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Leveling fast and gaining XP as fast as possible is extremely important in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go - How to Gain XP Fast, Pidgey Grinding

If you’ve been wandering around looking at Google Maps to find and catch Pokemon but are only coming across low level Pokemon, your player level is probably the biggest issue. Generally speaking, the higher your player level is, the better the Pokemon that you’ll find out in the wild and the more impressive the items are from the various Pokestops along the way including eggs that you can quickly hatch into Pokemon that are more rare. Pokemon Spawns Pokemon Combat Power (CP) is very important, and many of you are probably wondering why you’re only tracking Pokemon of 10 or even 50 CP.

Pokemon GO: Pokeball Throwing Ultimate TRICK - Anime Blog. Since the recent update all of us have had problems catching pokemon due to the new update which also included a bug which was also admitted by Niantic in this article.

Pokemon GO: Pokeball Throwing Ultimate TRICK - Anime Blog

However, do not worry as we have found a guide that will help you throw the Poke Ball correctly. The guide will only work on Android devices, as iOS phones don’t have a way of implementing this. The guide was posted on Reddit by hotinferno and we’ve quoted below to share it with you! Be sure to check out his Reddit page as he has a bunch of tips for Pokemon Go trainers.

Pokemon GO Server status! A reliable source has given us the suspected Pokemon GO release date for Brazil, Chile or Argentina.

Pokemon GO Server status!

Check here for details. Google Login149ms Poke Club Login209ms Germany154ms Italy159ms United Kingdom113ms United States182msAustralia115msAustria97ms Belgium220msBulgaria160msCanada110msCroatia93msCzech Republic143msDenmark113msEstonia194msFinland109ms France102msGreece127msHong Kong103msHungary217msIceland104msIreland223msJapan99msLatvia110ms Lithuania152msLuxembourg105msMonaco214msNetherlands117msNew Zealand98msNorway146msPoland91msPortugal121ms. Pokemon Appraisal. Pokemon GO Spawn Rate - Pokemon GO Hub. Pokemon Go Curve ball generator iPhone IOS PokemonGo Hack Assistive Touch ges...

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