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Bendy Straw Shrimp Tutorial

Hello Class! Today we will be learning how to make a shrimp out of a bendy straw. You'll need a bendy straw. You can go buy some or go raid McDonald's ;) Cut straight up the straw. Bendy Straw Shrimp Tutorial
Artist: Marguax Lange |
Though my first attempt at an upside down tomato planter worked out great, I have a habit of forgetting to water the plants everyday. More commonly when we have decent rains when only the hanging tomato planters need to be watered. So this year I have modified my design a little to make this a little easier. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener The Cheap Vegetable Gardener
Plastic bag's basket | Flickr : partage de photos !
Make Recycled Plastic Cup Jewelry Home » $1 and Free, Accessories, Headline 15 September 2010 38,939 views 5 Comments by heather Recycling plastic into crafts is a fun and eco-friendly alternative to tossing said plastic into the trashcan. Make Recycled Plastic Cup Jewelry
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