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Vintage spool photo holders DIY. SMP at Home: DIY Rope Vases. Blog Categories Tags Style Setting Colors We’re always looking for ways to gussy up simple, household items. Adorbs, right? And voila. And there you have it. And that was about as simple as it gets. Okay SMP-ers, it’s time to tackle your own rope vases then share them with us over twitter or pinterest or facebook or wherever else you can! Join The Conversation favorite ( 8 ) share share ( 7 ) tweet ( 0 ) pin ( 120 ) share ( 7 ) tweet ( 0 ) pin ( 120 ) Exclusive frankie diy - hanging plant holders. I love brightening up my studio space with little pops of colour, so this cute project definitely fits the bill. Plus, little plants provide a ton of happiness when deadlines are getting you down. You could also make this as an alternative Christmas tree and fill the little cones with all sorts of goodies (I'm mostly thinking lollies, but that's just me).

Let's get started with materials: Polymer clay in assorted colours (I even found gold!) Coloured string Cutting blade (it's easier to create the cone shape if it's long and flexible) Skewer or something else to poke little holes with Assorted air growing plants Scissors Baking tray Rolling pin Baking paper That looks like a lot of stuff to collect before you start, but apart from the plants and the clay, you'll find everything else in your pantry cupboard - it makes this a super budget-friendly project too. Now the fun part: creating your little garden!

1. Make sure you have some paper down on your bench as the clay can stain unsealed surfaces. 2. Frankie exclusive diy: tea bags with heart dippers. My best friend and I always meet up over a cup of tea. We've solved all sorts of problems with a cuppa in hand (and a cake or course), and so I thought a customised set of teabags would make a perfect gift for her birthday. You can create a teabag with your very own special blend of leaves and then make sweet little dippers to top them off.

Let's get started with materials: Tea leaves Filters Stapler String Cutting mat Clay tools (knife and hole poker - you can use a blunt knife and a toothpick) Heart cutter (or any other shape you like!) Polymer clay Rolling pin Scissors 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Or just use next time your friends come around for a cup of tea. How to print your own fabric with a potato. I’ve got a few fabric-printing techniques under my belt, each with its own drawbacks, benefits, and results.

Screen printing is a good way to cleanly and uniformly print a lot of a complex design at once, but never seems to be a good option for last-minute projects because our photo-emulsion is somehow perpetually expired. It’s also a bit more complicated and involved, since there are many steps to go through to produce a good screen and then print with it accurately, so it’s not the most economical option for really simple projects.

Freezer paper stencils can produce a print similar to that of a silk screen, but can only be used once– and depending on the complexity of the design, they can take a while to make. Stamping fabric to produce a design takes just a tad longer than the time you spend carving the stamp, which, if you’re using a potato, could take just a minute. All you need to to print your own fabric is something to print on, something to print with, and some ink. 34. It’s been a little dull and rainy here in LA lately (which i love), and i’ve been seeing lots of umbrellas around. i think they are one seriously underrated accessory. today we thought it’d be fun to show you how to make a stylish one of your own using wax paper, some tape, and a little paint… what you’ll need: • umbrellas • craft paint that is listed for fabric (we like martha stewart’s) • blue painter’s tape • wax paper • paint brush • circle cutter or circle punch (we like this circle cutter kit) how to make it: • tape a section of blue tape on wax paper. • punch or cut a hole in the wax paper to create a circular stencil. • pull tape off of wax paper and transfer onto umbrella in desired place and smooth down. • paint stencil. we recommend applying two coats. • let dry completely, then peel off tape. voila!

Something that is perfect…that bunch of poms on tara’s jacket! Exclusive frankie diy - masking fluid card fun. I am not much of an illustrator, but with a few simple supplies, I thought I could make some cute holiday cards. I used masking fluid for watercolours, which is a type of rubber that, when applied, will preserve the area underneath, leaving it paper-coloured even if a watercolour wash is applied over the top. To make these cards, I used: Watercolour paints Masking fluid Watercolour paper or thick card stock with a nice 'tooth' to absorb the paint A variety of brushes A pencil An eraser Jar of water to clean off brushes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Weekend project: Fruit welcome mats. We're slowly making our new apartment into a home inch by inch. We just barely got a bed last week after sleeping on a mattress on the ground for the past 4 months! On one of my Ikea runs I picked up a circular welcome mat that I thought would be fun to turn into something and yesterday I got it--FRUIT! Plus, once you cut it in half, you get two mats for the price of one. Score.

It's so easy and would make a great weekend project. Materials: circle rug from Ikea ($20!) For the watermelon mat Step 1: Fold your mat in half and mark it on either side with a Sharpie to reference as the mid point. Step 2: Create a line down the middle with your ruler Step 3: Cut down the center. Step 4: Spray paint the rugs white to act as the base color. Step 5: With your paper, trace the outline of the rug and cut it out. Step 6: For the watermelon: Cut two rings out along outer the edge about 1" for the outermost and 3/4" for the inner. Step 7: Cover the middle part of the watermelon. For the lemon mat: DONE!