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IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, Waxing: what are the differences?

16 april 2018

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, Waxing: what are the differences?

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction, Waxing: what are the differences?

IPL and waxing are the top Two hair removal methods. Before choosing the right method for you, you needed to know the differences between those methods.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction:

IPL is similar in work principle. However, you have to the details about them since they are different for different cases.

People often mistake the IPL. IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light. Both of them use the light-based technology and deliver a long-term result. The differences between them are significant. The works principle is similar but not same. IPL is different since it uses many types of light with different wavelength. IPL can treat a much different skin problem.

IPL is different since IPL uses may different from lights with a different wavelength. It can be used to treat many skin conditions. IPL just filter some of the light and many lights would treat on the area. Not the hair removal function is provided, IPL can also provide skin rejuvenation function.

High energy peak can be reached to get rid of coarse hair and break the hair follicle. If you have thin hair, IPL can be used to remove your hair. However, the expert needs to adjust the settings for you.

Waxing Hair Removal:

Hair removal waxing is different from IPL. IPL uses the advanced machines or equipment to get rid of hair. Waxing just uses the pulling off principle. The wax is stick enough to grab the hair off from the root of a hair follicle. Waxing cannot deliver permanent hair reduction result such as IPL. As to the permanent hair removal, IPL can deliver guaranteed permanent hair removal result. Based on the report, they can only deliver permanent hair reduction result. We here at Get Faked have waited so long before adding additional services to our repertoire. Check out our other Skin Treatment in Brisbane.

Compared with IPL, waxing is simple and can only deliver a temporary hair removal result. However, it features it is easy to use. For example, you can choose to wax at home anytime. You just need to prepare a pack of hair removal wax strips for your hairy area. With waxing method, your hair cannot be removed permanently but your hair would grow thinner and thinner if your wax the area repeatedly. The points shown above are the differences between those two methods. Just choose the right one for your condition.

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