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70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood. Cuteness is usually characterized by some combination of infant-like physical traits, especially small body size with a disproportionately large head, large eyes, and round and softer body features.

70 Cutie Baby Animals Bring You a Good Mood

Infantile personality traits, such as playfulness, fragility, helplessness, curiosity, innocence, affectionate behavior, and a need to be nurtured are also generally considered cute. To those who are living in the concrete jungle, we have collected the following cute animals, hoping they could bring you a good mood and maybe, remind you of the wild world. Tickling Slow Loris‬‏ Image.gif (GIF Image, 498x334 pixels) Albino Animals ? Animal Talk. Birdwatchers are rushing to Avebury, near Marlborough, Wiltshire to hopefully catch a glimpse of a rare albino jackdaw.

Albino Animals ? Animal Talk

Author Andrew Collins was the first to photograph the bird which locals have named Jackie. Other fabulous albino animals include: According to Wikipedia there is no reported case of a true “albino” horse even though white horses have been referred to as albino in literature and some registries. All so-called “albino” horses have pigmented eyes, usually brown or blue, and thus are not true albinos. Many albino mammals, such as mice or rabbits, typically have a white hair coat, unpigmented skin and reddish eyes. Dominant white in horses is caused by the absence of pigment cells melanocytes, whereas albino animals have a normal distribution of melanocytes In other animals, patches of unpigmented skin, hair, or eyes due to the lack of pigment cells (melanocytes) are called piebaldism, not albinism nor partial albinism. Top 30 Awwwwwwsssss. ZooBorns. The Denver Zoo welcomed the first Steller’s Sea Eagle chick to be successfully reared at the zoo.


Because only a few United States zoos exhibit or breed these raptors, the chick’s hatching is a rare event in the U.S. The first two photos shown here feature the chick; the third and fourth photos show an adult Steller’s Sea Eagle. Photo Credit: Denver Zoo The unnamed chick, whose gender is still not known, hatched on March 4. The chick is currently nesting with and being brooded by its mother. This is the first chick for both mother, Ursula, and father, Vlad. Steller’s Sea Eagles are the largest known eagles with average weights between 15 and 18 pounds.

With a wild population estimated between 4,600 and 5,000 individuals, Steller’s Sea Eagles are classified as Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 26 LOL Animal Pics (3.5.11) Awww Yeah Flowers! Feb 27, 2011 The Hazel Dormouse or Common Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) is a small mammal and the only living species in the genus Muscardinus.

Awww Yeah Flowers!

It is 6 to 9 centimetres (2.4 to 3.5 in) long with a tail of 5.7 to 7.5 centimetres (2.2 to 3.0 in). It weighs 17 to 20 grams (0.60 to 0.71 oz), although this increases to 30 to 40 grams (1.1 to 1.4 oz) just before hibernation. The Hazel Dormouse hibernates from October to April-May. The Hazel Dormouse is native to northern Europe and Asia Minor. Baby Red Pandas Frolicking in the Snow.

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Radulova: Ежи. from Cutest Book Ever: ZooBorns Internet Craze Moves to Print. Warning: The images in this gallery are dangerously, addictively cute.

Cutest Book Ever: ZooBorns Internet Craze Moves to Print

Once you have seen them, you'll want to see more, and more. And more. And you may never finish what you were working on before you saw them. But it's probably too late for you, anyway, because you've already seen the baby ocelot, so never mind.If you weren't already aware of this thing called ZooBorns, then I'm sorry for doing this to you. Where did the idea for ZooBorns come from? People. Wild animals. Dogs.