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  1. dave47 Jul 17 2012
    Thank You for the reply, your quick. Are your state schools like our public schools? It is good that each of your students have a computer, when I went to school all we had was a typewriter. I like some of your pearls, I mite team up with a few. I may have a few that you will like. That is what this is all about exchange of ideas and information for the better. I live close to Washington, D.C., so if there is anything I can do for you and your students, please ask. I am also on Facebook, if you are too. Say hello to your students.
  2. teachermarija Jul 16 2012
    I'm an ESL teacher in a state school in Macedonia State schools have computers for each student, mainly USAID donations.
  3. dave47 Jul 16 2012
    I check your Pearl site and Web site. I like them both. Are you a teacher? I'm a tutor, basic reading, writing, comprehension. Keep up the good work. YOU, learn by teaching. Take Care
  4. cprindler Apr 29 2012
    Great pearls here, very interesting. cheers.