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E-Mail Marketing Myths you Need to Stop Believing by Seek Academy. E-Mail Marketing Strategies of 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary. E-mail marketing is one of the key pillars of digital marketing.

E-Mail Marketing Strategies of 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary

It is nothing but leveraging the power of e-mail to reach potential customers. Since communication takes place on a more personal level, it has higher compelling power and a large majority of brands inculcate E-mail Marketing in their marketing strategies. Also, it is a perfect tool to expose your brand to the masses. Seek Digital Academy is a Digital Marketing Institute in Janakpuri that teaches digital marketers the best practices in the field of e-mail marketing. Internet penetration is getting deeper with each passing day. Digital Marketing Trends that you must follow in 2019.

Successful YouTube SEO Strategies to Drive Maximum Views – Seek Digital Academy. What techniques and strategies your company is utilizing to get more views and subscribers for your YouTube Videos?

Successful YouTube SEO Strategies to Drive Maximum Views – Seek Digital Academy

If NOT, then it’s the right time to get accustomed to prominent and remarkable YouTube SEO strategies for video rankings. It’s crucial to know that YouTube has its own search engine and SEO practices, thus your YouTube tactics should be substantial and powerful enough to get visibility for your videos. However, YouTube SEO is definitely quite different from Google SEO.

Therefore, to rank YouTube Videos, there are certain techniques and tactics for video ranking success, which your brand definitely needs to follow. 1 – Video Length. 4 PPC Marketing Trends that became Popular in 2019 by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute Last year, PPC marketing saw some of the extensive changes and advancements in their tools and techniques.

4 PPC Marketing Trends that became Popular in 2019 by Seek Academy

The targeting options, features and other enhancements in the PPC tools including the Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Amazon are definitely one of the hot trends in digital marketing to promote your brand. In 2019, there are some of the PPC Marketing Strategies and tactics, which actually gained immense popularity. Therefore, for PPC marketers, it’s pivotal to take a peek at the essential PPC marketing trends to improve and grow your business. 1 – Voice Search in the Mainstream The voice-activated technologies and Google assistants are one of the prevailing PPC marketing trends and in the immediate future, the rise of the voice search will definitely going to be double.

Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing. In mobile marketing, text messaging or SMS has a high rate of engagements and customer engagement drives sales and revenues.

Tactics to Engage Customers through SMS Marketing

Rather than focusing on price, try to build a rapport with the customers based on product quality, emotions and experience. To retain customers, it’s pivotal to utilize SMS Marketing in an impact and impressive way. Moreover, it is advantageous to increase your number of potential customers as well. Therefore, below mentioned are some of the impact tactics or strategies of SMS marketing to engage customers and new prospects. To take the advantages of SMS marketing, your tactics should be clear yet attractive for the customers. If you share insider information with the customers, then the customer will feel more connected or attached to your brand.

5 Exciting Ideas for Instagram Stories in 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary. In the present scenario, people on Instagram are more active.

5 Exciting Ideas for Instagram Stories in 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary

From sharing multiple posts to regular updates in stories, Instagram is getting immensely popular in social media applications after Facebook. Instagram has over 800 million users, which makes sense that how your business or brand needs to constantly work upon it to boost business. Besides Instagram feeds, the launch of the Instagram stories became extensively prominent among the Instagram users. The major reason behind its popularity is that it’s simple to use, update stories along with some cool features, which is absolutely attention-grabbing.

The Google Answer Box. It is essentially a snippet of content or information in a boxed format just above the natural rankings and it’s a chance by Google to try answering a question without people clicking through it.

The Google Answer Box

The main motive is to help the user get to what they need to know quickly. Google has identified 2 types of questions on the basis of which it presents the user with the answer box. There is the discovery intent which mainly consists of questions starting with what, how, why, where, and when. The other type of intent is purchase intent where the user basically wants to know the benefits, drawbacks, threats etc. of products or services.

Mechanics of Pay per Click Advertising – Seek Digital Academy. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is an impactful and powerful digital marketing strategy to generate traffic and increase revenues.

Mechanics of Pay per Click Advertising – Seek Digital Academy

Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Read in 2019 by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute The digital marketing space is increasing rapidly and if you aren’t updated about the latest trends and amendments, then it can affect in several ways.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs to Read in 2019 by Seek Academy

Whether you are a student or a top-notch businessman, digital marketing updates are a must for everyone. 4 Off Page SEO Techniques to Build Brand Visibility - seekdigitalacademy’s diary. The SEO executives or analysts usually focus on both On-page and Off-page SEO techniques to get a rank on Google’s first page.

4 Off Page SEO Techniques to Build Brand Visibility - seekdigitalacademy’s diary

Now, there are different strategies in On-page and Off-page SEO techniques to maximize the appeal on search engines. To strengthen the digital reputation of a brand, there are some remarkable Off-page SEO techniques or tactics through which the desired results can be accomplished. Undoubtedly, On-Site SEO techniques are pivotal for the online brand visibility, however, to improve and enhance the website ranking on search engines, Off-Page optimization tactics are equally significant.

Black Hat and White Hat SEO. When it comes to creating your website, you must make sure that your website appears on the first page of Google.

Black Hat and White Hat SEO

But to put your site on the first page of Google, sometimes you have to leapfrog other types of websites. One of the best ways to do it is by backlinking. Backlinking when it comes Google, you must be very cautious because if Google catches you doing something not particularly genuine, they are going to penalize you and may even delete your website for that matter. Lead Generation Strategies used by Marketers in 2019 – Seek Digital Academy. Both small and big businesses can never get enough of customers. More customers mean more business and hence more revenue. A fancy term used for customer acquisition is lead generation. New clients are essential if you want to grow your business. Lead generation today works differently than it used to back in the days. Some strategies have been around for quite some time now and marketers trust them. Invest in your Career Growth through Digital Marketing - seekdigitalacademy’s diary.

Are you looking for solutions to invest in your career growth? Do you want to invest your money in something worthwhile? Well, we have a solution, it’s DIGITAL MARKETING! Not because Digital Marketing is in trend, but the salient advantages and its wider scope of earning opportunities make it a perfect investment. The higher amount of pay and numerous advantages in the job makes Digital Marketing as an appropriate career choice. Whether you are a businessman or a job seeker, Digital Marketing program is for everyone to promote your own or client’s brands through digital media simply targeting the audience.

7 Reasons Why MBA Students Should Learn Digital Marketing. No doubt, the digital industry is growing rapidly as every other individual is present online nowadays. The trend of digital marketing is an amazing opportunity for the MBA/BBA Students or graduates to begin their career in this field. For MBA and BBA Students and graduates have higher potential for growth in the career. Therefore, the students of the marketing sector should now focus on learning the trending digital marketing to grab the job you have always dreamed of it. Well, if you are searching for the reasons why you need to Learn Digital Marketing while doing your MBA or BBA, then here is an end to your search results.

PPC vs SEO – Seek Digital Academy. PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization) are two options available to digital marketers wanting to increase the traffic and discoverability of the website. Google Adwords is by far the most popular and prevalent PPC program. Other PPC programs include Yahoo search marketing, Clicksor, Blogads, Bidvertiser, Chitika etc. Seek digital academy provides PPC Training in Delhi where you can learn about different types of PPC programs along with their pros and cons. Tips and Tricks to Enhance Site Domain Authority Promptly by Seek Academy. By Seek Academy Training Institute As we all know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dominating in Digital Marketing.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites - Seek Digital Academy. Social bookmarking has become the choice of a large majority of digital marketers when it comes to off-page SEO strategies. The main benefit of top 10 social bookmarking sites is that it allows digital marketers to target a large chunk audience by creating numerous backlinks and that too for free. Improve Google Rankings with Top 7 Free SEO Tools. 5 Social Media Tools that you need to Utilize in 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary. For marketers nowadays advertising the brand, its products and services on social media platforms have become essential. As we all know, the majority of customers are online, thus the advertising techniques should include online marketing to attract and convert the potential leads.

To stay productive and active on social media channels, there are myriad of social media tools that can be used to market the products more effectively. Not just to market the products but to engage the audience, these prevalent free tools are absolutely beneficial. Here is the list of successful social media tools that you need to utilize this year. Buzzsumo. Reasons for Adding Podcasts to your Digital Marketing Campaign by Seek Academy. Know the Difference between Search Engine and Display Advertising – Seek Digital Academy. In Online Advertising of the brand, there are different methods adopted by the marketers to promote their brand, its products and services among the target audience.

To increase the conversion rate through online advertising, marketers usually go for search engine and display advertisement to reach among the audience. Now, what’s the difference between Search Engine Advertisement and Display Advertisement? What’s The Major Role of Quality Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization? by Seek Academy. 5 Popular Wordpress SEO Plugins to Increase Organic Traffic on Website. In Search Engine optimization (SEO), there’s an organized process followed by the SEO analysts to optimize the website. It simply includes boosting of organic traffic and making that website visible to the target audience on different search engine platforms, specifically Google.

Now, to increase the organic traffic, there is some WordPress SEO plug-ins that can be implemented in the website not just for the search engine ranking but for an inclusive success and performance of the website on Google. Therefore, here is the accumulated list of the 7 popular and advanced WordPress SEO Plug-ins, which should be incorporated while development and designing of the website. 1. 5 On-Page SEO Techniques to Acquire Rank in 2019 - seekdigitalacademy’s diary. Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 – Seek Digital Academy. Advanced Tricks to Write an SEO Friendly Content 2019. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing - seekdigitalacademy’s diary.

Reasons for Adding Podcasts to your Digital Marketing Campaign by Seek Academy. Why you should Learn Digital Marketing to Grow your Business? – Seek Digital Academy. Comprehensive Guide to Calculate your IELTS Band Score. Comprehensive Guide to Calculate your IELTS Band Score. Top 5 Reasons why you Need to Take up the PTE Exam. An Ultimate Guide to Understand Website Migration from SEO Perspective. Essential Things that IELTS Aspirants should do before the Exam by Seek Academy.