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Leadership development trends points out the following for this year: Business Articles. Employee Engagement: Why Is The World Talking About It? A leadership priority is emerging — how to improve Employee Engagement within companies: There have been disquieting developments in recent times.

Employee Engagement: Why Is The World Talking About It?

The world wide surveys are throwing up alarmingly low engagement scores. Surveys in the US over the last few years indicate that indices like ‘loyalty’ and ‘trust’ have collapsed from the 80% levels to 30% levels. Some reasons researchers cite are: Feeling of being unfairly treated resulting in desperation and depressionSense of stagnation at work, resulting in disinterestFocus on increasing productivity resulting in uncertainty about jobsInability of managerial capability to engage with the workforce & implement the polices in the true spirit & essence There are many reasons for disengagement; and it is universally accepted that ENGAGEMENT sits on the top-level strategy table.

Needless to say, if too many people begin to feel disengaged the consequences can be disruptive. Gallup Knowledge. Theatre based corporate training by tatvaleadership. Women’s Special: Insurance Sector. Almost all companies report that women outdo men in performance in the Insurance sector. Tabulated research also reinforces this. If you reflect on this, it is not difficult to understand why. Insurance is associated with “Protection” “Safety” “Security” of loved ones or loved goods.

There is some amount of emotions involved, and when a seller is able to connect with that emotion on a foundation of empathy, trust, goodwill, listening a relationship develops. Women are able to forge this relationship faster than men, because they are more easily trusted. The reality in organisation is that even though these are innate strengths of women, they are reluctant to choose a sales stream as a career choice.

To change this reality it is necessary to create a critical mass of women leaders in decision making positions, who will work on changing the processes to become more women friendly. Most Of Us Believe That Feminine Energy Is Unique To The Female Form; Interestingly That Is The Half Truth. This week the world celebrated Women’s Day to acknowledge and pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the globe.

Most Of Us Believe That Feminine Energy Is Unique To The Female Form; Interestingly That Is The Half Truth.

The celebrations are intended to reignite the spirit of inspiration in others. I personally feel it is great day to honour & acknowledge the feminine energy. Leadership Development: Need & Gaps. Theatre Based Corporate Training. Theatre Based Corporate Training is a process which combines real work place situations with dramatic performances to raise the awareness of employees through education, reflection & introspection to initiate action which supports enhanced productivity at the individual and organizational level theater.

Theatre Based Corporate Training

We believe that theatre based corporate training is the most powerful means of communication. It reaches directly to the root of behaviour change, accessing emotions, imagination and humanity. Theatre based corporate training creates an experience for the audience, and powerful experiences stay with you. Theatre always inspires debate and the exchange of ideas. Leadership Development: Need & Gaps by Tatva Leadership. By Tatva Leadership Leadership Development As the speed of business increases, organisations often make the mistake of focussing only on the immediate & tactical needs, often at the cost of neglecting long range needs like engagement / inclusion / people development.

Leadership Development: Need & Gaps by Tatva Leadership

Most Of Us Believe That Feminine Energy Is Unique To The Female Form; Interestingly That Is The Half Truth. Understanding the unconscious by tatvaleadership. Understanding the unconscious by tatvaleadership. Leadership development program pune. Can unconscious bias training improves diversity by tatvaleadership. Employee Engagement: Why is the world talking about it?

Unconscious-bias-training. Assuming The Best About People. The article is posted on LinkedIn.

Assuming The Best About People

Follow the link to read it there: Assuming The Best About People I was meeting her for the first time. Dressed in an elegant saree, hair neatly tied up, with just a hint of lip colour and a warm smile, she looked the epitome of corporate success. It wasn’t just the way she looked or presented herself or her demeanour that spelled success, she held a coveted senior management position in a highly reputed firm, not something many her age or experience had been able to achieve.

As I spoke to her, she impressed me further, though I had heard from some of her colleagues that she was quite the task master with no patience for work that was anything but the best. I kept nodding my head as we spoke. The point is, we are quick to form judgements and convict people for imaginary character flaws. While we are complex beings, there are some simple truths about people. Corporate training trends by tatvaleadership. Can Unconscious Bias Training improves Diversity? by Tatva Leadership. By Tatva Leadership Leadership Development Do you know that these kind of biased decisions are being made by us umpteen times in a day… these biases are called unconscious biases.

Can Unconscious Bias Training improves Diversity? by Tatva Leadership

Unconscious biases are created and reinforced by our environments and experiences. Our mind is constantly processing information, oftentimes without our conscious awareness. When we are moving fast or lack all the data, our unconscious biases fill in the gaps, influencing everything from product decisions to our interactions with co-workers. Role of Unconscious Bias training in an organization by tatvaleadership - issuu. Diversity and Inclusion. Role of Unconscious Bias training in an organization. With the workforces becoming more & more diverse, it is becoming almost a must for organisations to invest in programmes which support employees to raise their awareness around their own & other’s unconscious biases Tatvã Leadership’s Unconscious Bias training challenges individual mind-sets and helps employees understand their role in building an inclusive workplace.

Role of Unconscious Bias training in an organization

Our workshop invites open & honest conversations around deep rooted beliefs & paradigms. Our sessions challenge unconscious bias and non-inclusive behaviours in a way that provokes thought and stimulates honest debate. Leadership Development Program Pune. Women as leaders male lens by tatvaleadership - issuu. Women leadership development by tatvaleadership - issuu. Unconscious Bias training. Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion. Unconscious bias training. Leadership Training in Mumbai. Tatva Leadership- Diversity and Inclusion. Tatva Leadership : Executive Coaching Pune. Executive Coaching is modelled on the leadership practice of bringing out the best performance by getting people to think deeper and sharper rather than providing them the answers and constant instruction.

Tatva Leadership : Executive Coaching Pune

This helps in building confidence and potential. The salient features of our Coaching process are: Wholistic: Head, Heart and Spirit integration and alignment Reflection: Introspection and seeking within for unleashing potential for the future Individual and Private Measures tangible results linked with business We offer two programmes in Executive Coaching: Individual Coaching Group and Individual Coaching Individual Coaching.