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The Sharp Brain — What is SEO & How Does IT Work? Why Choose Digital Marketing As A Career. When it comes to selecting a career, we have a plethora of career opportunities available with us. There are opportunities ranging from digital professional to Big Data Specialist to programmers to designers to name a few. But as per me, one of the most exciting and dynamic profession to choose is Digital marketing. Why "digital marketing as a career"? The rate at which technology is evolving is unbelievable.

Every day you will find updates on the latest trends coming in technology market. Few years back 2G was the latest technology in mobile. Fast forward today and you will notice 4G being the necessity for each mobile and just when we are getting used to 4G, 5G is just around the corner. Technology’s evolution is faster than anything we have seen in past. Digital Marketing a field associated with internet is evolving at a similar pace. Few years back, we only knew SEO as the method of promotion. The digital marketing industry is one industry which is on steroids. Nothing here is stagnant. How to use google keyword planner for keyword research. The last article I wrote to kickstart your keyword research for seo was to give you a layman view of how keyword research works.

The article primarily focused on the creation of an initial list of keywords without using any tools (paid/free). I did not introduce concepts like search volume, competition, research, etc because I wanted you to take baby steps first. Recently, I did few workshops where a lot of students were confused when I explained few concepts of Digital Marketing without telling them how a website is setup. When I decided to do a blog on keyword research, my first thought was “I will start from basics”. And that’s what I did. I used Google’s search bar as a base to build my initial list of keywords.

Why do we need to research more? The only issue with the list is the lack of benchmark to evaluate how competitive the keyword is. None of the keywords we researched there has search volume, number of visits expected, competition, etc. It is Google’s own tool. Click on sign in. Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Noida, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. Trending Jobs For Graduates - Top 10 Trending Jobs Graduates Can Apply This Year! What is the difference between a job and great job? A job is where you don't enjoy much of your work, you are hardly doing it because of your education qualification asked you to.

But, a great job is where you enjoy your work, not because of salary, but because of your love and passion towards the job. The number of universities & colleges are increasing yearly in India, i.e number of graduates coming out every year is increasing. With the huge number of graduates coming out every year, many new industries have been set up over the last few years. Today, job industry is booming with many new & different job offers. There are lots of jobs that are offering very cozy salary packages where a graduate can easily fulfill his dream of being a young and free. After doing my research on some trending jobs over the internet, I have noticed there are plenty of new career options for graduates. Here I have listed out top 10 trending jobs a graduate can apply this or over the coming years: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Struggling with Marketing? Try these 3 simple DIY steps of Digital marketing to promote your startup.

Facebook Mid-Roll Videos Ads Might Soon Make Way For Pre-Roll Video Ads. In its pursuit to match YouTube’s business model: Make money from videos displayed on the platform, Facebook has worked hard to make videos as an integral part of the Facebook content. The idea was to let videos directly created by publishers be a part of facebook content rather than have videos shared from YouTube become a part of the Facebook newsfeed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the idea. In fact, this step is a way forward for every social media platform. In last few years, Internet speeds have improved throughout the world. From content perspective too, the introduction of video content as I mentioned earlier is a step forward. Facebook has the potential to steal some business of YouTube by virtue of the user base and time users spend on Facebook. Also from the revenue point of view, it makes sense to have publishers upload videos directly to Facebook than have videos from YouTube become a part of Facebook’ s newsfeed. Business Model of Facebook: Can you beat that? Kills me. Digital Marketing Training Workshop in Noida With NIESBUD. How to Find Keywords for Your Website | Keyword Research For SEO. SEO Starts with “Keyword Research”. You cannot and should not start an SEO process without knowing what you are targeting. Keyword research in layman language is the process of finding the right keyword for your website / blog or web page.

And it is also the most ignored or overlooked step while doing SEO. SEO professionals are more busy building backlinks. They do not want to spend time doing keyword research and analysis for seo of their website. Since fundamentals of what is keyword research and analysis are not implemented, the SEO professionals end up selecting the wrong keywords which most of the times lead to wrong endless SEO campaigns. It is imperative to start keyword research before your launch a website because: One of the reasons for wrong keyword selection (a prominent one) is the usage of wrong or limited tools for researching the keywords.

I know when I use the word “tools” the ones who do not have SEO as a full-time professional are a scared lot. Now, this is a crucial step. What is Internet Marketing and their Types? Internet Marketing in layman language can be defined as a form of marketing where you use internet on a digital device as a medium to promote your product or service. That’s undoubtedly a million-dollar question. Most of the candidates we meet seeking a career in digital marketing are confused in between digital marketing and internet marketing. Most of them come to us asking for a Digital Marketing course and others quite predictably, ask for internet marketing. I don’t blame the inquisitive souls. Frankly speaking, I have always thought of both as the same.

To clear my doubts, I turned to my guru for years “Google” and here is what I understand as the difference in between internet and digital marketing. Digital Marketing is an umbrella term comprising of everything digital which incidentally, also includes internet. For example, there are offline mediums too which are a part of digital like billboards, TV, etc but internet marketing is purely dependent on internet. Well.

(what about TV?