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Topic A. National Post- Does paying students for good grades. Should students get paid to go to school? Of course not This is an asinine idea, and it had to come from the students themselves.

Should students get paid to go to school?

Going to school is not a job, and rather than students being paid to go, their parents should actually pay more so as to give teachers a better paycheck, which they deserve. School is an attempt to improve the student's life, and should not pay them any more than mechanics training programs pay a mechanic student. Just get to school and get a grip! When I was younger, not that I am ancient, there didn't seem to be a choice, my parents would of made sure that I attended or wo betide. Topic B. Debate Topic: Cameras in classrooms.

Pro So how would I prove these experiences?

Debate Topic: Cameras in classrooms

It's not like I have it recorded or anything, but I know that they have happened, whether you believe me or not. I was just saying earlier that the principal would not have to review the tapes after the end of the day. But I did not mean that he/she just views them whenever a problem approaches. I meant, that when he/she is in his/her office then they can just see what is going on in every classroom. There has been perverted things going on in the school, people has had sex and other disturbing things going on in the school. The reason why teachers are being laid off is because of our idiotic president, so that is not our fault. Cameras in the Classroom: Is Big Brother Evaluating You? In January 2014, sixteen video cameras were delivered to the Washington County School District in Tennessee, one for each school and one for the central office.

Cameras in the Classroom: Is Big Brother Evaluating You?

The district didn’t purchase the equipment as part of a school security improvement plan. Washington County, it turned out, had been selected as one of 20 districts across the state to pilot a new program to record classroom interactions and use the clips to help determine teacher effectiveness. The mobile cameras, however, barely made it out of their boxes before the project was suspended indefinitely. So what happened? A little transparency might have gone a long way, but it was in short supply in Washington County. “Once we found out about the plan to put these cameras in the classrooms, we had major concerns that we brought to the attention of the district,” recalls LaDawn Hudgins, president of the Washington County Education Association (WCEA). Most educators probably sit somewhere in the middle. Topic C. Should kids have to wear school uniforms?

This could be argued both ways.

Should kids have to wear school uniforms?

Uniforms can be both good and bad.I had to wear a uniform all my life in every school I've been to and i had no problem, infact it mad my school better than any school i have seen! <3Shouldn’t uniforms be worn everywhere? Just imagine, people are made fun of for what they wear! Since Madeira is a kinder place, it could help us be united. Unity is important because it can strengthen bonds with anyone we meet. Do uniforms make schools better? For the past decade, schools, parents and students have clashed over the issue of regulating student attire.

Do uniforms make schools better?

In 2007, cases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego, and Tigger socks in Napa, California, made their way through the courts, causing many to wonder whether this debate will ever be resolved. Meanwhile, researchers are divided over how much of an impact — if any — dress policies have upon student learning. A 2004 book makes the case that uniforms do not improve school safety or academic discipline.

A 2005 study, on the other hand, indicates that in some Ohio high schools uniforms may have improved graduation and attendance rates, although no improvements were observed in academic performance. Topic D. Debate Topic: Should single gender schools exist? Con My premise is that the cons of single gender school outweighs the pros.

Debate Topic: Should single gender schools exist?

I am against single gender schools for the following reasons: 1. Fun- Without a doubt the majority of students would usually prefer a school with both genders if given the choice. 2. This is probably the most common argument against single gender schools. 3. This ties in with social life (point #2), but in the real world there are two genders! Pro I will give the three reasons my opponent gave except for my side. 1. 2. 3. Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better? Wesley Sharpe offers two points of view on this hot topic!

Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?

What happens to the bright-eyed exuberance of girls between the primary grades and high school graduation? Do schools shortchange boys? Could single-gender classes or schools make a difference? Some California educators think so. On opening day of the 1999 school year, the Jefferson Leadership Academies became the first public middle school in the country to offer separate classes for boys and girls. "Some people pay a lot of money to send their children to these kinds of schools. ...

It's too early to judge the success or failure of the Jefferson Leadership Academies. "Student grade point averages for students who had previously attended Jefferson in either grades 6 or 7 increased for all students, male and female, in both grades 7 and 8 under the single gender academy configuration.