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Galley Design & Choices. Tiny Homes | Simple Living | SnugShack - Declutter Your Destiny. A Studio Home with a Stepped Floor Plan. Drawers and storage bins built into the floor provide enough storage to keep the 35 m2 (377 ft2) studio free of clutter. The kitchen cabinets are tucked under the bedroom level with the concrete countertop only being revealed when a section of the bedroom floor is flipped up to act as the backsplash.” – Small House BlissRead and see more at Small House Bliss. Spartan House | Small House Swoon. A vintage Spartan trailer with home built around it in Uvalde, Texas overlooking The Nueces River. Photos by Paul Bardigjy. Designed by Andrew Hinman Architecture. TreeHugger. In 2005 I visited the Cottage Life Show in Toronto and wrote The Hot Poop on Alternative Toilets, looking the various toilets on the market.

Since then I have become convinced that these toilets have a much bigger future. We can't continue using drinking water to flush away our waste, and we can't afford to keep wasting our waste; at some point soon these are going to be coming into our homes and offices. Don't laugh; already, if you want to build to the Living Building Challenge standard, they are pretty much the only way to go. That's why they are in the new Bullitt Center. So what has changed in the last eight years?

Disappointingly, not very much. The fundamental aim of the composting toilet designers is to deal with our inhibitions about poop. A Barrel of Poop Biolan/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0 Then there is the Biolan. But telling people that they are going to be sitting on a barrel of poop is, I think, a hard sell. Crank it up Sun-Mar Self-contained Unit/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0 Suck it up. Gnomadik Offering Separate Shower and Compost Toilet. The good folks from Gnomadik Homes recently contacted me to tell me about a new portable shower/compost toilet that they are now offering as an available add-on option in conjunction with their micro cottage.

Here’s what Andy from Gnomadik has to say about the option: “We’ve had some inquiries to the tiny home, and it seems that the fact it does not have a shower or a toilet is a bit of a deal breaker. Makes sense in some ways being that people really do need those features. So we decided to offer an add on package for a shower room, and composting toilet, with a removable deck to tie it all together.” Here is a sketch up of the shower/toilet combo that they will be offering. The separate shower and composting toilet now available with The Gnomadik Micro Cottage. Archive The Toilet That Will Change the World! Toilet Units. Content for id "text" Goes Here Toilet Units & Models Unit Descriptions AQUA ALTERNATIVESDean Petrich2131 E. Middle DriveFreeland, WA 98249-9516(360) 730-7992 / (206) 324-5055petrich@whidbey.comFind the products that interest you most, read about them, then call me.

True Composters:CTSPhoenix Small Composters: Sun-Mar EcoJohn Incinerators: Incinerators StorburnEcoJohn SR Low-flush: Sealand Waterless Urinals Waste Water: Graywater Systems BRAC System AIRR drainfield alternative TRUE COMPOSTERS General description: The Carousel, the Clivus Multrum, the CTS, and the Phoenix are the ultimatewaterless toilet systems.

Phoenix Click here for large close-up photos of PF-200 (public facility) and R-200 (residential) The PHOENIX is the most recent break-through in composting toilets. CTS COMPOSTING TOILETS All CTS Composting Toilets are hand built to order. THE OUTBACK COMPOSTING TOILET Why the CTS Outback? Clivus Multrum Nature's Head Carousel EcosanWorldwide Sanitation Problems No obnoxious odours.