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Bas. Mes patrons de pantoufles. J’adore tricoter des pantoufles, c’est un de mes passe-temps favoris. :-) J’espère que mes modèles sauront vous inspirer !

Mes patrons de pantoufles

Il suffit de cliquer sur l’image pour accéder au patron. J’ai aussi quelques modèles pour le crochet. Pour adapter le modèle à une autre taille, vous pouvez consulter les rubriques suivantes dans ma FAQ : Merci de me laisser un petit commentaire si vous utilisez un de mes modèles, ça fait toujours plaisir ! Date de dernière mise à jour : 13 septembre 2014. Pantoufles abeille Pantoufles à carreaux Pantoufles à carreaux (enfant) Pantoufles à fausses côtes Pantoufles deux tons Pantoufles à petites fenêtres Pantoufles à petits carrés Pantoufles à petits triangles.

JG: You're Putting Me On Socks. By Judy Gibson, April 1, 1996 Revised May 29, 1999 [This is the original worsted-weight women's size version of this pattern.

JG: You're Putting Me On Socks

See the new Generic Version to make these socks in other yarns and/or sizes.] These are socks knitted from the toe up, with a standard turned heel (worked backwards). The pattern began as an April Fool's Day joke for the knitlist -- the joke being that when finished, they look exactly like the very plainest of socks. The name comes from this joke, plus the fact that you can try them on as you go to check the fit of the foot. The pattern has a couple of other advantages. Materials Worsted weight yarn, about 200 yards Set of 5 double-pointed needles, size 5 or 6 (US). Note: I use a lifted increase for the toe and gusset increases, because I like the control over which way the new stitches slant away from the old ones. Figure-Eight Cast-on (phony grafted toe) Based on the method used in Anna Zilboorg's Fancy Feet. Toe Increases Foot Gusset Increases Heel Extension. JG: chart for toe up socks. Slipper-Socks.

Chaussettes "par la pointe "

Baby Moccasins. These super easy baby booties are such a breeze to knit that a set of three would be a perfect gift.

Baby Moccasins

I would love if people used this pattern as a starting point to make booties unique to their own inspirations. Change the colors and duplicate stitch designs to make a set of Christmas booties, Jungle booties, Flower Garden booties, Art Deco booties, Pirate booties - the list is endless! Whether you stick with our Native American inspired moccasins or come up with your own theme, it would be really fun to see the fruits of your labors - please share your links! Materials Blue Sky Alpaca's 100% Sportweight Alpaca. These colors (from the top) are: Natural White 500Natural Light Tan 504Natural Copper 502Scarlet 518 andCapri 539 Tools: The Pattern Gauge 6 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette stitch with larger needle Finished Size 3 1/2 inches from heel to toe (to fit infant) Cuff With US #2 double pointed needles and the Contrast Color (CC), loosely cast on 30 stitches.

Repeat Round 1 four more times. Sole.