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Chocolate-Cheesecake Squares. Frozen Hot Chocolate. How-to: Whipped Coconut Cream from Coconut Milk. Things have been oh-so-creamy around my blog the past few weeks. Cream pies everywhere. And much chatter of coconut milk and all its glorious attributes and uses. But I was being a tad lazy when it came to my pies.. Why? Coconut Cream 101. Chilled can of coconut milk - the top layer of opaque "cream" - this is what you want to whip... Put to use: "Almost Tiramisu" Pie.. When I was little one of my favorite family recipes was an Easter cake called "Lamb Cake" I veganized the recipe a few years back: Lamb Cake Gone Vegan.

Well until I discovered coconut milk cream, I never knew that the "whipped creamy frosting" thing could happen for vegans. How-to Make Whipped Coconut Milk Cream Step 1: Buy a can of full fat coconut milk.Step 2: Place it in the fridge overnight.Step 3: Open the can without shaking it or turning upside down.Step 4: Carefully spoon out the top layer of opaque white stuff that has gathered at the top of the can. More dreamy coconut whip pics... Share the coconut whip love..


Cakes. Cookies. How to Make a Choco Taco. Choco Tacos can be hard to track down. The preeminent dessert taco makes cameos at select ice cream trucks and gas stations, but other times, you think, "did I dream that? " Since nobody should have to suppress a Choco Taco craving, or embark on a roadtrip to the magical Taco Bells that still stock them, follow these steps to make them at home. Vanilla Bean Marshmallows [Week 5 of 12 Weeks of Christmas]

Apple Nachos! I have no clue where I originally saw this idea years ago–but in today’s blogging world, apple nachos have become just about as ubiquitous as raw ballz… But, there may still be a few folks remaining who aren’t tuned into all the apple nacho hoopla. If you’ve never tried them, give ’em a whirl! They are ridiculously easy and taste much more awesome than they sound. Plus, my kids LOVE them as a midday snack. And did I mention how silly easy these are to toss together? Almost as easy as raw ballz. ;) Obviously this isn’t a recipe–use your imagination and your fave toppings to make THE perfect apple nachos! I used (to feed 1 1/2 kids and 2 adults): 3 crispy and slightly tart apples (we ♥ honeycrisp! For these, I sliced up some apples thin enough so it would be easy to eat the slice in one or two bites.

Then I melted some peanut butter–until it was super runny–and drizzled it all over the apples. Couldn’t get much easier! Share with friends!