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Blogspot Templates 2017. Template Features: Bolt blogger template comes with very amazing design.

Blogspot Templates 2017

It has good quality featured slider so, it’s giving rich looking for blogger blog. Some features are.. Specially created for business and portfolio blogs. You can setup icon sets, icon box, testimonials, team members, skill level, contact form with map, portfolio items, animated numbers with this template. 6 months module of Basic computer training. How to Decrease Your Website's Bounce Rate [Infographic] 5 Surprising Things the Top Ranked Sites on Google Have in Common. How much can a search engine change in a year?

5 Surprising Things the Top Ranked Sites on Google Have in Common

If it’s Google, the answer is a lot. Best SEO practices suddenly can turn into web page death sentences if you’re not careful. But even if you don’t have time to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing search industry, you’re in luck. A new infographic and report from Searchmetrics has done a lot of the work for you. It analyzes and distills the information you need to know. Overview The study analyzed 10,000 searches across 300,000 URLs on the top three pages of Google UK, with the sites being from various industries. Note: Google USA and Google UK do vary somewhat in terms of ranking factors.

Here are a few of the highlights: 1. With over 70 million fans, Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic and most popular brands on Facebook Let’s face it. They, and many other brands like them, can ride the waves of backlinks, mentions, and other social signals, and their content always rises to the top. Not necessarily… 2. 3. Top Rankings! How To Get To Number 1 On Google Using SEO. 10 tips to get your website to the top of Google search. Digital marketing – Whatsapp Group Links. How to Create Custom YouTube Thumbnails. Are you frustrated by the default random YouTube thumbnail option for your videos?

How to Create Custom YouTube Thumbnails

Do you wish you could create something custom to improve your views? Since December 2011, YouTube has been making some radical changes to their site. Everything from the home page layout, website colors and even the look and feel of the video players have changed dramatically. But none of these aesthetic changes have had any real impact on the way we need to be marketing videos on YouTube. However, this latest change may just be the biggest game-changer that savvy video marketers can take advantage of! From YouTube's Support Portal, instructions for uploading a custom thumbnail. A Little Background In April 2012, YouTube quietly rolled out the option for all YouTube channels to become “YouTube Partners.” These original partners have access to additional features and options to help market their videos that no one else had (for example, the Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail).

What Is the YouTube Custom Thumbnail? Do You Have Zombie SEO Rankings? Could your website rankings come crashing down like a house of cards?

Do You Have Zombie SEO Rankings?

The SEO industry has witnessed five iterations of Google Penguin updates and you can almost hear the footsteps of the next Penguin update. And how many Panda updates have we seen? As of this writing, it’s now deep in the v20-somethings. Not to mention Hummingbird and all the other named and unnamed updates…and now what, a Google Pigeon update?? The bottom line is that webspam fighting algorithms are not going to stop. In retrospect, these seemingly harsh updates helped improve search results because they changed (and are continuing to change) SEO behavior.

As a CEO or business owner, your new link building activities should be guided by one single question: “Are you proud to have the link pointing to your site and the way it got there?” If you are proud of a link, then it’s likely on a relevant, quality, high authority site. Is Your Website Already Among The Walking Dead? 1. 2. Why Keyword Research is the backbone of SEO Services?SEO Blogs, SEO Update, SEO News:

Before starting content writing for seo services, first of all you have to focus what terms you want to be found.

Why Keyword Research is the backbone of SEO Services?SEO Blogs, SEO Update, SEO News:

That’s why you have to spend some time to plan it accordingly. It is the most essential part of seo strategy. I will guide you the process of Keyword Research as stated below as per our seo company in India. Digital marketing training institute template. Hi Tech Computer Institute. Freshers Job Interview Questions & Answers. 1.

Freshers Job Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me about yourself. The interviewer cares less about your answer to this question and more about the confidence, enthusiasm and passion with which you answer it. The biggest mistake you could make is pausing, stalling or fumbling at the onset of your answer, thus demonstrating a lack of self-awareness and self-esteem. Next time you’re faced with the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself…” question, try these: “I can summarize who I am in three words.” 2. 3.

Be concise. Example: Strength: I can change myself according to the environment. Pages are Indexed but not Cached by Google. Why? Test Your Knowledge Of SEO. We are the leading digital marketing training provider. What is Structured Data and Why Does it Matter for SEO? Structured data allows search engines to not only crawl your site, but to truly understand it.

What is Structured Data and Why Does it Matter for SEO?

Yes, even search engines can have a tough time deciphering web page content. What is the best way for a website to optimize for Google Hummingbird? - Quora. How to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. With the growth of schema markup and rich snippets, search marketers are becoming increasingly aware of how and why structured data matters to search.

How to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

However, the sheer volume and variety of structured data can be overwhelming. A quick survey of the type hierarchy at reveals a list that is shockingly thorough. Test Your Knowledge on SEO.

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SEO Data. SEO Format.