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Fewer Americans Try to Lose Weight. DASH Diet is Ranked Best Overall Diet. The DASH diet is ranked as the best overall diet in the U.S.

DASH Diet is Ranked Best Overall Diet

News & World Report yearly diet ranking, which is the seventh consecutive year it has won number one. The DASH diet is ranked the best overall diet again. Photo by Fitness and Freebies “DASH” is known as dietary approaches to stop hypertension. This eating plan deals with consuming whole grains, fruits, and vegetables while minimizing salt. U.S. In ranking the diets, the experts considered many factors, including the likelihood of short and long term weight loss, how easy it is to follow a specific diet, and how well the diet protects against heart disease and diabetes. The Mediterranean diet came in second overall, after the DASH diet, while the MIND diet took third place. Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition for Washington University in St. Best commercial diets: The Mayo Clinic diet, which emphasizes lifelong healthy eating, tied for first with Weight Watchers. Best diet for diabetes: DASH won first place.

Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Lasting Gastro Issues. Although weight-loss surgery can help obese people reduce extra pounds, a new study says the procedure may also cause long-lasting stomach issues for a lot of patients.

Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Lasting Gastro Issues

A Dutch research study found that individuals who underwent the most common type of weight-loss surgery – known as laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass – suffered gastrointestinal issues and food intolerance up to two years after the surgery. Photo by A Dutch research study found that individuals who underwent the most common type of weight-loss surgery – known as laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass – suffered gastrointestinal issues and food intolerance up to two years after the surgery.

The procedure involves stapling the tummy and re-routing the intestines, so what is consumed bypasses the majority of the stomach and caloric consumption is decreased. Lose Weight Fast Forever. The holidays are here so we all want to find new ways to lose weight fast and keep it off.

Lose Weight Fast Forever

Getting fit is not easy so it really takes hard work and dedication to achieve long term goals. Burn Fat Without the Gym. We understand that weight loss involves eating healthy and daily physical activity but sometimes we just do not have time for the gym.

Burn Fat Without the Gym

Thanksgiving is over so it is time to get back on track with our diet and exercise plans. Today I will go over some great ways to burn fat without stepping foot in a gym. Start the Day with Exercise Eating breakfast first is usually a routine for me but according to a 2013 study in the British Journal of Nutrtition, exercising first thing in the morning can help you lose 20 percent more fat than working out after breakfast.

You can try this HIIT workout that includes lunges and squat jumps. High-Intensity Workouts If you normally exercise for 30 minutes, try only a third of that, but go hard! Weight Loss Leads to Increase in Appetite. Pasta May Be Good for Your Diet After All. Pasta has always been regarded as bad for you if you eat too much of it but a new Italian study says it may actually help you lose weight.

Pasta May Be Good for Your Diet After All

Pasta may help fight obesity and be a good diet choice after all, according to Italian study. Photo by Pasta For All After analyzing data on thousands of Italians, eating pasta moderately looks to lower the risks of general and abdominal obesity. I love pasta but I try to eat it in moderation and make my meals as healthy as possible. For instance, I use whole grain noodles instead of regular noodles that have no nutritional value. “Our data show that enjoying pasta according to individuals’ needs contributes to a healthy body mass index, lower waist circumference and better waist-hip ratio,” said George Pounis, first author of the study. “We have seen that consumption of pasta, contrary to what many think, is not associated with an increase in body weight, rather the opposite,” Pounis added in a journal news release. Source: Pounis, G. Pasta May Be Good for Your Diet After All. When Summer Work Slows, Workout. Nearly each day, Sergio Perez walks to the supermarket from his Miami office to grab lunch, trekking about a mile each way.

When Summer Work Slows, Workout

While the heat can be intense in summer months, Perez, who works 50 to 60 hours a week in financial services, says the routine is the easiest method to fit fitness into his work life balance. 'Stomach Pump' Weight Loss Device Approved by FDA. 'Biggest Loser' Study Reveals Struggle After Weight Loss. Everyone knows how difficult it is to lose weight if you have ever been on a diet.

'Biggest Loser' Study Reveals Struggle After Weight Loss

More important, once you do have weight loss success, keeping the weight off is another struggle. A recent study involving contestants from TV show “The Biggest Loser” demonstrates what really happens after weight loss. ‘Biggest Loser’ study shows how difficult it is to keep the weight off, years later. Photo by Reality Tea In the study, all but one contestant had regained at least some of the weight lost after six years, during the 30-week TV competition, according to Obesity. Beans, Chickpeas May Aid Weight Loss. Beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas may be great for weight loss, according to a new Canadian research study.

Beans, Chickpeas May Aid Weight Loss

Beans, chickpeas or also known as “pulses”, help you feel full to lose weight. Data from 21 clinical trials that was analyzed on foods known as “pulses”, found that they can help people on a diet feel full and lose unhealthy weight. Beans, peas and other legumes are some of my favorite foods in my diet so this is good news for me as well.

I could eat beans almost every day with rice and not get tired of it. Consuming these pulses on a regular basis means I am maintaining my weight while eating something I enjoy at the same time. “Though the weight loss was small, our findings suggest that simply including pulses in your diet may help you lose weight, and we think more importantly, prevent you from gaining it back after you lose it,” study lead author Russell de Souza, a researcher at St. Prior research has found that one serving of legumes makes individuals feel fuller. Small Weight Loss Has Big Health Benefits. Obese people who lose just 5 percent of their body weight can reduce the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and increase their metabolic function, says a new study.

Small Weight Loss Has Big Health Benefits

Losing 5 percent of your body weight has reasonable health benefits, study says. Exercise Alone May Not Lead to Weight Loss. Exercising more than average may not help you lose weight, according to new study.

Exercise Alone May Not Lead to Weight Loss

Photo by Women’s Health Magazine According to researchers, when we increase our exercise regimen our bodies adapt to the energy expenditure which causes us to reach a plateau. Side Effects from This Weight Loss Method. Although the majority of individuals who have a type of weight loss surgery say their overall health has gotten better, a large number of side effects and visits to the hospital are reported as well, says a new study. Side effects from one weight loss surgery include stomach pain and fatigue, says study authors. Photo by Massey Medical Gastric bypass is a surgery that helps you lose weight by altering the way your stomach and small intestines handle food according the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Your stomach will be smaller after surgery and you will feel full with less food. Over 1,400 individuals completed surveys who underwent gastric bypass surgery in Denmark between the years of 2006 and 2011. About 70 percent of the patients sought medical care for their problems and the most common rationale for seeking medical attention was fatigue (34 percent), abdominal pain (34 percent), anemia (28 percent), and gallstones (16 percent), say authors.

Weight Loss Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes according to a new study at Newcastle. Over 9% of Americans have type 2 diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association so this is a serious chronic health condition that needs to be prevented. Losing one gram of fat fat from the pancreas reverses type 2 diabetes, says study. Photo by Clinical Research of West Florida Diabetes is an issue with your body that affects how blood glucose or sugar levels are maintained. Your body does not handle insulin properly and your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels. A new study conducted by the Newcastle University reveals that the disease is created by fat storage in the pancreas and losing more than one gram from the organ can restore insulin production and reverse the illness. In the study, 18 obese individuals with type 2 diabetes were given gastric band surgery and put on a restricted diet for 2 months.

'Balloon In A Pill' May Aid Weight Loss. What if swallowing a pill was an easy weight loss option? New research suggest that taking a pill packed with a gastric balloon inside may help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. With diet and exercise combined, this could be an effective weight loss tool in my opinion. Low-Fat Diets Are No Better for Weight Loss. Processed Meat Linked to Cancer Risk. Processed meats such as ham and sausage can lead to colon cancer, but red meat is probably cancer causing also. According to the World Health Organization, foods such as hot dogs, cold cuts and bacon should be avoided if you want to improve your health and prevent cancer. Processed and red meats are linked to increased cancer risks, according to the World Health Organization. Dietary Supplements Send Thousands to ER Yearly. Weight loss dietary supplements rush nearly 23,000 individuals to the hospital emergency room annually, says a new study.

This is the first time someone has calculated national numbers on this issue. Dietary supplements send 23,000 to ER annually, says study. Venus Factor Review: Don't Buy Venus Factor Until You Read This. Venus Factor is an extraordinary program when it comes to the best way to lose weight. If you have ever desired to absolutely change your physique in record time, to develop the sexy, strong, lean body that so many women have been trying to accomplish for years now – minus all of the hassle and headache that is associated with this journey – you must pay close attention to this Venus Factor review.

This has to be the most influential diet programs available for women today. Weight Loss Surgery Will Fight Type 2 Diabetes. Drink More Water to Lose Weight. Doctor’s Support Helps Weight Loss, Says StudyVenus Factor – Fat Loss for Women. Doctor’s play a major role in helping patients with weight loss, says study. Obesity Gene Discovery May Aid Fat Loss.

Losing weight without diet or exercise may seem impossible but new genetic research about the causes of obesity makes it possible. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers have discovered a genetic “switch” inside fat cells that can increase your metabolism and help you burn fat as heat energy. According to new study, researchers have discovered a genetic “switch” inside fat cells that can speed up your metabolism and burn fat, preventing obesity. Low-Fat Diets Better than Low-Carb Diets for Fat Loss.