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Vocaroo | Online voice recorder. מדריך הפודקאסטים | הפודקאסט 'עושים היסטוריה!' (פודקסט) זמרשת - פיוטים פרוייקט חירום להצלת הזמר העברי המוקדם. Printable Audacity Manual. Whomper wrote:a product without a *good* manual is not worth using Additional volunteers to help write the manual may sign up here: ... =Main_Page whomper wrote:how hard would it be to make that web thing printable Individual pages may be printed directly from your web browser - most browsers have a print option in the File menu. There have been printable (pdf format) versions of previous Audacity manuals and I'd guess that there will eventually be a pdf version of the current manual when it reaches a state of adequate completeness.

The full manual runs to hundreds of pages, and I doubt that many people will want to print out the whole thing. Whomper wrote:a search capability in the manual would almost be as good The online version has a search box on the left, under the Audacity logo. whomper wrote:just do it once The manual is still being actively worked on, so if a pdf version was created now it would be out of date tomorrow. Audacity® Audacity Wiki. Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites| AudioPal. Voki Home. Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay. Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites| AudioPal. Voice Tools. Voice tools allow teachers and students to make and listen to voice recordings in Moodle. There is a suite of tools available for LSE staff and students.

Audio Feedback - record spoken feedback for essays using the 'Audio feedback (PoodLL)' option within the Moodle Assignment tool. Demo of audio feedback in Moodle. Voice Boards - audio discussion board where both teachers and students can post recordings, linked together in a discussion thread. Voice Authoring and Poodll - Allows teachers to add individual audio recordings anywhere that you can edit text in Moodle.

Voice Presentation - teachers can post a web page or Moodle resource with an associated recording. Students can then post audio comments. Why use it? To enhance online communication beyond the textual supports alternative, i.e. auditory, learning style audio feedback provides added level of feedback, which is an important element in successful learning language learning, including language oral assignments. What do I need? Free Online Multimedia Software. TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice.