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Scatterd. Japan tsunami: the recovery, one year on. 5 Steps To Ordering a Meal in Japan — zonjineko! - StumbleUpon. I live in Japan, but barely speak Japanese. I can’t help you with verb conjugation or passing the JLPT. But I have managed to eat! Restaurants in Japan are a culinary and cultural adventure. Ueno Park, Sakura. Picture perfect for this picnic.

Ueno Park, Sakura

Wish I could have sat down and joined in. Beautiful Sakura. So many people enjoying themselves, whether they were sitting down and drinking or just walking on by. The Tale of Genji. Ten Favorite Japanese Expressions. Life is full of ki-do-ai-raku (kee-doh-ah-ee-rah-koo; delight-anger-sorrow-fun), and some phrases slip out of our mouths repeatedly in response to different daily situations.

Ten Favorite Japanese Expressions

Master these common Japanese expressions and use them casually to sound like a native. Yatta (yaht-tah; I did it!) Say yatta when you accomplish something big, receive a great opportunity, or feel victorious.