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Story. GENTLE MONSTER - STORES. Destination fitness. The learning economy. London Pop-ups: John Lewis's 'The Gardening Society' Rooftop Pop-up on Oxford Street. John Lewis has opened up a roof garden on top of its Oxford Street store for summer 2016. Open until September 4th, it's called The Gardening Society, and features a rotating set of pop-ups restaurants - including The Dairy from Clapham in June, B.O.B.'s Lobster in July. Plus there are bars, views and it's a nice place to chill out on a summer's afternoon or evening. "The rooftop of John Lewis Oxford Street has been transformed into an arena of blooms and fresh herbs, hosting pop-up restaurants in collaboration with Night Tales, a coffee shop, activities such as yoga and a vibrant garden where you can relax and take time out.Designed by renowned gardener Tony Woods – previously awarded RHS National Young Garden Designer of the Year – the rooftop garden will make home to the pop-up restaurant, adjoining bar and ‘award winning’ blooms and vegetables.

Map Link - John Lewis, including booking page for food and events Get more events like this. Retail-insider. Discover the Body Studio. How Virgin Megastore is changing the face of retail. They empower their staff to help customers in any way that they see fit – accepting returns outside of the return window, switching products if a customer is not happy, making decisions about products that their store should sell. “We've tried to as much as we can to build on that theme of empowerment. You'll find that we attract a certain kind of employee, who loves to take charge, likes to feel like they want to prove themselves, very outspoken, which is something I absolutely adore and love.”

Particularly impressive is Nisreen’s work around empowering her female staff. “It would be very difficult for me not to bring in a lot of the things that I've learnt and the way I've been treated in a lot of fantastic companies all around the world. I've always been fortunate to be in companies, before there were quotas or diversity was even thought about, who really believed in meritocracy,” she says.