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Espresso and Cream | Homemade Larabars | Espresso and Cream. A couple weeks ago after a trip to Florida, I wrote about healthy eating strategies for traveling. And since J. lives in Illinois, it seems like I spend a whole lot of time traveling, eating on the go, and trying my best to stick to a healthy eating schedule.

Not an easy thing to do! Larabars have fast become one of my favorite nutrition bars, and it takes only a quick look at the ingredient list to know why. Most contain only four or five ingredients and absolutely nothing hard to pronounce. Cue the Homemade Larabar. A base of dates and prunes keep these bars chewy and moist, while nuts and peanut butter provide healthy fat to keep you full and satisfied. Anyone else have a favorite nutrition bar they go to when on the road? Happy Labor Day! Homemade Larabars(Printable Recipe) Instructions*In a food processor combine all ingredients and pulse until nuts and fruit are finely chopped and begin to come together in a paste, about 1 to 2 minutes.

Madison. Imperfect | Eating From the Ground Up. Seven years ago today, I woke up in tears. It was my due date for the baby who we would come to know and love as Sadie, but I had been in and out of labor for three weeks, and I was convinced that I would be pregnant forever. Even though there is no actual case of a woman staying pregnant for the rest of her life, somehow so many women go through the experience of suspecting that they will be the first.By the end of that day, I was a mother, and tired as I was from all that, well, birth, I didn’t sleep at all.

I looked at Sadie’s face the entire night, absolutely amazed. Of course, I was in love, and in awe, and all of that. But there was something else. In preparation for Sadie’s seventh birthday, I decided to make pop tarts. The day before her birthday was a little bit packed, but I carved aside a few minutes to blend together the dough. Still though, I pressed holes back together.

Sadie has been coming into herself in a pretty cool way lately. These are going to taste so good.