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How to fix Low Conversion Rate despite having High Traffic? Congratulations!

How to fix Low Conversion Rate despite having High Traffic?

Your website is up and running. The SEO efforts are rewarding and the website is receiving a good amount of traffic. What about conversions? Are they proportional too? Read the blog to unveil the secrets to fix a low conversion rate despite having high traffic. Conversion optimization is the main component directly impacting your revenue from the online business. What is conversion optimization? Larry Kim, Founder at Mobile Monkey explains that conversion is the prime element of the paid search strategy that aims at turning visitors into customers.

What is a good conversion rate for small business? According to Webfx, a good conversion rate should be between 8% and 10%. But, achieving a rate of 11% is like a great achievement. The top blogger Neil Patel explains that the reasons for low conversions (despite having a sold software and ingenious strategy) are very basic. Now, let’s understand how to fix the low conversion issues. 1. Here’s what you can do: Image source: 2. How to do keyword research for a new website? Tutorial for beginners. Good keyword research not only helps in your SEO and PPC but also helps you find the right topics for your niche that attract traffic.

How to do keyword research for a new website? Tutorial for beginners

While Google always keeps the digital marketers on toes with algorithm updates rolling out, one after the other, one thing that has consistently stayed intact is the need to do keyword research. What do you mean by keyword research? Keyword research is a process of analyzing and finding the best-suited search terms that people enter in the search engines related to your business. Keyword research plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC and other marketing strategies. Keyword research helps to unveil the queries that your audience is searching, their popularity, ranking difficulty etc. You have to do proper keyword research and look out for what suits your website the best. What is the objective of keyword research? Keyword research is the basis of every online marketing campaign. Without keywords you cannot: Free tools: MozAhrefsSEMRush. How to improve your web design in 2021? Web Designing Tips for Beginners. An ideal website that excels has a phenomenal web design that enhances your UX, has an outstanding functionality and truly complements the content.

How to improve your web design in 2021? Web Designing Tips for Beginners

Within just five seconds of landing on your page, are your visitors able to determine what services/products you offer? Are they able to navigate easily to blogs if they wish to? Does your website have a low bounce rate? If your answer is No, then it’s high time to revamp your web development strategy and optimize it to stand above the rest in 2021. Maximizing your visibility and online presence are just meaningless without a conversion-worthy website. There are n numbers of styles and directions for web development to choose from– from minimalistic to classy and from sleek to modern. 1. Your home page is the face of the website and should instantly convey your core message. Read More: How to make your blog emerge as a brand? The less the visitors have to read and remember, the better they would be able to evaluate the content. 2.

What is White Label SEO? - Today SEO is in great demand by almost every online industry.

What is White Label SEO? -

As per internet live stats, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. It has become inevitable for business organizations to hire SEO services from digital marketing companies to gain impressive online presence and top SERP rankings. Some digital marketing agencies do not have adequate in-house SEO services or resources, but they don’t want to lose their clients. It is a best practice for the marketing agency to grow its client base by outsourcing their client’s SEO needs. The white label SEO companies provide them this facility under their brand.

White Label SEO is a kind of search engine optimization (SEO) service, with a partnership agreement between at least two parties or companies to share the responsibilities in digital marketing offerings in a competent way. Often known as Private Label SEO, you hire a professional SEO provider to serve the SEO needs of your clients under your brand name.

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