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Amigurumi Kirby with Pattern and Bonus Smash Brothers hats! Kirby Amigurumi Pattern My Kirby pattern has been a long time coming, mainly because I got too ambitious with Super Smash Brothers versions to finish and post it. Initially, in honour of the recent release of Kirby’s epic yarn, the project was going to include patterns for 10 or so Kirby hats, so that he could be more epic and morph into his various SSB versions and be Link Kirby, Mario Kirby, Wario Kirby, you get the idea. As with most things I do though, I got distracted and started working on other stuff and finished up the Mario and Peach hats only, so these will have to do for now. I might make more later, but if my fabulous readers make a Kirby and decide to make him a SSMB hat, email me photos and the pattern if you are kind enough to share and I will post it with credit.

Mario Kirby Peach Kirby Kirby haz a happy! Kirby was made with a 3.5mm hook going through both loops. Yarn Colours Used Mod Pink Red Gold Head and Body Mod Pink CH 2 or Magic Ring or start however you like 1. Angry Birds Red Cardinal and Green Pig Amigrumi Pattern. The pig never saw it coming... Angry Bird is one of my mom’s favorite games and since I have made her seventy three billion NobyNoby Boys, it seemed a good idea to go with something different for her xmas gift this year, so Angry Birds it was.

Things were down to the wire (it’s been nuts this year), so two amis were all I could put together, but I do believe they were a hit. I realize there are already several patterns for these available online but between the significant portion of them that were pay (tsk tsk!) , the simpler than ideal shaping on some (pig is not a perfect ball people… he’s just not!) Red Cardinal and Green Pig Red Cardinal of Doom! Red Cardinal - Side View Herp Derp! Oink Oink! Pattern Details These were made using a 3.5 mm crochet hook and my stash of 100% cotton worsted weight yarn, colours listed below. Christmas Red Off White Gold Apple Green Hot Green Black White Pig Head Apple Green CH 2 or Magic Ring or start however you like.

Feather Hair Tops Red Hook this up! Sonic Plushie. This is the latest of the plushies I've been working on. Sonic came out better than I had thought it would at first, and for *once* I'm really kinda pleased with how his face came out. I'm really not very good at the faces, but I think Sonic's turned out pretty spiffy for a change :D I've tried to include pictures that will help you as you're putting him together, the hair/spikes look alot more difficult than they are, just take your time and pin them all on before you sew them down to make sure you're pleased with the overall look first, and it comes together pretty easily. I've had a really ugly cold all week, so I hope there aren't any mistakes or typoes in the pattern, I've checked it through several times and I *think* it's all there and in order, but if you run into a problem or typo, or just get confused, let me know and I'll fix it as quickly as I can :) Materials: Numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches in that round or row.

*using tan* Tails Plushie. I guess I couldn't make sonic without Tails to travel with him. I have to say that even though the pattern seems complex when you're reading the instructions, it's really not that difficult once you get going. I've been extremely busy recently, and it's likely I won't be working on any dolls for a couple of weeks. Spring has sprung (well at least here in Texas) and I have my vegetable garden to plant, and spring cleaning to attend to...and quite frankly I just need to get up off my carcass and do some stuff that I've neglected over the winter. LOL I'm also working on some other projects which I've been putting off ... some of which you'll see on here, others are baby shower gifts and one wedding gift. I'll post though when I have more stuff to share! As always, if you are confused with the pattern, or find something wrong with it, please let me know, I'll help ya out or fix the problem asap :) Happy Hookin' y'all!

Miles *Tails* Prower BELLY FRONT PANEL: (using white) (using white) (using black) Timmy the Baby Sheep Crochet Pattern. The Beast (Prince Form) Crochet Pattern. By Philae Artes Please, do not sell this pattern. It was made by me and I want it free…always! Yarn colors that you will use:-yellow -brown -light brown (skin) -blue -black -white felt HEADLight brown yarn Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic circle (6) Rnd 2: inc x6 (12) Rnd 3: *sc in next sc, inc* x6 (18) Rnd 4: *sc in next 2 sc, inc* x6 (24) Rnd 5: *sc in next 3 sc, inc* x6 (30) Rnd 6-9: sc in each sc (30) Rnd 10: *sc in next 3 sc, dec* x6 (24) Put the safety eyes. Rnd 11: *sc in next 2 sc, dec* x6 (18) Rnd 12: *sc in next sc, dec* x6 (12) Stuff. BODYBlue yarn. “TAIL” OF THE JACKETBlue yarn. You may have this: ARMS x2Light brown yarn. LEGS x2Black yarn. SHOES X2Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic circle (6) Rnd 2: inc x6 (12) Rnd 3: dec x6 (6) Sew to the legs, like this: Put all together: DETAILS OF THE CLOTHINGCut on the white felt a piece like this and use glue to attach to the body: Now chain 20 on yellow yarn and use glue to attach to the white felt, passing through his neck, like this: Curtir isso:

Moogle Pattern. DIFFICULTYThis is an Beginner pattern ABBREVIATIONSch - chainsl st - slip stitchsc - single crochet US (same as double crochet UK)hdc - half double crochet US (same as half treble UK)dc - double crochet US (same as treble UK)sc - 2tog decrease one stitch with single crochet() - indicates section to be repeated MATERIALSSize E/4 ( 3.5 mm ) Crochet HookTapestry NeedleSmall NeedlePoly-beans and Poly-Fill for stuffingWhite yarn for bodyRed yarn for bauble and nosePurple yarn for wingsBlack yarn for eyes6" long piece of small gage wireNeedle Nose Pliers for bending wire GAGE6 stitches and 6 rows per inch HEADWith White yarn , MAKE ONER1 - 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. BODYWith White yarn, MAKE ONER1 - 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight.

ARMS AND LEGSWith White yarn. MAKE FOURR1 - 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. EARSWith White yarn, MAKE TWOR1 - 4 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. NOSEWith Red yarn, MAKE ONER1 - 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. The Beholder Pattern. Leah B. (photo) Shoulder Beholder Beholders are one of the best known monsters from Dungeons and Dragons. They pop up everywhere. In fact, they're one of the more horrifying things to run into, since each of their eyes is capable of a different spell of ability. I had been promising The AntiCraft a Beholder hat for a while, but since I am an Angstylvanian by nature I decided that a hat was too much effort, so I crocheted a miniature version that turned into an amigurumi which can sit on your shoulder if you're a chaotic retarded pirate.

By Leah B. Suggested Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual by E. Suggested Viewing Dungeons & Dragons (1983 rated TV-Y7) animated series on DVD, some episodes of which were written by Dave Arneson and E. Difficulty Coquette Click here for definitions of difficulty levels. Finished Measurements Materials Gauge N/A for amigurumi. Design Notes US terminology is used for all instructions. Directions Body: Leah B. Eyestalks: Finishing: About. Free Pattern -The Lion King! Slytherin Crest Pattern. Cthylla Crochet - Tiffay Estela This was one of the first patterns I did and the first crochet piece I really liked. This pattern is really easy. It has 6 colors and its all in greys but I wanted Slytherin colors. So I changed the chart and made it with 4 colors. What I did.... Click on the link to get the pattern and then go to file and download the pdf.

Thorin Oakenshield Pattern. Thor and Loki Pattern. Loki Pattern! Cthylla Crochet - Tiffay Estela Last night I had over 30,000 views on my blog and I wanted to say thank you by sharing a pattern. I am still on a Loki kick and it is not going away any time soon! Thank you to everyone that has viewed my blog and it makes me happy to know that more people are crocheting or knitting with charts!! The link will take you to the pattern - Loki - The Avengers Pattern. Cthylla Crochet - Tiffay Estela I have been MIA for a while and whats is the best way to come back to the blogging world ....... a new pattern!. Last weekend I finally saw The Avengers and I really enjoyed it. So I want to chart each character. I'm starting off with Loki.

Why???.... I like the "bad guys". X-mas is creeping upon us soon and I think this will make a great gift for any Loki fan. Click on the link to get the pattern. Bofur Inspired Hat Pattern. (Check out this handy dandy Pinterest ready graphic I made!) In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, one of the dwarves (Bofur) wore this really, really awesome hat. I fell in love with it, and decided to see if I could crochet my own version of it.

Well, first I scoured the internet, hoping for a pattern, and when I didn't find one THEN I decided to make my own. And since I know there are others out there who would love to have this pattern, I'm posting it here! PLEASE NOTE: You may make items and sell them using this pattern, but PLEASE link back to the pattern and credit me as the source. The Bofur Inspired Hat Pattern You will need: Red Heart Super Saver (I forgot the actual color name, but it’s brown, okay?) Finish off. For the second earflap: going across the front of the hat ( the seam from your joins will be in back, use that as your guide if needed) count off 17 st. Ch 2, DC in same st as join and in next 14 st. Ch 2, DC in same st as join and across. Enjoy your brand new Bofur hat!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Marshmallows Pattern. MARSHMALLOWS. Free Pattern! My Cloudy 2 patterns are some of my bestselling patterns in my shop. So for you today, I have a FREE Cloudy 2 pattern! If you’ve seen the movie then you know about these guys: They’re the most adorable marshmallows I’ve ever seen. My FREE Marshmallow Pattern from Cloudy 2 Suggested uses: squeezing hugging cuddling smiling at. Here you go! Free Pattern, Marshmallows from Cloudy 2 Materials: Hook: G white yarn (I’m using Caron One Pound in White) black embroidery thread yarn needle needle to embroider mouth/eyes 9mm black safety eyes (optional) stuffing Please refer to my Crochet Terms page for pattern translation key.

Small Marshmallow sc 6 in magic circle inc; around (12) inc, sc; around (18) inc, 2sc; around (24) sc in BLO around (24) sc around (24) rep above round until the length of the marshmallow matches the diameter of the face/end begin stuffing dec, 2sc; around (18) dec, sc; around (12) dec; around (6) FO and weave closed with end Large Marshmallow inc, 3sc; around (30) sc around (42)