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How To Make Friends Easily And Strengthen The Friendships You Have. The (one) simple thing fueling your social media addiction. What Facebook looks like without the numbers (Grosser) If friendships were ever about quality, rather than quantity, that certainly isn’t the case anymore: Virtually every Web site that governs our social interactions these days puts numbers front and center, like a bold-faced, numerical tally of your precise social worth.

The (one) simple thing fueling your social media addiction

Three hundred Twitter followers. Five hundred Facebook friends. A mere three upvotes on that link you posted to Reddit a full three hours ago, which means it really kind of bombed. I even have a friend who watches the number of Instagram likes his pictures receive, deleting the ones that fail to “go double-digit.” David Koma appointed as creative director at Mugler: Thierry Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga. London-based Georgian Designer David Koma is taking over from Nicola Formichetti as the creative director of Mugler's women's ready-to-wear line.

David Koma appointed as creative director at Mugler: Thierry Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga

Mugler is known for its theatrical runway shows, showcasing the dream-like and innovative creations with which Thierry Mugler shook up the fashion world from the late 1970s to the 1990s. When he left the brand in the 2000s, the house stopped designing couture, but it was eventually brought back to life in 2008 by Rosemary Rodriguez, followed by Nicola Formichetti, a designer who brought the label back to its former glory, creating modern collections inspired by the Thierry Mugler archives. მერაბ მამარდაშვილი – ჭეშმარიტება სამშობლოზე მაღლა დგას « Artside – არტსაიდი.

Мудрость индейского народа. Вещи, о которых нам не рассказывали в школе. А жаль. The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Luxury Brand Logos. As Graphic Designer and Art Director Paul Rand once said, “It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning.

The Inspirations Behind 20 of the Most Well-Known Luxury Brand Logos

It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolizes.” His words of wisdom resonate especially as we as a society delve further into a DIY-aesthetic where every single person with a dream and an Internet connection is poised to develop the next big thing in a variety of mediums. Simply put, everyday we’re inundated with more and more “companies” that aren’t necessarily promising anything other than the fact that the “owner” himself/herself is fulfilling a dream.

Why “OK” Is America’s Most Useful and Compact Invention. What the history of the word OK can tell us about American concision, psychology, and language.

Why “OK” Is America’s Most Useful and Compact Invention

100 Ideas That Changed Art. By Maria Popova From cave paintings to the internet, or how art and cultural ideology shape one another.

100 Ideas That Changed Art

On the heels of yesterday’s 100 Ideas That Changed Photography comes 100 Ideas That Changed Art (public library) — a succinct account of the most influential developments in the history of art, from cave paintings to the internet, compiled by art historian and broadcaster Michael Bird. From conceptual innovations like negative space (#98), color codes (#33), and street art (#94) to landmarks of communication like making books (#21), propaganda (#12), and handwriting (#24) to ideological developments like “less is more” (#30), protest (#79), and the body as surface (#9), each idea is contextualized in a 500-word essay with key visual examples.

Bird writes in the introduction: What does it mean to ‘change art’? History’s Hubs for Progress. Zoom with mousewheel or pinch When facing a creative quandary, sometimes an outside perspective is just enough to shake you out of an inspiration rut.

History’s Hubs for Progress

Sure, there are productive upsides to working in solitary, but, from time to time, two heads can often be better than one. Throughout history, specific locations have emerged as particularly kind to collaboration and innovation, ushering along vital advances for human progress in a diverse range of fields. Free Things on the Internet You Should Take Advantage Of. Lets face it, everyone loves getting something for nothing.

Free Things on the Internet You Should Take Advantage Of

Thats why you should definitely be taking advantage of all these amazing free services and products that are out there, but hardly anyone knows about. These might just save you a lot of money. Entertainment: Project Gutenberg - Free books. Это жизнь, детка! ონლაინ ლექსიკონში. 40 карт, которые помогут вам лучше понять этот мир. 20 карт мира, по которым не учат в школе. An Interactive 360° Aerial Panorama of the World’s Highest Waterfall. Maybe I’m just a huge geek, but I found this vertigo-inducing aerial panorama of the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, and nearby Dragon and Cortina Falls in Venezuela to be pretty incredible.

An Interactive 360° Aerial Panorama of the World’s Highest Waterfall

This takes a few steps, but trust me it’s worth it. Head on over to AirPano and if you’re on a nice fast internet connection (or have a moment to wait) click the “High Resolution” viewer. You can turn off the music down on the bottom, click full-screen on top and then use the thumbnails on the right to switch views. Then click and drag anywhere on the screen to explore 360°. Kapil Bhagat. These Maps Show Every Country’s Most Valuable Exports. Stylish Minimal Famous Icon Posters. Lifehack - Развитие суперпамяти! Сохрани, чтобы не... URAKPARAKI. წიგნები by Radio Shokoladi 98.5 FM. შესავალი თანამედროვე აზროვნებაში - Iliauni Audio Book Podcasts Directory.

11 продуктов, которые мы неправильно резали всю свою жизнь. It Started With a Story. «Купи себе лес и заблудись в нем». И еще 20 идиом со всего мира. 10smartest.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 4388 pixels) - Scaled (22%) 7 способов красиво завязать галстук. ყველამ წაიკითხეთ! ინსულტის გამოცნობის 4 საშუალება. » INFOGRAPHIC: Words You Didn’t Realize Come From Books. Did you know that “tween” comes from The Hobbit or that “cyberspace” first appeared in a 80s William Gibson novel?

» INFOGRAPHIC: Words You Didn’t Realize Come From Books

This infographic lists 15 common words that you might be surprised to know come from literature. Embed the above image on your site Customize size Click to copy (h/t ПРОСТЫЕ ПРАВИЛА ЭТИКЕТА, КОТОРЫЕ НУЖНО ЗНАТЬ КАЖДОМУ. ‘Notes on Blindness’ Ekaterinetogonidze.