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I Write Fiction Novels and Stories, Including Romantic, Comedy, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fairytale, Action, Adventures, Fantasies, And Fiction Series as well. I am Working on common people and their experiences, and also Educational and informational knowledge.

Amazing Facts About The Continent of Antarctica You need to know. Antarctica is considered as the fifth largest continent on earth but unfortunately, It’s melting due to global disasters and global warming.

Amazing Facts About The Continent of Antarctica You need to know

It’s predicted by research that if the western part of Antarctica Ice sheet is melted then the chances of increasing global average sea level by 5 meters which are around 16 feet from. One of Antarctica’s interesting thing is that it was recorded as the largest iceberg in the world which was really bigger than some island like Jamaica. the Iceberg B-15 broke up into smaller icebergs and later drifted away into the sea. Antarctica is uninhabited, it’s considered as the worst condition to live there and marked as no inherent or indigenous population on Antarctica, the one main reason is that its ice-covered landmass. map of Antarctica Most cruises to the continent visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward South America. The ice really holds many secrets to understand the climate on the other planets. Amazing to understand the Facts lake vostok.

Amazing facts About Europe Continents You probably didn’t know. Europe is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Amazing facts About Europe Continents You probably didn’t know

It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Asia to the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia. Do you know the Europe continent is 50 countries with more than 742 million people living in the European continent, out of 50 countries there are 44 countries which have their capital city in Europe. English is spoken as the first and second language in Europe, more than 270 million people are speaking English in Europe. The five most spoken languages in Europe are Russian, English, German, French and Italian. Around 76% of people of Europe are Christians and a very small population of people around 6% are Muslims and Jews and other belief religious. Europe Map 50 countries are the most commonly used answer number though with additional 5 territories that have yet to be fully recognized. Moscow-city. FaceApp the Viral Photo Editing App, You Should Still be Careful...

FaceApp “AI-based photo editor.

FaceApp the Viral Photo Editing App, You Should Still be Careful...

This app has created a storm on the Internet. By the way, you might be surprised to know that the Russian company developed by Wireless Lab, this app is actually two years old. But recently this app is better with the old edge filter. Was updated, since then, it is becoming increasingly viral. These days, an app is becoming quite wired in social media through which you can make a picture of your old age. Let’s say that this app was launched in 2017 which is very much discussed. Not just ordinary people, but photos from celebrities to cricketers are being posted and posted on social media. These apps use the neural network to edit photo, which is a kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A photo of all the cricketers of the Indian team is getting viral, with the help of the Face app they have been made old.

Payment must be done for pro version FaceAp is available on both iOS and Android. Users will get various types of filters and features on this app. Taufeeque Creative World. “Vivian… Where is Neysa?”

Taufeeque Creative World

My dancing mentor says. Taufeeque Creative World. Some time whatever you are looking for, it’s in front of you and you don’t recognize, my story is also like that.

Taufeeque Creative World

My name is Watson and I am gonna talk about Emily. Actually just talking about her, Nothing important. I remember my struggling days, I had just graduated and started a searching job, I had nothing in my life except one whom I loved a lot, she was my life, everything. She used to love me too. We had planned everything perfectly for our future. We had decided to live together in one apartment. Short love story-Biggest Regret of my Life. “I am so sorry,” when I met her after a long time, I apologized for everything I did.

short love story-Biggest Regret of my Life

Do you know why I am regretting myself, at this moment of life, unfortunately, there is something missing out from my life. When someone loves you unconditionally more than anyone imagined, and you don’t understand her love. it’s about her love and sacrifice which made me what I am today when she used to love me unconditionally without any reason and expectations from me, when she used to care about me without anything in return when she submitted herself to me without even asking anything when she used to fight for me with the world without my acknowledgment, Taufeeque Creative World. Hi, my name is Chirag.

Taufeeque Creative World

Whatever it happened today, it’s all because of my ego, I know, Whatever I did, it’s wrong, shameful and I was intentionally doing that. I should not have behaved like this to her. Now it’s time for punishment, I should be punished. I remember when today I called my secretary for the board meeting. “I have decided to replace the company’s brand ambassador,” I told them.

“So what, now we need a fresh face,” They started arguing with me on the replacement of model. “we can’t breach the contract, she can sue a case against our company.” Loving Someone or Something. Hi…….

Loving Someone or Something

Best Real-life True Romantic Love Stories You Will Read This Year (2019) Best Romantic-Sad-Motivational Quotes About Life - Taufeeque Creative World. Taufeeque Creative World - It's All About Creativity.