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Got Yiddish? 3 Reasons There Are So Many Jews In Comedy. Six years ago, boyish Cracked editor Jack O'Brien suggested I write about why there are so many Jews in comedy.

3 Reasons There Are So Many Jews In Comedy

How Saudi Arabia Discriminates Against Jews - History of Saudi Arabian-US Discrimination Against Jews. In 2004, U.S. Rep, Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat, called on President Bush to deny travel visas to Saudi Arabians until the Saudi government explained what appeared to be a policy of banning Jews from traveling to the Kingdom. The Saudi government’s official tourism web site in 2004 listed four groups of people who would be denied visas regardless: Jewish Harbin. Mozilla Firefox.

Jewish Museums

Jewish Music and Humor. World Jewish Congress. World Jewish Congress. The following article by the Dutch novelist Leon de Winter appeared in the 'Wall Street Journal Europe' on 14 June 2010.

World Jewish Congress

Anti-Semitism Is Salonfähig Again By Leon de Winter. The Jewish Community Center of Western Monmouth County - Annual Events. The WebYeshiva Blog. Jewish Federation of Monmouth County. Florence Singer Webrings... V'ahavta. Kabbala #1: What Is Kabbala? Most people have heard something or other about Kabbalah.

Kabbala #1: What Is Kabbala?

Thoughts on the Shema and V'ahavta. Jews say the Shema and V’ahavta twice a day.

Thoughts on the Shema and V'ahavta

The Shema, which actually includes theV’ahavta, represents the cornerstone of Jewish belief. In the Jewish renewal world, and elsewhere, I’ve seen an interest in providing new translations for this prayer. The Reform Movement recently published a new prayer book, which provides a very nice translation of the V’ahvta, which I like very much. During Rosh Hashanah services at my renewal community, Chadeish Yameinu, in Santa Cruz, however, I was struck by the translation by Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi included in our prayer book, and I’d like to share it here. Hear O Yisrael, Yah who is, is our God, Yah who is, is One.Through time and space Your glory shines Majestic one.Love Yah, who is your God,in what your heart is in, in what you aspire to,in what you have made your own.May these values which I connect with your lifebe implanted in your feelings.

Latest Jewish news. Drop Your Bags! Mr.

Drop Your Bags!

Charlie Harary, Esq. is a prolific speaker who has traveled all over the country and abroad speaking for organizations, schools, universities and institutions on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and affiliations. He has created dozens of videos that have received worldwide attention reaching hundreds of thousands of people in over 15 countries. Mr. Harary is the CEO of H3 Capital LLC, a private equity company based in New York. Prior to H3 Capital, Mr. Mr. In addition, he is an active community leader. Instructions For Living. The battle for life is a battle for sanity.

Instructions For Living

The essence of wisdom is to know yourself. The key to greatness is doing a spiritual accounting. Every day, set aside time to ask yourself: What am I living for? The Enuma Elish: The Babylonian Creation Myth. Your Spiritual potential - Chabad Lubavitch of Western Monmouth County.


Sabbath Manifesto: My Jewish Learning. DAVAR: Scripture Study Tool. Judaism & Jewish Life. Zero to 10: First Decades / New Centuries. Objects tell stories.

Zero to 10: First Decades / New Centuries

Every object or text selected for this exhibition tells a story — about its owner or creator, about its own journey, or about the broader context in which it was made. During the past decade, the Center for Jewish History and its Partner Organizations have helped strengthen the voices of many potent objects — amplifying and enriching their stories by allowing them to exist in a greater cultural dialogue of Judaism. By collecting works of historical and cultural significance, preserving and digitizing them, sharing them through programs and exhibitions, and making them available online to scholars around the world, the Center has also created new opportunities for their stories to be told. Jewish Humor In America. Yiddish Words. A gezunt dir in pupik (ah ge-ZOONT deer in POO-pik) Phr.

Yiddish Words

"Good health to your belly button. " A prototypical Yiddish blessing.


The Crooked Finger of Anti-Semitism - Commentary. CJH Catalog - Basic Search. JIMENA - Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa. Jewish and Alone? (September 2010) (This is a crossposting of “Alone on Rosh Hashanah?

Jewish and Alone? (September 2010)

” from the Community of Jewish Contemplatives Page on Facebook) Many of our Community members and supporters will now be starting to make preparations for family or community gatherings to celebrate the coming New Year (pm Wednesday Sept 8th 2010). Jewlicious THE Jewish Blog - It's a Jewish Blog! Jewish Ideas Daily. Commentary Magazine. Last week Zbigniew Brzezinski, joined by five other foreign-policy experts from the past, issued an open letter entitled “Stand Firm, John Kerry,” calling for “clarity” on “the critical moral and political issues” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Commentary Magazine

The letter castigated Israeli settlements and proposed “halting the diplomatic process” to “help stop this activity.” At “Pressure Points,” Elliott Abrams dismantled the letter, noting that, among other things, it ignored history. As it happens, tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of one of the more important items of history the Brzezinski group ignored: the April 14, 2004 letter from President George W. Bush to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Read More The American-Israeli diplomacy culminated in a hugely significant exchange of letters between Bush and Sharon in April 2004. MR. The Obama administration, when it took office in 2009, repeatedly refused to answer whether it was bound by the Bush letter.

Jewish and Israeli blog bloggers and commentary. The Jewish Press Blog.