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Irshad Manji. Remembering Bassem Abu Rahma, murdered at demonstration in Bil’in, Palestine, last week » The Comment Factory. On April the 17th, like any Friday afternoon for the last four years, the small village of Bil’in, north of Ramallah in the West Bank, was preparing for the usual demonstration against Israel’s annexation wall (some people call it apartheid wall or separation wall. The Israeli government refers to it as the security fence). The village of Bil’in has, since the mid-eighties, lost more than 60% of its land for the purpose of Israel’s growing settlements and the construction of the wall. The inhabitants of the village used to live mainly from agriculture and olive trees plantations but more and more, the people of Bil’in have to rely on the women to survive. Embroidery has become one of the main resource of the place, located a few kilometres away from Tel Aviv. (On a nice day, you can see the “inaccessible”- for the Palestinians – beach from the roof tops of Bil’in).

Bassem was shot by a new kind of tear gas, called “the rocket”. What is going to happen next? This is a must. Remembering Bassem (Pheel) Abu Rahma. JTA - Jewish & Israel News. טליה טימם אבזיקוב. Projects. Arzei HaLevanon, Ma’alei Efraim: Pre-Military Academy for Leadership in the Israel Defense Forces Pre Military Preparatory Courses (Mechinot) are supervised and accredited by the Israel Ministry of Education and supervised by the IDF for Israeli youth about to begin their obligatory military service.


Hatzalah Yehudah and Shomron: He who saves one life… Hatzalah Yehuda & Shomron is a voluntary humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical services and support for security activities in conflict areas throughout Israel – every day – 365 days a year. The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee The Jewish community of Peki’in in Israel’s Upper Galilee has long been a symbol of the uninterrupted Jewish presence in the Land of Israel from time immemorial. MiBerashit… Because a mind is truly a terrible thing to waste! Mishmeret Yesha Irgun HaShomer HaChadash. Shabbat Shalom and Barry Shaw. 5th November 2010 Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot So the childrens song goes to remember Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November 1605 and the failed plot to bring the Catholics back into power.

Shabbat Shalom and Barry Shaw

The world hasn't changed much, bombs are bigger and more lethal but religion is still the centre of everybody's war. During the “boycott” period of so many left-wing organisations in Europe, the UK, Canada and the US n particular, Barry Shaw wrote this wonderful letter for the “Takeapen” website hearing about the senseless claims of Israel's “apartheid” society and fabricated war crimes I tried and tried to put my feelings into words, but it never expressed my frustration and anger. I make no excuses for his strong language and chose this original version rather than the polite one in the Jerusalem Post!!! I wish you Shabbat Shalom and the strength to express yourselves as Barry does. Sheila Wednesday, 3 November 2010. Barry Shaw's Page - Israel Insider. Religion and State in Israel. The David Project > Educating Voices for Israel. B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories.

Love of the Land. Israel News – Breaking news from Israel & the Jewish World. The Forgotten Refugees – Jews Indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa. In 1948 nearly one million Jews lived in Arab lands.

The Forgotten Refugees – Jews Indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa

But In barely twenty years, they have become forgotten fugitives, expelled from their native lands, forgotten by history and where the victims themselves have hidden their fate under a cloak of silence.A people whom legend have always associated with “wandering” many of these Jews from Arab lands had lived there for thousands of years and accepted their fate, through good times and bad times. Personal stories of life as dhimmi (outsiders) in the Middle East and North Africa The Forgotten Refugees, a film about the Mass Exodus of Millions of North African and Middle Eastern Jews. JBlog Central - The Jewish Blog Network.