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Make her believe you’re a qualified sex god. COOL ADVICE FROM A HOT GIRL-MAGDA NOWAK. You might have been seeing that chick every month in the gym, but Magda is here to tell you how to score with her!


HOW TO START A CONVERSATION? The most important part is that the guy needs to be confident, but obviously not too much. When you start a conversation, do not talk about the weather outside and all the crap around. Concentrate on the girl, ask her some questions, and show that you are really interested in her. While talking to the girl, try to be funny, crack some joke may be.

Get rid of those flaking pieces-FHM India. See, I really feel bad for him (my bro).

Get rid of those flaking pieces-FHM India

And I’ll tell you why. FHM Presents 24 Essential Reasons to Be Fit With Disha Patani. Walking around the house in undergarments might fantasise boys, but it’s not what every girl wants.

FHM Presents 24 Essential Reasons to Be Fit With Disha Patani

Disha has a suggestion, girls, “You must always love yourself and your body. You are beautiful and as I always say – beauty is skin deep.” Ever since we’ve seen her asking for Sachin’s autograph in MS Dhoni - The Untold Story, we’ve wanted her to be by our side. She thinks that there are only three things that make her look the way she looks. Hot Girl Advice- PAULA CABRAL. What kind of Guy has the best chance?

Hot Girl Advice- PAULA CABRAL

I really appreciate being respected and i like smart men. So the guy who has a good talking sense, is confident, respects me and makes me feel comfortable will have more chances to succeed. Daljeet Kaur Interview with FHM India. Hey, Dalljiet.

Daljeet Kaur Interview with FHM India

You seem to be quite into numerology. Is that the reason for the extra ‘L’ in the name? Absolutely! I believe that when things go right we don’t look for anything else, but it’s when things get a bit shaky we tend to look for something to lean on that can make them right. I only believe that as long as you don’t hurt anyone, it’s OK to have these beliefs. FHM May 2017 : Disha Patani flaunts her fittest side. 7 Words That Meant Something Else Before! Language is subject to constant growth and decay.

7 Words That Meant Something Else Before!

Old words die out, new words are added and existing words change or expand their meaning. Language evolves with us and the ways of the past make way for the roads of tomorrow, leaving amusing lights at the crossings, from using Google as a verb to humans starting to make bird noises...err... tweeting! ☺ Want to make conversations more fun? Consider the former meanings of these everyday words. Nice: Foolish, stupidIn late 12th century ‘nice’ was a term that would start a fight, then from "timid" to “fussy” to “dainty” to “precise, careful" to "agreeable, delightful" to the meaning we acknowledge, finally in 1830s.

FHM May 2017:the ultimate fitness special. Magnetic Floating Bed #Object-of-Desire. Floating in your dreams was never so easy!

Magnetic Floating Bed #Object-of-Desire

Universe Architecture’s Floating Bed is the world’s first non-gravity based object. Design of custom made interior by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Born 1973), Floating Bed is an art peice invented in 2006. The bed is made of steel and plastic, while industrial-strength magnets in the bed frame and floor allow it to hang 1.3 feet in the air. The bed, which can support up to 900 Kg, is multifunctional; it could be used as a dining surface or even a place to park your car. Bloke Test: Salman Yusuff Khan. 1.

Bloke Test: Salman Yusuff Khan

Have you ever stared someone out? I have, but in such a way that they would never know! My wife is the only one who can catch me doing this! Not Bloke 2. Say It With Love! 10 Exotic Gift Ideas For Rakhi. What makes the bond between a brother and a sister so special?

Say It With Love! 10 Exotic Gift Ideas For Rakhi

The unconditional love! And what could be a better way to express your love for each other than a gorgeous surprise gift! We skimmed through the long list of the most appropriate gift ideas for both brothers and sisters and picked the 10 attractive ones for you. 1. We Have Got To Stop Treating Our Little Boys Differently From The Little Girls And It Needs To Happen Now! Educationalist, Fatima Agarkar stresses on the need to change the gender disparity situation in India from the grass root level.

We Have Got To Stop Treating Our Little Boys Differently From The Little Girls And It Needs To Happen Now!

Why boys are ‘blue’ and girl are ‘pink’! The USA is on the threshold of gender parity, the Great Britain is already celebrating this equality. Most leading companies worldwide have created uniformity by appointing ladies in top leadership positions. A Bihari In Bhutan. It seems that I have been allotted all of FHM India's Sex Stories. Move Over Venice, Travel to Giethoorn. If you have time, money and a craving for a calm, romantic vacation with your loved one or in case, just yourself, pack your bags, get a visa and fly over to Giethoorn in Holland.

With the most picturesque locations and probably the cleanest water you've ever seen around, it is called the 'Venice of the North' or 'Venice of Netherland'. Yes, Venice is now passé. It's time we explored some other exquisite towns and cities and move away from commonly visited and populated places. Go for more peaceful, cleaner, and more beautiful lesser-known locations. Olympics special: Drag And Flick With Vr Raghunath. Indian hockey star, Raghunath is ready to defend every shot aimed at the goalpost. Is the country ready for a medal in hockey after 36 years? FHMIndia: Congratulations, Raghu for your selection in the Indian team once again at the biggest platform for sports. How does it feel? Raghunath: I’m really proud to be a part of the of the Indian hockey team going for Rio Olympics. In Conversation with Pritish Nandy. Whether it's facing a raging bull or being stuck in an elevator with Donald Trump, poet-politician-filmmaker Pritish Nandy is game for anything that life can possibly throw at him - Just so long as it's not an underwater safari.

FHM India: If your house was on fire, and you could save only three things, what would you run out with? Pritish: Mojo, my Labrador with a damaged hip; a copy of Alice in Wonderland; and the razor I shave my head with. If you could be in a movie of your choice, which one would you pick and what character would you like to play? Taxi Driver, Scorsese’s best.

Free kicks with Robin Singh. Highways and Byways: Mahindra Adventure. Top 5 expensive cocktails around globe! Zeaside Toddy Shop@Dalal Street. Recently, the Zeaside pop-up, a catering venture by chef Arun Kumar, collaborated with Cafe Dalal Street (yes, you guessed it. A Date With Your Dog. Online lifestyle magazine for Men. Jacqueline Fernandez – the Sexiest Woman in the World. Manish Malhotra Goes Digital This LFW In Association With Etihad Airways. Manish Malhotra in association with Etihad Airways, unveiled his festive glamour collection at the LFW runway, on Wednesday. The show organised at the ITC Grand Central was no less of a treat. Rihanna’s Paris Fashion Week Debut for Fenty x Puma, SS’17. 8 Times Kriti Sanon Proved She Is A Hot Fashion Icon. Everyone Envies This 16-Year-Old Boy. Here's Why! The world is one happy family and nature is its gift to all.

Healing Stress The Natural Way. Assassin's Creed. Let the Games Begin. Frederique Constant Unveils the Smartwatch Wizard. Musical Intervention. Maya by Clyde DeSouza. Maya by Clyde DeSouza. FHMs Favourite 5 VMAs Look. 5 Retro Games on New Age Consoles. Hard Choices: Would You Rather...? Short Chat With X Factor UK Judge, Louis Walsh. The Skye High Guy - Danny MacAskill. Heathcare at your fingertips. 20 little changes for a healthy lifestyle. Diabeticliving. Diabeticliving. Zeaside Toddy Shop@Dalal Street. Who Moved My Interest Rate? When the Big Boys Roll... Learn about Supertrucks. When the Big Boys Roll... Learn about Supertrucks. Entertainment, Fun and Mobile Apps. Moteurs de recherche spécialisés. Beer Is Actully Good For You...

Läslyftet 16/17. A Pahadi in Taiwan. An Evening of Wine & Cheese with Corneliani Autumn-Winter Collection. Diet Vs Exercise Or Amalgamation Of Both, Which Leads To A Better Life? Food Festivals In India. Braving the summer heat. Time to Play the Game. 9 Hi-Tech Gadgets: That Deserve Your Attention. Concept on wheels. Babe of the Month- Alexandra Breckenridge.

Intuition Femininity Of and Jacqueline Fernandez. Let's Do It With Beer. Make The Perfect Crepe. 5 Best Fashion Collaborations of the Season. ENCAMPING IN UPLANDS- 10 camping essentials you will always need. 5 Hot Bars In Delhi To Enjoy Drinking Games. SEX on the CARDS. New Spring Looks and Fashion Trends for Men. FHM Discovery- Pooja Bhasin. FHMIndia Diva Next Door-DALLJIET KAUR. Cool Advice from A Hot Girl Feat- Paula Cabral. FHM India. Do's and do-not's for diabetics. 7 secrets to a proactive lifestyle. FHM Cover Girl- The Sexiest Woman in the World Jacqueline Fernandez. Diet Vs Exercise Or Amalgamation Of Both, Which Leads To A Better Life?

Diabetes - an undefined cause of infertility. I HAVE TYPE 1.5 diabetes. 5 Experiences Every Unemployed Person Has Had. Prenatal crisis : gestational diabetes. Treat your feet like your face. Above & Beyond to spread the colour of music at Holi Reloaded 2017. HARSHA BHOGLE TELLS US ABOUT HIS WORST FEARS. Cold Comfort- 10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Winter. Myths about bariatric surgery. To a Woman Who is Fearless: FHM India.

Happy International Women's day: FHM India. World diabetes day special prevention. Carrying During the Monsoon. Diabeticliving. El Diablo: The Restaurant That Grills Over A Volcano. Shrimp fried rice. Market-Fresh Sides. Can You Beat Diabetes? New Developments in Management of Diabetic Medicines. Volvo V40 Cross Country. When the Big Boys Roll... Learn about Supertrucks.