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BPM 101 An Introduction to Business Process Management - Jul 2003. BPM 101: An Introduction to Business Process Management Business systems that help develop and manage business processes from end-to-end.

BPM 101 An Introduction to Business Process Management - Jul 2003

By Chris J. Jensen. What Is a Business Process Management System? Business process management. BPM or Business Process Management is often referred to[by whom?]

Business process management

As 'Management by Business Processes'. The term "business" can be confusing as it is often linked with a hierarchical view (by function) of a company. It is therefore preferable to define BPM as "corporate management through processes". By adding to BPM the second meaning of 'Business Performance Management' used by August-Wilhelm Scheer in his article "Advanced BPM Assessment",[4] BPM can therefore be defined as "company performance management through processes". BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BPMS) Why BPMS?


By acquiring BPMS, your company may gain unprecedented control over the management of your business processes. Business process management (BPM) can cut product design time in half, reduce order time by 80 percent, and drive call center productivity gains of 60 percent.4.

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