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The 1-Day Juice Cleanse That Changed My Life. For a scarily long period of my life, I was a high-powered financier living and working in London.

The 1-Day Juice Cleanse That Changed My Life

I was important and busy, constantly working and not sleeping, to the point where I eventually broke down, exhausted. My body was crying out for help. I saw countless doctors, specialists, and nutritionists, until one day I took matters into my own hands and started changing my diet. I would wake up with a breakfast spinach juice and then re-energize at lunch with a lemongrass de-stresser. Dinner would be supplemented by some sweet potato juice, and before I knew it, I was a juicing convert. Now I run Root & Bulb, London’s first vegetable and organic juice bar, where I help other people recharge their bodies through the powers of juice.

Here are two things I’ve learned that are key to successful juicing: Balance What’s the secret to juicing in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling faint and weak, deserting it after half a day, or bingeing after a week of deprivation? Eating Raw 1.

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Hair Removal- Laser, Electrolysis, Waxing, Threading, Sugaring, Unwanted Hair Removal. Be Beautiful Manchester Based British Beauty Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Jewellery Blog, DIY Beauty Blog: DIY: Eye Make Up Remover - the best trick I've discovered! So a looong time ago I did a post about taking your eye make up off with olive oil.

Be Beautiful Manchester Based British Beauty Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Jewellery Blog, DIY Beauty Blog: DIY: Eye Make Up Remover - the best trick I've discovered!

I've been doing this for about 6 months now and have noticed the skin around my eyes seems a lot more moisturised and supple. Recently however, I've added another natural ingredient to my olive oil and it seems to be working ever better. Olive oil on its own was great but I felt it tended to 'drag' the eye area a little bit, especially when I wore quite a lot of heavy make up for a night out. Removing false eye lash glue was a particular pain. So I'd done some research on what to add to olive oil so that its still as effective at removing tough, stubborn make up but with less drag and came across witch hazel. A few people will be worrying about placing an astringent like witch hazel around the eye area but I've checked with my optometrist who assured me that it would be fine but to take care with it as I would any other product that I applied to the eye area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rebecca x. Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Scars. The after effects of acne are not easy if it is not controlled in the early stages, the resulting scars can take a very long time to go away.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Here are some easy remedies to help get rid of acne scars: Wash your face at least three times a day to remove dirt,oil and bacteria.Do not use harsh soaps and cleanser. Use mild cleansers that contain scar reducing ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid.Never pick or pop zit/pimples on your face. It may be tempting but the fact is that popping pimples leave a crack which appears as scar.Acne is related to your internal health and many factors such as hormonal imbalance. It is best to see a dermatologist who can recommend you oral medication.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to remove body toxins and free radicals.

Want to try something natural for your skin? Here are some natural homemade easy remedies to get rid of acne scars: Lemon Juice: Citric acid in lemon is helpful to get rid of acne scars. Baking Soda: Grow Long and Strong Eyelashes. Reduce Pimples/acne redness. When a pimple appears on your skin, its redness is prominent and you want to get rid of it as soon as it is formed, even overnight.

Reduce Pimples/acne redness

We often pinch and pop pimples which cause inflammation,redness and leave scars. Here are some easy tips to reduce pimples/acne redness: Toothpaste: It has been used for generations and it works overnight. Apply a little quantity of toothpaste on the pimple. Lemon: Lemon has great anti inflammatory qualities. Aspirin: Aspirin has the same effect as toothpaste.

Ice: Every freezer has got ice. Prevention is the best cure: The best way to avoid or at least lessen the effects of acne and inflammation is by washing face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. Anti Bacterial ointments You can make use of Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid preparations to reduce redness. If you suffer from persistent acne outbreaks , you should consult a dermatologist. You might also like: Tips To Repair Split Ends. Split ends means your hair is not getting enough nourishment and lacks moisture.

Tips To Repair Split Ends

Harsh shampoos, sun exposure , blow drying, straightening, dyes and bleaches dry out the hair and damages the amino acids in your hair. Dry and damaged hair breaks easily while styling or brushing. If you think your hair is not growing fast then split ends could be the possible reason. Here are some easy tips to cure split ends: Alcohol Free Shampoo : Avoid using shampoos that contain alcohol as it dries out hair. Let It Dry Naturally : Avoid heat as much as possible.