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Students Build Tiny House at Unique Summer Camp. The Tiny House, built during a unique summer camp at the Key School, is about to hit the road.

Students Build Tiny House at Unique Summer Camp

The 210-square-foot home built on a trailer bed will be one of the main attractions at this weekends Maryland Home & Holiday Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium… Over a three-week period in July, student crews worked side-by-side with building professionals to construct the one-room, multipurpose structure. ” – Read and see more this completed Tiny House. Photos by Joshua McKerrow for Capital Gazette. Capital Gazette - Tiny House is rolling on. The Tiny House, built during a unique summer camp at the Key School, is about to hit the road.

Capital Gazette - Tiny House is rolling on

The 210-square-foot home built on a trailer bed will be one of the main attractions at this weekend's Maryland Home & Holiday Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium. On Oct. 25, it will have a starring role in the SustainaFest Film Festival, from noon to 10 p.m., at the Indian Creek Upper School in Crownsville. The Tiny House, topped with six solar panels, is designed to function "off the grid" for electrical energy and water. Over a three-week period in July, student crews worked side-by-side with building professionals to construct the one-room, multipurpose structure. Due to heavy rainfall and other delays, the house was not completed by the end of the summer camp program.

Its interior was unfinished and unfurnished, until recently. Queenstown resident Wade Boarman, 22, a 2009 graduate of Kent Island High School, volunteered with the kids on the summer project. Kasl Family Tiny House. A 207 square feet tiny house on wheels that houses a family of four in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Kasl Family Tiny House

More info. here. Large Homes Selling, But Tiny Homes Attracting Attention. Sol Haus Design. Vina’s Tiny House. I am a designer who always wanted to design and build my own house, but I couldn’t find a way to afford it.

Vina’s Tiny House

With the tiny house movement, I found a way to do so for $35,000. My design has 140 sf of living space (based on 8’ x 20’ trailer) and is wholly self-sufficient. It reflects my philosophy about simplicity, sustainability, and living within my means. Vina’s Tiny House. Modern Design: Loft Transformation by NZI Architectes - The Miter Box. Modern Design: Treehouse Riga by Appleton & Domingos - Beach House. Modern Design: Ufogel by Peter Jungmann - Tiny Living Home. Studio Retreat. Tiny RedTiny House Blog. By Lynne Hopwood I can tell you that there is nothing like owning your own place, and either having no debt or such a small debt that you don’t even feel it!!

Tiny RedTiny House Blog

When you are not chasing high-paying jobs to make ends meet, you can focus on any number of things: a new career, travel, relationships, getting healthy and growing a garden; getting outside and breathing the fresh air instead of the stale air of an office cubicle; or just spending more quality time with friends and family. Paying off a mortgage often consumes decades of your life. Then there are the unexpected jobs layoffs, medical emergencies, home and car repairs, and other emergency money drains that make choices FOR you.

Earning a non-profit wage and being in debt didn’t leave me much money after the mortgage was paid. How I stumbled upon the Tiny House Blog I don’t remember, but I became fixated with all the darling miniature houses and happy, free-spirited people living in them. Plans changed again and he moved back home. Humble Homes Casa Cubica - Shipping Container Transformed to a Micro Home. Despite the awkwardness and challenges of converting shipping containers into fully functional homes, some companies (and individuals) really do succeed at transforming them into comfortable and cosy living spaces.

Humble Homes Casa Cubica - Shipping Container Transformed to a Micro Home

This shipping container called Casa Cúbica is a great example – it looks great both inside and out. Casa Cúbica acts as a tiny house with several living spaces concealed within it’s diminutive footprint (which looks to be around 8.5-by-20 feet, or so). You’ll find a kitchenette, bathroom, laundry facilities, a bunk bed, and a main living space that can be converted into a dining room, or a bedroom with its clever wall-bed-like design. The modern micro-home is designed and manufactured by the Costa Rican company Cúbica, and is geared towards acting as a holiday home, but I can see (as I’m sure many others can) the potential for the house to serve as a full-time home for a single person, or perhaps a couple.

The shipping container itself has been reclaimed. Frontier Fortress. PORT-A-BACH PROTOTYPE. Atelierworkshop believe up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects and if portability, site access, robustness, security are issues.


The Port-a-Bach prototype was built in Hangzhou, China and shipped to New Zealand. It is now part of the permanent collection of Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth. We have also developed prototypes of fittings that use the existing container connections to attached solar and wind equipment. The Porter Cottage. The Porter cottage makes the most of its unwieldy site.

The Porter Cottage

The cottage was sited as close to the water as legally allowed to take advantage of the views and far enough away from the graywater leach field where the soil is deep enough to allow for proper run off. The screen porch was angled to capture direct southern exposure for the solar panels. Small cottage on Ragged Island, Maine. Photos by Eirick Johnson. EcoPERCH Treehouse / Blue Forest ecoPERCH. What does the ecoPERCH offer?

ecoPERCH Treehouse / Blue Forest ecoPERCH

1.) Increase profitability with minimal disruption to your ongoing business (installed in approx. 5 days). 2.) Compliant with the UK Caravan & Mobile Homes Act. 3.) Living Cube Furniture. Build A Tiny House - Five Inspired Tiny Houses You'll Want to Call Home.

Thinking of downsizing?

Five Inspired Tiny Houses You'll Want to Call Home

Are you aware that you could be part of a movement? The tiny house movement, to be exact. Unenthused by mortgages, mopping and mountains of stuff, more and more people are shifting into Snugglepot-sized spaces. We're about to take a journey through some of the teeniest-tiniest houses in the whole world. Not only do they make you wish you could climb into a J.R.R. OTIS (Optimal Travelling Independent Space) Move over, Winnebago. The Tiny Project American web designer Alek Lisefski and his partner Anjali were tired of paying through-the-roof rent.

Built-in, foldable furniture maximises the 2.4 x 6m of interior floor space. Rome might not have been built in a day, but the APH80 can be. The ESCAPE Cabin by Kelly Davis Is Not What it Seems: It's an RV. If you think that what you see below is just an adorable log cabin, you’d be dead wrong. Sure, it looks like a quaint cabin (in almost every way) but thanks to some sneaky architecture that’s just a disguise. Archive The Path the Mortgage-freedom – Tiny House Family’s ecourse. By Hari Berzins *Notice – Today, March 9, 2014 is the last day to register for this eCourse. During the big snow storm last week, Karl and I walked up the hill from our tiny house to our newly dried-in (Woohoo!) Big house to watch the falling snow. The snow in the woods was magical and the view in all directions was spectacular. I looked up at the rafters and there was no snow falling in the house! - We're Big on Small Spaces - Custom Small spaces - Studio, guest house, eco-friendly living :

TreeHugger. You know that tiny houses have become a big thing when they are actually randomly passing each other on the highway. Here you see Alek Lisefski's Tiny Project passing a Tumbleweed Tiny House, as he moves to California. © The Tiny Project Alex has built a tiny house with a lot of big ideas. Archive Why I Want to Live in a Tiny House. By Michelle in Oregon If you were to ask me why I am excited about living in a Tiny House, I would tell you that the list is so long we’ll have to sit, and chat for a bit, for you to understand how perfectly perfect the idea is, to me.

You see, the answer isn’t simple. MINIMOD. Casa Cúbica – A Tiny Container Home. Great Northern Caboose. A converted caboose in Essex, Montana. More info. here. Domaine des Gauliers: Charming guest house rooms in Anjou (49 maine et loire) Redwood tiny house. The Tiny Hollywood Home of Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser. Archive Living Without Sacrifice: Solutions to the Top 5 Tiny House Limitations. By Gabriella Morrison Do you want to live tiny but are worried about having to make too many sacrifices in space and comfort?

We were too but can say with total confidence and from experience that with the right design and house size choice, you can go tiny and still live extremely comfortably. We will assume that if you are reading this article on that you share some (if not all) of the same dreams, goals, and values that we do. Living a life that is mortgage/rent inexpensive or free, that is abundant in time for travel, hobbies, family and friends, that is peaceful and harmonious is what we have been working towards for decades. Archive "Gypsy" Vans by Roth. This Modern 227 Square Foot Charles Eames-style tiny house has it all! Zen Cabin. A small treehouse sleeping cabin with Japanese-influenced styling in Mmonpazier, France.

More info. here (translated to English). Traveling Carpenter’s Home Away From Home. Amsterdam Houseboat. A floating home in the Nieuwe Prinsengracht area in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More info. here.