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Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Calgary

Tazscapes Inc was established in March 2015 and quickly gained popularity as one of the premier Calgary Landscapers in the city. Within a few years, Tazscapes Inc used unique landscape design methods to provide Calgary residents beautiful, functional yet affordable landscaping ideas for their home.

Tips for Evaluating the Best Landscaping Companies for Your Project — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors. Starting out your own landscaping project can be tough.

Tips for Evaluating the Best Landscaping Companies for Your Project — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors

You want a nice yard, you don’t want a lot of upkeep, and you definitely don’t want it to cost you a fortune. But more importantly, you want a landscaper in Calgary you can trust. Someone who will show up on time, know what he’s doing – not cutting corners to save a few bucks and ensuring you get his best work in an honest fashion. And you want all this for a fair price. If you don’t know where to start, chances are you’ve probably started to do a little research – you go on google search engine and start with a very basic keyword like “landscaping companies in Calgary” and voila! How should you decide? This is most likely where you will start. While photos play a big part in understanding the workmanship – it most certainly is not the end all be all. Think about it. 1. Take the time to read at least the home page and see if there is a structure to it. 2. 3. So how can you know what’s fact and what is fiction?

4. Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Transformation - Sage Hill — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors. Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Transformation Video Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Transformation Final Photos (Click on dots to see next image) Located in Northwest Calgary, this client’s backyard design consisted of a small space with a number of grading issues.

Tazscapes Inc Landscaping Transformation - Sage Hill — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors

Our process began by recommending the demolition of the existing pressure-treated deck. Then, we proposed a composite decking installation in the barbecue pit area. Using an aesthetic retaining wall, we divided the outdoor fire pit area from the dining area and illuminated the space using low-voltage LED lighting. We chose decorative rocks to line the area in between the two spaces and added a simple water feature. Tips You Need to Ensure Proper Landscape Maintenance.

So you just finished your final walk-through with your Calgary landscape contractors and (hopefully) are happy with everything they accomplished.

Tips You Need to Ensure Proper Landscape Maintenance

You handed them their final cheque, shook hands, they hopped in their truck and are on their way to the next job. On the other end, you turn around and see your yard, remembered what it was and saw what it became. You couldn’t be happier! Now, the hard part: maintaining your new yard. From hardscape care to everyday lawn maintenance, every dollar you spent should be worthwhile.

Contact Us — Tazscapes. About Tazscapes Inc - Professional Landscaping Consultation - (587) 578-0747. If you google “Calgary Landscapers” you will notice an abundance of quality landscaping companies throughout the Calgary landscape – no pun intended.

About Tazscapes Inc - Professional Landscaping Consultation - (587) 578-0747

However, you have to be very inquisitive about who offers what service – from the time you make the initial phone call for your free landscaping consultation until the end of the landscape construction of the project. How to Get Your Calgary Yard to be Your Own Personal Island. Your Calgary yard is your personal sanctuary, but how do you even begin to think of backyard landscaping ideas that will optimize your space?

How to Get Your Calgary Yard to be Your Own Personal Island

Here’s a quote you have probably already seen elsewhere on our website, but I’ll write it again: “What is it about the landscape that awakens the deepest response in us? Surely it is the very unity of existence. The sense of the sublime of something far more deeply infused, whose dwelling is the light of the setting suns, and the round ocean, and the living air, and the blue sky, and the mind of man; a motion and a spirit that impels all thinking things, and objects, and all thoughts, and rolls through all things.We cannot be anything other than related, for every atom that makes up our constantly changing bodily form comes from the same source as the mountain, lake, bird, and fish.”

One of the things I learned during my landscape design training was the importance of connecting our senses to our natural surroundings. How ridiculously boring. Outdoor Water Features Calgary. Outdoor water features are perhaps the most vivid element in any landscaping project.

Outdoor Water Features Calgary

When done correctly it can really bring out a perspective that is unmatched as it embarks on the human senses by visually giving you a calming mood. The sound of water gives a soothing feeling that takes you through a deep journey and onto your dream oasis. Residential Landscape Designer Calgary: Mumtaz Mirza (aka.Taz) When searching for a Residential Landscape Designer in Calgary you will find many professionals offering great services but trying to find a professional landscape designer that can understand your particular needs can prove to be very difficult.

Residential Landscape Designer Calgary: Mumtaz Mirza (aka.Taz)

Formal training and good experience in landscaping ideas help immensely and that is why we believe qualified professionalism should be at the top of your priority list when you are looking to find someone to provide you with a carefully thought out landscape design for your Calgary home. Calgary based landscape designer, Mumtaz Mirza Aka. Taz, started out his journey in landscape design back in the University of Manitoba where he studied in the department of landscape architecture. He obtained his bachelors of Environmental Design (B.Env.D) and went onto pursue a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture (M.LA) from the faculty of Architecture and Design.

Outdoor Kitchens Calgary. Tazscapes Inc believes strongly in the outdoor living experience when providing residential landscaping in Calgary and what better way to showcase that than with outdoor kitchen kits we design and build for our clients.

Outdoor Kitchens Calgary

Custom: Many manufacturers have designed simple outdoor kitchen kits but often times it’s hard to fit them into a particular client’s yard when the rest of the landscaping is custom to the client’s needs, and in conjunction with the scale of the yard. That is why we at Tazscapes Inc pride ourselves in providing Calgary residents the option to bring custom outdoor kitchen ideas to their backyards. Options: Purchasing a simple barbeque from Costco or your local Walmart are becoming a thing of the past as many home-owners seek options to replicating what they have inside their home to the outdoors. Today, outdoor kitchens come with options that will make you want to have all your summer meals outside – with options that go far beyond just a barbeque unit. Sod Installation Services. Tazscapes Inc. thrives on providing clients with fresh green sod installation in Calgary as part of our quality landscaping services.

Sod Installation Services

We ensure top grade Kentucky Blue Grass sod with proper topsoil depth so you have a luscious green lawn for years to come. Topsoil: A strong foundation for your grass is the key to establishing a healthy lawn from the start. We make sure that site preparation is done correctly with loam so the root system of your sod can infiltrate deep into the ground and establish itself as a resilient lawn should. Grading: The most important factor in any landscaping project is drainage: where is the water going. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Calgary - Tazscapes Inc (587) 578-0747.

We encourage Outdoor landscape lighting in Calgary so you can enjoy your backyards at night.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Calgary - Tazscapes Inc (587) 578-0747

Tazscapes Inc. provides the best quality of illumination for your dark landscapes. Fake or Synthetic Turf - Maintenance Free Grass. At the Calgary landscaping company, Tazscapes Inc., we have seen the rise in residential landscaping services to include a new product taking over Calgary: Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass. Fake grass works for both indoor and outdoor applications. We provide our clients with the option of installing this “fake” grass so they can have a maintenance free lawn forever. There are many landscaping options when it comes to artificial grass in Calgary and we have educated ourselves in understanding the distinct differences in each of them so we can provide our clients with top grade products irrespective of their needs. Artificial Grass (Pet Turf ) IS Pet Friendly: Many Calgary residents have no choice but to let their pets attend to the call of nature outside their homes knowing full well that it’s bad not only for natural grass but also the environment.

Synthetic Grass MAKES AWESOME Putting Greens: Artificial Grass IS Maintenance Free: Artificial Grass IS Aesthetically Pleasing: Acreage Landscaping — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors. Acreage Landscaping & Contractors — Best Calgary Landscaping Company At Tazscapes, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional landscaping ideas for rural Calgary in addition to urban and suburban locales. We understand that every plot of land is unique and must be designed with particular attention to individual client needs. Our acreage landscaping specialists approach each project with one goal in mind adapting to our clients. Calgary Landscape Contractor Reviews & Testimonials. We had searched for over a year to find someone to help us create a garden in our small backyard. Tazscapes were the first ones to get what we wanted right off the bat and were ready to start work quickly.

The design of the garden was inspired and fit the space perfectly. The quality of the work was very impressive. We are thrilled with our stunning garden which features a gorgeous water bubbler. You Need to Know to Hire the Best Landscapers. Residential Concrete Contractors Calgary. We at Tazscapes Inc. are proud to say that we are reliable residential concrete contractors in Calgary offering our clients flatwork including concrete patio, concrete walkway and driveways.

Gone are the boring gray concrete surfaces and new options have become available for people looking to enhance their outdoor living without having to spend a lot of money. Residential concrete in Calgary is often more affordable than paving stones and can also uplift your outdoor living experience if you’re looking for a simple look See below the different types of Concrete flatwork we offer: Broom finish concrete: Common in municipal and residential applications, a broom finish concrete patio flatwork can be a simple addition to clients looking for a hard surface that gives them function for their outdoor surfaces.

Tips and Tricks While Looking for Landscaping Companies. Hire A Professional Landscape Designer. Best Small yard Landscaping Ideas .pdf. Front yard & Backyard Landscaping Ideas Calgary. PRECAST STONE | Retaining Walls, Steps, Patios: (Click on dots to see next image) WOOD | Deck, Pergolas, Privacy Screens: NATURAL ROCK | Retaining Walls, Steps, Patios: The Blog — Tazscapes. Our Landscape Design Process. Retaining Walls Calgary. Tazscapes Inc offers clients landscaping services that include various types and styles of retaining walls for Calgary residents.

Retaining walls in Calgary are perhaps one of the most important features in a landscaping construction project solely for the reason that it is all about functionality. Creative Calgary Landscaping Ideas. Calgary Landscape Design Ideas. Paving Stones Patio, Walkway, Driveway Calgary. Our Landscape Design Process. Calgary Deck Builders: Decks, Pergolas, Privacy Screens.

Tazscapes Inc offers clients quality carpentry. This includes deck builder services, pergolas, and custom privacy screens. We offer our clients the ability to choose from natural cedar wood or a higher end, maintenance free composite wood. Custom deck builders in Calgary is the title we prefer as we envision unique ways to enhance your experience in outdoor living – whether that involves outdoor cooking, dining or simply lounging. 5 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Need to Try. Do This to Hire the Best Agency for Landscaping Calgary. Tips To Work Effectively With A Landscape Professional. 4 Costly Mistakes of Your Calgary Lawn to Avoid. There’s something about a crisp, green Calgary lawn that is just so satisfying. After all, nothing is worse than seeing your neighbourhood sprinkled with pale brown, unhealthy lawns littered with dry patches. How to Get Your Calgary Yard to be Your Own Personal Island. Guide to a Backyard Makeover on a Budget.

HOW TO DESIGN PERFECT CALGARY BACKYARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS. 5 Tips for Incredible Front Yard Landscaping Ideas. Follow These Tips to Hire the Best Landscaping Company Copy4. How Do Landscape Designers Charge. What Is The Average Cost To Landscape A Yard. 6 Tips to Achieving Breathtaking Patio Backyard Landscaping. 5 Outdoor Water Feature Ideas You'll Want in Your Calgary Home. Water is as natural as it gets. Our Landscape Design Process. How to Design Perfect Calgary Backyard Landscaping Ideas. 5 Tips for Incredible Front Yard Landscaping Ideas. Can I Just Pay for Landscaping Design Ideas and Do the Work Myself? — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors. Landscape Construction: Softscaping.

How Do Landscape Designers Charge? – PHOTIART. 5 Questions To Ask Landscaping Company Before Hiring – SOVIET OFF. 5 Questions To Ask Landscaping Company Before Hiring. Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Landscaping Company. Follow These Tips to Hire the Best Landscaping Company. Follow These Tips to Hire the Best Landscaping Company Copy4. 5.1 The Basic Principles of Landscape Design. 4.1 The Basic Principles of Landscape Design. 3.1 Hiring The Best Professional Landscaping Company. 3.1 Hiring The Best Professional Landscaping Company. 1 HOW TO DESIGN PERFECT CALGARY BACKYARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS. HOW TO DESIGN PERFECT CALGARY BACKYARD LANDSCAPING IDEAS. EVERYTHING ABOUT CALGARY LANDSCAPING. When to know it’s time to be hiring a landscaper? 3 TIPS ON CHOOSING THE RIGHT LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR. Research with a grain of salt-Tazscapes-Inc. 3 REASONS TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE DESIGNER BEFORE ANY LANDSCAPING PROJECT. How do landscape architects think? LANDSCAPE DESIGN STORY.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN STORY. Follow These Tips to Hire the Best Landscaping Company Copy4. Outdoor landscape lighting in Calgary. Outdoor Kitchens Calgary. Concrete curbing services in Calgary - Tazscapes Inc. Outdoor landscaping features in Calgary - Tazscapes Inc. Sod installation services in Calgary - Tazscapes Inc. Planting services in Calgary - Tazscapes Inc. Fitness industry marketing - Fitness marketing - Deck builder services in Calgary - Tazscapes Inc. Concrete contractor services in Calgary. Natural rock or boulder retaining wall services in Calgary - Paving stones landscaping in Calgary - Hardscaping and landscaping in Calgary - Landscape designing process - Landscape designing service in Calgary. Acreage Landscaping Company in CalgaryAcreage Landscaping — Best Calgary Landscaping Company - Landscapers & Contractors.

Residential Landscaping company in Calgary. Best Landscaping company in Calgary.