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Mindomo - Log in. Piktochart Infographics Gallery. Login Sign Up Over 600 Templates To Make Information Beautiful A library of professionally designed templates, all with amazing visual appeal and comprehensive layouts.

Piktochart Infographics Gallery

Get Started View Preview Infographics Create long-form infographics that draw more page views to your blog or website, and watch traffic skyrocket. View 200 more Get Started View Preview Presentation Delight and blow your prospects away with visually-enticing infographics, which can be presented on slideshows with our Presentation Mode. View 200 more Get Started View Preview Printables Enhance your posters and reports and spread information at a glance. Show All Scroll. TICE. DaFont - Polices à télécharger.

Collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping and outlining. Storybird Studio – literacy and writing tools for teachers, librarians, educators and classrooms. Professional artwork jumpstarts student creativity, quickly drawing them into the writing process and scaffolding their progress.

Storybird Studio – literacy and writing tools for teachers, librarians, educators and classrooms

Simple tools keeps them on track; social feedback keeps them going. Onboard students with or without email, issue challenges, review and share work, and build a beautiful class library. All in a private setting that collects NO data from you or your students. Storybird is free for educators. In fact, we pay you. “Storybird can be used by all ages, for all different subjects... Shannon Miller K-12 District Teacher Librarian at Van Meter Community School. “Users can choose artwork from a specific artist and then add text to create a storybook... Larry Ferlazzo Teacher, author, blogger. “I think I love Storybird just as much as my students enjoy using it. Erin Klein Blogger: “I can’t think of a better way to encourage literary exploration, artsy fun and new media skills to inspire a whole new flock of creative storytellers” Amy Jussel. Quizalize.

Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes. Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. BookTube, une nouvelle façon de parler livre – Monde du Livre. Résumé : Avez-vous déjà entendu parler de BookTube ?

BookTube, une nouvelle façon de parler livre – Monde du Livre

Ce néologisme est la contraction de deux mots anglais : book, soit livre et YouTube, la plate-forme américaine de vidéo en ligne. Les chroniques littéraires existent sur YouTube depuis le lancement de la plateforme en 2005, mais il faut attendre 2009 pour que la tendance prenne de l’ampleur aux États-Unis. Aujourd’hui le phénomène est mondial, les communautés anglophones et hispanophones – notamment en Espagne et Argentine – sont les plus importantes.Le principe ? Des lecteurs – booktubeurs – publient des vidéos en ligne sur leur chaîne pour parler de leurs lectures, partager leurs découvertes et coups de cœur.

Ils se filment la plupart du temps dans leur chambre ou devant des étagères pleines de livres et proposent des critiques décalées et personnelles, en monologue face caméra. Abstract : Have you heard of BookTube? Il y en a pour tous les goûts. Une des caractéristiques de la tendance est l’hyper-connectivité des acteurs. Reading Strategies for Social Studies. LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks. English news and easy articles for students of English. English Listening Lesson Libary Online. Animate Your Life.

EasyPrompter - The free, web-based, plugin-free, browser independent, online and offline teleprompter and auto-cue software. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. Essay Map. Essay Map. Make Your Images Interactive. Tagul - Word Cloud Art. Log In. Simple mind mapping online. Simple mind mapping online. Sign up for Padlet. Online voice recorder. Plickers. Spell Up.

Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! Storybird - Artful Storytelling.