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7 formas de convertir el dictado en una actividad amena y atractiva para tus alumnos/as. Plantillas de dictados, silábicos, palabras, frases y oraciones, párrafos y textos.

7 formas de convertir el dictado en una actividad amena y atractiva para tus alumnos/as

Answering and Scoring Open-Ended Questions. Directions Day 1 Step 1: Put students into groups of 3.

Answering and Scoring Open-Ended Questions

Step 2: Distribute the same open-ended question to each group and tell them to develop an answer. Step 3: After all groups are done explain the ACE method to them. A= answer the question as written C= cite from the text using details and quotes to support your answer. 4 Writing Apps to Help Students Conquer the Blank Page. By Lani Aquino Staring at a blank page can be daunting.

4 Writing Apps to Help Students Conquer the Blank Page

Add a reluctant writer to the mix, and what should be a great opportunity for personal expression becomes a personal nightmare. These 4 apps will strengthen students’ writing skills and turn written composition from a chore into an engaging learning activity. IEW Wrting Tools Lite — This free version of the app from the Institute for Excellence in Writing offers users a variety of tools and tips. The resources include charts and lists that help students with the structure and style components for creating outlines, paragraphs, reports, essays, and much more. Story Wheel — This idea generator for the early grades lets students work individually or in groups to create their own stories. 8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations. A good public speaker takes their audience on a journey, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated.

8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

But structuring your speech to get your ideas across and keep your audience engaged all the way through is tricky. Try these eight storytelling techniques for a presentation that wows. You’re doing a presentation, so you start with the facts you want to get across. Wrong! Humans are hardwired for stories. Deliver a presentation that captures the hearts and heads of your audience by stealing one of these classic storytelling techniques. 1.

The monomyth (also called the hero’s journey), is a story structure that is found in many folk tales, myths and religious writings from around the world. Write About - Learn. “Tu receta, tu historia”, el concurso de rescate gastronómico de Chile. Como una forma de reconocer la sabiduría local y rescatar prácticas culinarias que se han ido perdiendo en el tiempo, es que nace el concurso “Tu receta, tu historia”, organizado por el Consejo de la Cultura, a través de su área de gastronomía.

“Tu receta, tu historia”, el concurso de rescate gastronómico de Chile

Para participar basta con subir una receta y un relato asociado al sitio web donde además se encuentran las bases detalladas. Creating a Writers' Workshop in a Secondary Classroom. In the middle of the school year, I always regret my choice of becoming an AP and Honors English teacher.

Creating a Writers' Workshop in a Secondary Classroom

Not because I hate to teach, but because I'm always swimming in essays that I have to grade. In order to accommodate the load, I adapted the elementary way of thinking and formed a writers' workshop for my own classroom. Once they participate in the workshop, students are able to learn how to revise their own essays. Because of this, the time it takes for me to grade essays is literally cut in half. Digital Storytelling. Faire un CV en anglais pour un stage. Travailler pendant l’été ou réaliser un stage à Londres ou dans une ville anglophone peut être une expérience nécessaire pour son futur métier.

Faire un CV en anglais pour un stage

Comment construire une dissertation? Tout commence par le brainstorming Dans un premier temps il est important de bien comprendre le sujet.

Comment construire une dissertation?

Pour cela, il faut le lire une première fois et faire un brainstorming. C'est-à-dire qu’il faut, sur une feuille, jeter toutes les idées qui vous viennent à l’esprit. Citations, ouvrages, références, idées, questions, etc. Plot Generator. Write About - Write an Introduction. You need to grab the reader’s attention at the beginning of a post.

Write About - Write an Introduction

The first few sentences allow the reader to see whether he or she wants to read the rest of it. You’ll also need to state a thesis statement to explain what the essay will be about. Outline of an Introduction Most introductions begin with an attention getter, move into a transition sentence (or occasionally transition sentences) and end with a thesis statement. I. Description or storyWhen I see students getting picked on in the lunch line, I know exactly how they feel. II. This sentence moves the introduction from an attention getter to the thesis statement. Example 1: In the heartland of America, in the unassuming town of Graceland, Tennessee, a star was born. Example 2: Bob Marley once implored the world to, “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.

Example 3: There is an epidemic in America that kills more people in drunk driving, AIDS, suicide, homicide and drowning combined. Write About - Fiction Writing. Trace écrite, homework... J’utilise un vidéo-projecteur au quotidien et j’enseigne dans l’académie de Bordeaux, dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Trace écrite, homework...

Le conseil général met à disposition des enseignants une plate-forme numérique qui nous permet de déposer des documents, de donner des exercices aux élèves, de les récupérer, d’échanger entre utilisateurs grâce à une messagerie. Dossier - La pyramide inversée. La pyramide inversée est un principe de rédaction qui consiste à aller droit au but : le rédacteur ou journaliste décide de révéler directement l’essentiel de l’information. Il choisit consciemment de traiter les détails plus tard dans le texte. Les statistiques de lecture encouragent une telle approche. Dans ce dossier : Tutoriel vidéo. Creative writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. What can you write in 10 minutes or less? Votre CV en anglais.