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JavaScript. jQuery. Other lessons. Picked. COURSE. HTML 5 & CSS 3. Семинар “Как да си намерим работа в ИТ индустрията?” – CV, cover letter, интервю. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Home. @font-face browser suppor - Bulletproof @font-face syntax.

Let me introduce you to the best way to do your @font-face definitions: This is the Fontspring @font-face syntax. I’ll circle back to why this is the best possible solution but let’s first review the other techniques’ weaknesses. Of course, the problem at the center of this is that IE needs an .eot font, and the other browsers must take a .ttf or .otf. May 12th, 2010. If you’re looking to just put @font-face to use today, just head to FontSquirrel’s generator. How to Achieve Cross-Browser @font-face Support. At the moment, web fonts are all the buzz. Unfortunately, achieving cross browser support is not easy. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to get custom fonts working in all of the major browsers. Preface If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past few months, you will have heard lots of talk about the @font-face CSS declaration, which lets you use custom fonts in your web pages.

Kuler. Color Trends + Palettes. Web Fonts. CSS Web Safe Fonts. Cufón - fonts for the people. UPDATE Oct 24: We have released version 1.09i, which is the same as 1.09 but IE9-compatible. 1.10 is on its way as well.

cufón - fonts for the people

Keep in mind that you do not need to convert your font files again, just replace your old cufon-yui.js with a new one and you're good to go. As it currently stands, version 1.09 does not work in IE9 beta which was just released. Just in case it doesn't work in the final version either, we've implemented a fix in the latest development version. Svetlin Nakov – Videos. Svetlin Nakov - Official Web Site and Blog.