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One Person Company Registration India / One Person Company Registration. One Person Company A One Person Company is a company with a single member.It was introduced by the Companies Act, 2013.

One Person Company Registration India / One Person Company Registration

OPC extends the concept of limited liability to a company run by a single person. It is similar in respects to a private limited company with certain differences like fewer compliances and relaxation of certain restrictions. Thus, an OPC is subject to all the provisions of the Act like a private limited company unless expressly excluded Advantages And Benefits 1. In a one person private limited company, just interest in business is lost, personal resources of the chiefs are protected. 2. In India, OPC is a Private limited company, which is a prevalent and understood business structure. 3. OPC is one of the least demanding types of companies. 4. 5. This prompts quick basic leadership and execution. 6. OPC Company is anything but difficult to sell, less documentation and cost is engaged with selling a One Person company. Minimum Requirements What All You Get. Startup India - Taxlegit. What is Startup India?

Startup India - Taxlegit

• Government of India has announced startup India scheme in January 2016 to promote entrepreneurship.• The main focus area of startup India scheme to support innovation, boost startup and Economic development in India.• Government has taken many steps to promote startup such tax exemption and easy to raise funds.What is startup India Registration? Startup means an entity (including (private limited company or LLP or partnership) incorporated or registered in India.Exclusion of an entity• Completed 10 years from the date of incorporation.• Whose turnover exceeds 100 crore in financial year.

Eligibility • Annual Turnover should not exceed 100 crore in financial year.• An entity shall not be more than 10 year old.• Any entity with business model with high potential of wealth creation and employment.• An entity should not be formed by splitting or reconstruction.• An entity should be incorporated or registered after April 2016 to claim Tax Exemption certificate. Benefits.

Private limited company registration

Accounting ServicesAccounting Services For Online Sellers/E-commerce Sellers. E-commerce sellers are a business type where the selling and buying of commodities are done using the internet.

Accounting ServicesAccounting Services For Online Sellers/E-commerce Sellers

This type of business has the potential to grow rapidly and helps in making a large amount of money. E-commerce businesses have a very high burn rate as compared to conventional businesses. Some of the E-commerce business has a very low and poor accounting service. To get assisted with the accounting service, we at Taxlegit provide accounting services that are cost-effective and are done on time. E-commerce sellers regulate in these four segments- Business to business (B2B)Business to consumer(B2C)Consumer to consumer(C2C)Consumer to business(C2B)B2B, link different businesses or different parts of a business. What are the benefits of accounting services in E-commerce sellers?

What are the accounting basics? Assets are commodities obtained but not consumed. Form 15 CA/CB - Taxlegit. Form 15CA – Income Tax It isn’t simply people who are required to guarantee that all the basic and exact techniques are pursued and forms are submitted for documenting charges.

Form 15 CA/CB - Taxlegit

Banks and Financial Institutions are likewise esteemed to pursue explicit guidelines that would give the Income Tax Department the high ground with regards to deciding the assessable measures of Non-Resident Indians. This article discusses Income Tax Form 15CA which banks use to report the installments chargeable to impose. Form 15CA Income Tax Form 15CA is an assertion of a remitter and is utilized as a medium to gather information with respect to the installments which are chargeable to impose in the hands of a beneficiary non-occupant. Information Required To Fill Form 15CA The following are the details required to file Income Tax Form 15CA. Details of the Remitter 1.

Details of the Remittee 1. Details of the Remittance 1. Bank details of the Remitter. Foreign Company Registration in India / Foreign Company Registration. Foreign Country Registration and Setting Up Business In India Earlier, investors used to think, “Why India?”

Foreign Company Registration in India / Foreign Company Registration

And now they are of the opinion, “Why not India?” These are the words of our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi regarding the recent Government Reforms in India. Our prominent labor laws are attracting many foreign investors to India. Well, if you are a resident of anywhere outside India and have an inclination towards setting up a company here, this piece of information is just for you.