recently I found out that my best friend is in school to become a teacher.

70 Practical Things Every Teacher Should Know

David (I call him Gravy. Or Big Bear. Long story.) kept this one quiet–had no idea until he was already in school and taking classes. This is a second (or third) career for him having spent most of his life doing craftsmanship of various kinds. In response, I created a list of random things teachers have to know in order to survive. So, to the list. There are 70. Hope this helps, Gravy. Language Teaching Professionals. Welcome to our new blog on LTP.

Language Teaching Professionals

I am THE EDGE – aka, Ian Simpson – “performance hacker”. I am really pleased to be working with LTP and David Paul who continue to make a massive contribution to our community. Who am I ? – I won’t bore you with the full resume. I am from the UK. Currently, I am Owner / CEO of Queens Education Co. Overcoming the challenges of teaching low-level adult learners. Teaching adult beginners can be a real challenge.

Overcoming the challenges of teaching low-level adult learners

After all, ‘beginner’ is a loose term. Students who are placed in A1 level could be ‘true’ beginners, with little knowledge of English beyond ‘hello’, or they could be ‘false’ beginners, with some passive knowledge of the language, perhaps having studied English at a young age. The objective for the teacher, then, is to get a good idea of the range of aptitudes in their class as soon as possible.

A useful way to do this is by using images or video to elicit language, particularly those that show a lot of objects or actions. The image above, for example, could be used to elicit weather vocab, furniture, family, colours and numbers. Using lots of different visual media is also great for student motivation. Learner Autonomy. Janet Hardy-Gould, a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, discusses how to encourage learner autonomy in the higher education classroom.

Learner Autonomy

Learner autonomy is when students take control and responsibility for their own learning, both in terms of what they learn and how they learn it. It takes as its starting point the idea that students are capable of self-direction and are able to develop an independent, proactive approach to their studies. In the field of higher education, learner autonomy is particularly important. Students may have limited classroom contact time for learning English but they may need to rapidly increase their knowledge and skills. It is therefore important for them to become self-reliant language learners who can continue learning efficiently outside the classroom. At the heart of autonomous learning is the student’s perception of their own role as a learner. Negative attitudes to professional development. In the 6 years I’ve been teaching I’ve encountered a lot of negative attitudes towards professional development.

Negative attitudes to professional development

Sure, at times I’ve been negative or cynical too – no-one’s perfect! It’s just that over the last few years I’ve really come to value the opportunities I get to develop my practice. Speech Therapy. Going into college: Speech therapy options. A query came this column's way relating to opportunities to study speech therapy in Ireland.

Going into college: Speech therapy options

Although there are now three undergraduate speech-therapy courses in CAO colleges, Trinity College, Dublin, NUI Galway, and UCC, the demand for such courses is high, and consequently points are high as well, so each CAO-offer season sees many disappointed applicants. So is there any other way of becoming a speech therapist in Ireland except by doing an undergraduate course? The answer is that there are increasing opportunities to do so, whether in Ireland or Britain. Speech and language therapy undergraduate limerick university. Speech Therapy.

Speech and Language Therapy. l8. Untitled. Budgeting as a UCC student is all about making "sensible sacrifices" regarding what you spend your money on. And trying to balance your income with your expenditure. In other words, what's going out of your pocket shouldn't be more than what is going in. The Budgetary Advisor will help you as a UCC student manage your money by: Providing "one to one" advice and guidance on managing your money.Delivering workshops on budgeting for students, where information and practical advice will be available to you.Assisting students in the completion of your grant, scholarship and Student Assistance Fund applications.Liaising with UCC student support services, such as Fees, Counselling and SAF, on your behalf.Liaising with external agencies, such as MABS, Department of Social Welfare and Protection, Local Authorities and St. Vincent de Paul, on your behalf. Health Service Skills with Speech and Language Therapy Assistant Theory & Practice - Portobello Institute.

Apply Now This Health Service Skills Certificate with an emphasis on Speech and Language Therapy provides training for Care Assistants and Speech Therapy assistants and equips them with the skills and knowledge to care for clients in a safe and hygienic environment. Speech and Language Therapy - NUI Galway. Course Overview Speech and language therapists enable people with communication disorders and swallowing disorders to achieve their maximum potential. They are involved in assessing their clients’ communication and swallowing difficulties, and developing treatment programmes to meet their needs.

They work closely with other members of the team, such as nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, teachers, etc, and work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, primary care health centres and schools. All Courses. Untitled. Leaving Certificate entry requirements: 2016: HC3 in two subjects, and passes in four other subjects at H or O level from Irish, English, Maths, another language, one laboratory science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics with Chemistry (joint) or Agricultural Science) and one other subjects recognised for entry purposes. All Courses. Sue Palmer. 23 March 2012. What Children Need For Healthy Development On The Fingers Of One Hand.

The world may have changed beyond recognition in the last three decades, but children haven’t changed at all. For healthy development, they still need the same basic ingredients that have helped lucky children through the ages grow up bright, balanced and fit to face the challenges of adult life. M.Phil. in Applied Linguistics - Taught Courses - Postgraduate : School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences :Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland. Sue Palmer. Sue Palmer. Onefortywords. Archive for Connections. About Chia Suan Chong. Politeness and Pragmatics in NNS interactions by Chia Suan Chong « IH Journal. Chia Suan Chong: A trip down the memory lane of methodology. Chia Suan Chong (@chiasuan)

Sign in or Register. ELT Ireland - Resources. Chia suan chong. Chia Suan Chong: Politeness, Pragmatics and her Journey in ELF. The Teacher’s Voice – the TDSIG PCE at IATEFL 2016. The Teacher Development SIG Pre-Conference Event for IATEFL 2016 is The Teacher’s Voice. On 12 April we invite you to join us for a series of talks and Open Space discussion to celebrate the teacher’s voice.

We’re delighted to be joined for the day by Marek Kiczkowiak, Suzanne Antonaros and Pilar Aramayo Prudencio, who will each deliver a short talk and then help us to facilitate whatever discussion ensures. Negative attitudes to professional development. 10 Things to Prepare Before Attending a Conference. DIY Professional Development: Resource Roundup. Ten books every teacher should read. How Music and Language Shape the Brain. IATEFL Teacher Development SIG newsletter - IATEFL TDSIG newsletter issue 73 digital edition. Webinar "Inspiring Environmental Responsibility in the Young Learner Classroom" - Registration. Webinar "Inspiring Environmental Responsibility in the Young Learner Classroom" - Inscription. 'We are entering educational death row. Human bodies cannot sustain the impact of teaching in its current form' Continued Professional Development (with image, tweets) · ELTIreland. Learning Technologies for the Classroom.

12 Learning Sites to Help You Level Up and Get Ahead in Your Career. 10 Signs You Have Exceptional Mental Strength. 10 Signs You Have Exceptional Mental Strength. Why learning as an adult can increase life satisfaction. What type of teacher are you? Understanding IELTS - British Council. Advanced Course with Luke Meddings. SIG event information. Programme. How to teach IELTS. 10 useful websites for ELT.

Free Books. IELTS Trainer – Six Practice Tests with Answers. Foreign-language_1125.pdf. Teacher-researchers in Action - IATEFL Research SIG. How to Conduct a Simple Training Needs Assessment. Do you understand? – Effective ways of concept checking by Marek Kiczkowiak. 26 digital typography rules for beginners — Design in the digital age. Professional Practices for English Language Teaching - British Council. Webinars. Webinars. Seven tools for truly effective training courses by Christina Rebuffet-Broadus. Advanced Course with Stephen Krashen. Webinars. Advanced Course with Jason R. Levine. Professional Practices for English Language Teaching - British Council.